Dark Souls 3 Bosses in Order with Guide to Defect Them (2024)

The Dark Souls 3 Bosses is well known for the legendary fight at the end of the level of the game. Here we have mentioned all the bosses of dark souls 3 in order of their abilities and power with the score.

Dark Soul 3 Bosses
Dark Soul 3 Bosses

Dark Souls 3 is one of the most adventure games according to the gamers it is one of the most punishing, yet rewarding game trilogies of all time. The game is full of impossible-to-kill enemies and traps around each corner of the game. Dark souls 3 makes a huge impact in the world of gaming.

The most adventurous thing about the game is its bosses’ fights, The fights with bosses are more likely unexpected and each fight takes you to the next level of the game with a more dangerous boss.

All The Bosses Of Dark Souls 3

We have listed all the dark souls 3 bosses in the order list. That helps you to understand each boss in the game with their fight powers and abilities that help you to take down the bosses without having a hassle.

1. Iudex Gundyr

Dark Soul 3 lundex Gundyr
Dark Souls 3 lundex Gundyr Boss

The lundex Gundyr is the first boss in the game that you’re going to face in close combat. After defeating this boss the Firelink Shrine is unlocked automatically.

Firelink Shrine is key to chatting with NPCs in the safe zone and levelling up your game. The fight starts when you’ll pull the Coiled sword from the ludex chest. When the fight is over you’ve to use the sword to activate the bonfire to get the fire link shrine.

Well, there are no phases in this fight, In the first phase the boss lundex has used a weapon that looks like a halberd and he can use it for a sweep or slice. In the second phase of the fight which activities when the lundex hits half health. In this phase, the lundex body gives birth to birth to a lizard-like creature which increases its damaging range.

2. Vordt Of The Boreal Valley

Vordt of the boreal valley
Vordt of the boreal valley DS3 Boss

The Vordt of the boreal valley is a massive beast who carries a mace and attacks the player in a queue over 3 to 4 times in a single attack. When he reaches half-health, This boss buffs himself and activates its new power that allows him to land damaging hits.

Vordts, also use an ice breath to attack the player, this attack will arc out the large range in front of the vordts to take him down make sure you never combat him from the front.

3. Curse-Rotted Greatwood

Curse-Rotted Greatwood
Dark Soul 3 Curse-Rotted Greatwood Boss

The Curse-Rotted Greatwood is a giant tree which is located in the Undead Settlement and worshipped by its own inhabitants. Basically, this boss is a large tree that packs a massive push.

This boss has a series of attacks in which it releases the corrosive liquid. Make sure you avoid the puddles in close combat with greenwood.

Moreover, after reaching in middle of the battle you and greenwood will fall into the pit and there the second phase of the battle starts.

In this phase, the greenwood can deal more damage to you by falling onto the ground or rolling its limbs at you.

4. Crystal Sage

Dark Soul 3 Crystal Sage
Dark Soul 3 Crystal Sage Boss

The Crystal Sage is a magical monster, who carries a wide-brimmed hat and has the power to teleport from one location to another on the battlefield. He can perform multiple sell-based attacks on the player and cause you a wide range of damage.

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The best strategy is to take down this boss in the battle. You’ve to approach the crystal sage in close combat with the intent to stagger the boss. Which allows you to attack him multiple hits in a single attack.

When he reaches it half-heath the second phase of the battle starts where he summoned the clones and you’ve to kill each clone before taking down the boss.

5. Deacons Of The Deep

Dark Soul Bosses
Deacons Of The Deep

Later unhitching Cathedral of the Deep, you seat battle it out with this number of clerics, who protect the restless soul of the Archdeacon. In the battle, the red glow or soul will be posses by one of the many Deacons.

To reach the second phase of the battle you’ve to make sure to attack the deacon that possesses the red glow or the soul. In this phase of the battle, only one deacon has posses the soul and the rest of the deacons will defend him from getting attacked.

You’ve to move around while attacking the deacons or hitting lots of them is your best shot to reach the deacon who possesses the soul and take him down.

6. Abyss Watchers

Abyss Watcher Boss
Dark Soul 3 Abyss Watcher Boss

The Abyss Watcher is founded at the end of the Farron Keep and he possesses the soul of a Lord of Cinder. First, your flight with an abyss in close combat with one sword-wielding boss and after some time two more corpses will join the battle.

Basically, one of these cadavers will resurrect one if you take down them but on the other hand, the other with glowing red eyes will attack the boss along with other corpses.

