Warfame: How To Feed Helminth System

Firstly you need to unlock the Helminth in Warframe for that you need to level up to Rank 3 with the Entrati Syndicate. Once you get access to the Helminth you can use the invaded device on your Orbiter and with its help of it you can transfer your powers in warframes.

More importantly, you need to feed Helminth in Warfame in order to use it again and again in the game. There are some sources that can be fed to the Helminth for pulling secretions to power the functions and each secretion has a particular price.

Here we cover how to feed Helminth so without further ado let’s check the guide that might come in handy for you.

How To Feed Helminth System in Warframe

In order to feed the Helminth System in Warframe you need to interact with the chair available in the Orbiter room.

feed the helminth
Image Credit to Two Star Players

Choose the feed Helminth option that was given at the bottom corner of the screen. More importantly, if you have named your Helminth then it shows “Feed Your Helminth Name”.

heminth resources

Well, feeding the Helminth is simply in Warframe all you need to do is choose the resources that you need to feed to the Helminth. Following the resources with bundle sizes that will be available on your screen when choosing to feed the helminth option.

  • Oxides
  • Calx
  • Biotics
  • Synthetics
  • Pheromones
  • Bile
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You can choose and filter these resources using the menu option given on the screen and check the current level of each resource.

More importantly, each resource has its bundles so make sure you have the items required in the bundles. After choosing the resource click on the back option and confirm the option to feed the Helminth.


To feed the Helminth System you need to visit to the Orbiter room and interact with the chair that was available in the room. Choose the resources that you want to feed the Helminth and confirm it to complete the process of feeding.

This is all for the how to feed helminth system for more similar content do check our Warframe guides.

Reference: Two Star Players / Warframe Fandom