Dark and Darker Best Build Cleric

Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server

Whether you are participating in multiplayer mode or solo mode, you must have Cleric on your team. Cleric will be supporting the class in your team. With not just Support, Cleric helps you to debuff the curse, heal your power and also damage enemies. In Dark and Darker, Cleric uses their faith and magic to … Read more

Dark and Darker How To Level Up?

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Players are typically aware of how to level up in Dark and Darker, but still, they need to be fully aware of the mechanics on which the XP works. In other words, People understand EXP but need to know the exact values or the strategies for leveling. So let’s jump on the primary purpose of … Read more

Dark and Darker How to Trade

Dark and Darker Failed to Connect to Server

Dark and Darker is an early-access game that has gone through many Alpha testing in recent months, all of which have been well-received by gamers. While there are standard treasure extraction procedures in the game, there are also more complex systems that enable users to sell particular goods to other players. This Trade area is … Read more

Dark And Darker How To Extract

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So you’ve just defeated another player in an epic battle, you’ve looted their dead corpse, got the fantastic spoils of war, shiny new trinket and all the gold you can carry but now what do you do? If you just started playing Dark and Darker you’re probably wandering around until you die to a spike … Read more

Dark and Darker Wizard Build & Guide

Dark and Darker Guide

Dark and Darker is an exciting adventure game that allows players to explore through the dungeons defeating the monsters and uncovering mythical treasures. By playing it with your friends, you can complete the missions and kill the bosses around the map, eventually upgrading your character. This game comes with a total of 6 different classes, … Read more

How to Get Better Loot in Dark and Darker

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Dark and Darker, an adventure fantasy FPS game, is now available on Playtest. Players may, however, request admission via Steam and enter the game. You’ll find numerous things to collect as well as adversaries that want you dead at any cost. It will be your task to collect all the stuff you can in order … Read more