7. High Lord Wolnir

High Lord Wolnir
Dark Soul 3 High Lord Wolnir Boss

High Lord Wolnir is a giant Skeleton that you will find at the end of the Catacombs of Carthus. This large skeleton boss has an array of attacks that will take you down if you don’t pay attention in close combat with Lord Wolnir.

Moreover, Lord Wolnir will be able to summon more skeletons into the battle along with the large sword that can be swept into your path.

You can take down the High Lord Wolnir by breaking his shackles, this will take out one-third of the health. However, you can also take him down without breaking the shackles. But not breaking the shackles is not recommended because of the massive health capacity of Wolnir.

8. Old Demon King

Old Demon King DS3
Dark Soul 3 Old Demon King Boss

Old Demon King is located behind Smouldering Lake and besieged by demon corpses, the Old Demon King is a fiery foe. This boss can summon a fire ring in the middle of the battle and even worse shower the fireballs toward you by slamming his hammer on the battleground.

The fight has two different phases, in the first phase of the battle the boss will attack you with defined patterns and when he reaches his half-health you will enter into the second phase and in this phase, he will damage you with melee attacks in a single range.

9. Pontiff Sulyvahn

Pontiff Sulyvahn
Dark Soul 3 Pontiff Sulyvahn Boss

To access the portion of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley you have to take down the Pontiff Sulyvahn. This boss has a dual handle a Fire and a Magic Sword which makes this boss more dangerous and hard to defeat.

You have to make sure your health is full to the survivor as long as possible in the battle while attacking the Pontiff. In the second phase of the battle, the pontiff will join with the phantom clone that protects him from getting damaged. Make sure you focus on attacking the pontiff and avoid the clone to win the battle.

10. Yhorm The Giant

Yhorm The Giant
Dark Soul 3 Yhorm The Giant Boss

The name of the boss defines him, The Yhorm is the Lord of Cinder and a bulky boss that wishes to storm and stomp the territory as much as possible. This boss can easily swipe back if you’re behind him make sure of this point when you encounter this boss in the battle.

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One of the best advantages against the Yhorm is the Storm Ruler it is a weapon located near the Yhorm throne. This weapon helps you to give massive damage to the Lord Yhorm and the best chance to attack him when he attacks you, make sure to attack toward his head to give heavy damage.

11. Aldritch, Devourer Of Gods

Aldritch, Devourer Of Gods
Dark Soul 3 Aldritch, Devourer Of Gods Boss

The Aldritch has to be intimidating and like one of the Lord of Cinder. He is one of the most terrifying bosses in the list of dark souls 3 bosses.

Aldritch can throw arrows from the long-range toward and soul spears to spin attacks that can steal your health for himself.

This boss can easily deal massive damage to you in the battle and take you down before you can say “Help”. Well, the attacks to aldritch tail deal massive damage and several attacks can stagger him out. You’ve to keep the focus on the area where you attack multiple times to win the battle.

12. Dancer Of The Boreal Valley

Dancer Of The Boreal Valley
Dark Soul 3 Dancer Of The Boreal Valley Boss

Dancer of the Boreal Valley is reachable via two means, by taking down the three Lords of Cinder and teleporting toward the boss afterwards. Else killing Emma, the High Priestess of Lothric Castle.

This boss is hard to handle and impossible to defect in one try. The dancer of the Boreal Valley has the flame sword and his attacks feel implicative of delicate dance moves.

The second phase of the battle gets more complex and dangerous because of the addition of the ash sword that turns the Dancer boss into the duel-handle attacker with harmful effects.

It is one of the hardest bosses to take down from this list of the Dark Soul 3 Bosses list.

13. Dragonslayer Armour

Dragonslayer Armour
Dark Soul 3 Dragonslayer Armour Boss

Dragonslayer Armour is a Pilgrim Butterflies animated boss, moreover, this empty suit of the armour isn’t void of fatal attacks or bone-crushing blows.

In other words, this boss is more like bark than a bite. While Dragonslayer Armour is a frightening villain, and its greataxe does seem slightly terrifying, its vast shield can apportion a lot higher damage, and you can quickly mark in 2 or 3 hits in a single attack.

In this second phase, the Pilgrim Butterflies will begin throwing projectiles falling on either side of the bridge-whist, but they can quickly be bypassed by operating out of the way.

