How To Get A Boat in GTA Vice City?

There are many types of vehicles in the GTA Vice City game. You can get them by completing missions, buying, stealing, or using cheat codes. There are ten boats in GTA Vice City.

In this article, I will be listing all ten types of boats in GTA Vice City, where you can get them, and what you have to do to get that type of boat.

How To Get Each Boat In GTA Vice City?

How To Get Boat GTA Vice City 1
how to get boat in gta vice city
BoatLocationHow to Get
Speeder BoatPortlandOn the shore near the Prawn Island Docks
Rio BoatVice City BeachOn the coast near the Malibu Club
Reefer BoatStarfish IslandIn the water near the Malibu Club
Marquis BoatFort BaxterOn the shore near the Fort Baxter Air Base
Tropic BoatLittle HaitiIn the water near the Little Haiti Marina
Dinghy BoatAcross the mapCan be found at various locations around the map
Police Predator BoatChased by the policeIf you get enough stars, the police will chase you in a Police Predator Boat
Coast Guard BoatOffshoreCan be found patrolling the waters around the map
Cuban JetmaxCuban Missile CrisisThe reward for completing the mission “Cuban Missile Crisis.”
SqualoThe Fastest BoatThe reward for completing the mission “The Fastest Boat.”

What Is The Fastest Boat In GTA Vice City?

Diaz has the fastest boat in GTA Vice City on the East Coast and wants to keep it that way. After you pick the mission, you have to get to the boatyard at the docks and steal the fastest boat. Head over to the marker.

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Once you get to the boatyard you will be attacked! Stay in your vehicle and run over whoever attacks. Once you’re sure all of the warehouse thugs are dead, hop out and go into the open warehouse near the boat.

Go onto the pink marker and drop the boat into the water and run away. If you come across more thugs, run them over to or handle them with a gun.

GTA Vice City is an action-adventure game which is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2002. It is the fourth main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, following 2001’s Grand Theft Auto III, and the sixth installment of the series overall.

This is all for how to get the boat in GTA Vice City for more relevant guides do check our GTA Vice City guides section.

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