Dark and Darker: All You Need To Know

If you looking for a video game that has battle royale, PvE dungeon, first person role playing fight in game machines then you properly like to play the Dark and Darker. Its an beta testing game that has PvPvE machines that most players found amazing.

The Dark and Darker is an  PvPvE FPS extraction shooter with spells, PvE dungeons like Elden Ring and since the release of first playtest on stream it become popular among the PC gamers. On December 2022 the first playtest has hit 60K players count.

The Feburary 2023 playtest also that started from Feburary 6 to Feburary 16 also has massive hits. The next playtest will he held on April 14, 2023 to April 19, 2023 confirmed by the Ironmace on the offical account of Dark and Darker Discord account.

What is Dark and Darker?

The Dark and Darker is first person extraction shooter game with gameplay similarities like Escape from Tarkov and more. It was developed by the Ironmace Games, and it was released for the beta testing form December 2022 for PC and more importantly the Dark and Darker get 1 million of players during the playtests until now.

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Similar to other FPS games in Dark and Darker you can also pick up the gears on each run, collect valuable loots, take down opponents and in last extract with all rewards. Once you extract successfully you can sell the loot to merchant in exchange for the gold.

More importantly, if you die during the run all the loot you’ve collected will be lost. The gold that you get from the merchants can be used to purchase the consumables or items from other players in the game.

The game has lots of dungeons to explore with dark corner and you can easily die in the game with few hits. You can also play this game as solo, but it may get tricker for you however you can also play it with your friend on Co-op.

Currently the game is under alpha testing and each stage are getting update in every new playtest to improve the gaming experience. Such as new maps, powerful weapons, new in-game items such as Soul Heart and more. Each run will be ended with in 20 minutes.

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How To Download and Play Dark and Darker?

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The Dark and Darker is under playtest you can download the play from the Steam page. Open the Steam application on your PC and search the Dark and Darker and on the right you will be see the Download Demo button underneath the game as shown in the above shown screenshot.

Is Dark and Darker Coming To Consoles?

Yes, Ironmac Games has confirmed that Dark and Darker will come for the game consoles in future. Until then you can play it on your Windows PC as playtest version.

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