14. Oceiros, The Consumed King

Oceiros, The Consumed King
Dark Soul 3 Oceiros, The Consumed King Boss

Oceiros is one of the most babbling bosses in the list of Dark Souls 3 Bosses. He was located in the garden under Lothric Castle and will regularly talk about a hypothetical baby in his arms.

This doesn’t mean that this boss doesn’t attack you. The Oceiros, attack the player through this tail. Moreover, if you stay as long as underneath him with the shield you carry.

In the second phase, the Oceiros, attack the player with claws and fangs in different patterns along with the blasting crystal breaths in close combat.

15. Champion Gundyr

Champion Gundyr
Dark Soul 3 Champion Gundyr Boss

If you remember The Iudex Gundyr is the first boss from our Dark Souls 3 Bosses list. Now, he is back with more power and aggressive attacks to take you down.

After taking down the Oceiros, you can move into Untended Graves where you encounter the Champion Gundyr.

The Champion Gundyr has more damage abilities compared to Ludex Gundyr he almost endless stream of quick slashes and smashes can give massive damage.

In the second phase of the battle the Gundyr his speedy combos can convert relentlessly. Parrying is usually likely your best way to counter Champion Gundyr, as it can anesthetize him and leave the room.

16. Lothric, Younger Prince

Lothric, Younger Prince
Dark Soul 3 Lothric, Younger Prince Boss

He is the last Lord of Cinder before the big boss, The Lothric, Younger Prince has a magical force of nature particularly because he’s guided by his brother, Lorian, Elder Prince.

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The Lothric has the three attacks only but all the attacks are powerful and magic projectiles and next to the Lorian’s sword slashes.

However, this will help you to survive a little longer because the battle starts easier and ramp slowly. In phase one of the battles, the Lorian left the windows for the attacks and in the second phase of the fight.

The Lorian often find claim down a bout of magic one of the point that help you in the battle is the Lorian is vulnerable when he is away from you.

17. Ancient Wyvern

Ancient Wyvern
Dark Soul 3 Ancient Wyvern Boss

The Ancient Wyvern is easy to defeat compared to other bosses in our Dark Souls 3 Bosses list. You can take down this boss by using the ol’ bow and arrow technic or moving around left and right.

You will find the path that leads you to the ledge right above his head. Once the Wyvern put its head down, you’ve to jump on him and the battle is over.

However, the Wyverns, attacks are still highly damaging and give large damage. Moreover, he has a fiery breath that can burn you inertly. He can also take you down by swiping his tail if you’re not careful while encountering him in close combat.

18. Nameless King

Nameless King DS3
Dark Soul 3 Nameless King Boss

The Nameless King is an optional boss, if you’re a fighter, in this case, you must know that this challenge is hard to handle. In the first phase of the battle, Nameless King circles in the air on his Wyvern throwing down blasts of fire, air and lighting.

Moreover, he can also throw some melee attacks with his spear. Once you take down the Wyvern through the name of “King of the Storm”. He becomes more aggressive and starts attacking with more powerful lighting attacks.

He is fast in moving and gives high damage to you if you’re not careful in close combat with him.

19. Soul Of Cinder

Soul of Cinder
Dark Soul 3 Soul of Cinder Boss

Soul of Cinder is the last boss in the dark souls 3 bosses. The Soul of Cinder is the climax of all the Lords of Cinder. This the last battle you fight in the dark souls 3.

Just like any other Dark Souls 3 Bosses the Lord of Cinder fight has two phases. In the first phase of the battle, the Soul of Cinder has a massive health bar along with the ability to recover its 1/3 health by its own.

You’ve to hit harder to reduce the health of this boss the multiple attacks in a single go can take you to the second phase. After that in the second phase, he channels Gwyn, which is the First Lord of Cinder and the ultimate boss from Dark Souls Remastered.

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Hopefully, you find this DS3 boss list helps to know more about them in deep information and how you can easily do them without having heavy damage to yourself.

All the bosses of Dark Souls 3 is hard to defect and you can only take them down by having a better gaming experience than the DS3 game. For more FormSoftware games check our Elden Ring Guides for helpful tips.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main bosses in Dark Souls 3?

The Ultimate Dark Souls 3 Boss is Soul of Cinder that you’ll have to face at the end of the game. Its the last boss in the game with powerful abilities to recover and attack.

Which Dark Souls Boss is the hardest?

All the Dark Souls Bosses are hard to defect but according to the gaming community, the Nameless King is one of the hardest DS3 Bosses to kill in the battle in two phases.

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