Dog Pokémon: All Best Dogs With Powers (In Queue)

Dog Pokemon are the best creatures. In the universe of Pokémon, there are tonnes of strange dog creatures. After all, since time immemorial, they’re man’s best friend.

And the world of Pokémon is not so different from our own – except that their livestock is a lot more fun, fighting with great power and things.

Whether you always were an Arcanine fan and want to stay tuned to the special canine population of the Pokémon universe, or you are a new fan who wants an adventure partner, this list helps you find the perfect monster of dog-style for your party.

We made that nifty guide available for coaches world-wide to all dog-like Pokémon and classified them all based on skill, strength, rareness and my general opinions. Be aware that the definition of “dog” can be a bit,stretched, to say the least, when dealing with Pokémon.

1. Smeargle


This first entry is one of the favourites of Pokémon artists. And I know what you think: this guy’s not a dog in any way.

Smeargle is a cartoonic bipedal doggy-based creature known as Painter Pokémon with the capacity to colour with its tail beautiful works of art. They use a fluid that naturally is excreted from its tail to mark their territory and each colour, depending on their respective Smeargle, has a different colour. A lot better than scrubbing around!

Now why is this classified as a dog monster list?

The name origin contains an interesting history of translation and many foreign names refer to this man as a dog or a drafter.”

2. Electrike


Sometimes Game Freak designers just… don’t have any ideas.

I guess that was what happened in Gen 3 when they added the ugliest pooch to my GBA screen Electrike.

This green shade is just awful (or incredible if you love it, but no in-betweens here).

Yet in my life I have grown to love many ugly dogs, and you might too.

However, it must be careful because you store electricity in your hair and you are in danger of accidentally discharging everything if you are stunned.

3. Manectric


Electric’s only evolution Manectric receives the same warning.

He may be older and his ability is in control, but it is, I suspect, a reason why he is called Pokemon discharge.

While the hideous green was replaced by a lovely blue shade  which shows it was terrible the design of this creature is still quite strange. Why so spectacular?

Then again, there must be people who wouldn’t be like Manectric or GF… with even more spikes.

4. Poochyena


I noticed that gen 3 had a lot of new dogs added, perhaps Poochyena’s most famous one.

This young man loves to bite and tends to use it on unsuspecting beasts just like a small hyena. It is the only reason why it’s so big and so small.

This pooch is still a lot less vulgar than its counterpart in the real world and could become a great companion if you raise it from this young age.

Although it is a little frightening, it is funny to eat anything you throw at. Doesn’t complicate!

5. Mightyena


Having spent enough of your time together, Poochyena will evolve to Mightynea from a sweet little woman who lightened your lives and made you feel pretty safe to a bigger and stronger creature.

Mightyena’s ability to intimidate drops any enemy’s attack status, keeping danger at bay.

The ability is particularly helpful in the Pokémon battles because the stats of Mightyena are not so honest.

These guys in the wild solve the problem of weakness through travel and chase. This mentality leads only trainers to follow that prove to be good leaders.

6. Zigzagoon


Yes, I know that Zigzagoon should be a raccoon! Yeah, I know.

That said, this man doesn’t provide me with a single atmosphere of raccoon. They don’t kill trashcans or act violently in search of food.

Zigzagoon is pretty peaceful and curiosity to populate Hoenn’s tall grass. And while they are not good at battle, the whole franchise has become an endearing feature.

Although they probably need some Adderall to distract them, thanks to their ability to pick up material while on the road. So you can net some interesting drinks while you keep one around in your party.

7. Snubbul


I was a little confused with the addition from the second generation of Snubbul, since it is essentially a rosy dog even though the Pokémon fairy is called by Pokédex.

However, in time, I came to appreciate this guy, especially after the new versions have changed his type to Fairy. This distinguishes it a little from ordinary dogs.

Snubbul’s unmanaged appearance, like many other pups on this list, is only a facade hidden from a timid soul in need of love and attention.

It is one of the dogs that are intimidated by the rest in the playground. Treasure yours as lovingly as you can.

8. Granbull

Dog Pokemon

Everybody loves a good storey and Granbull is the nice underdog.

Maybe it’s the natural development of her biology, or she wanted to stop being bullied.

However, when it develops, Snubbul becomes a major threatening beast. This is the kind of dog with which nobody would dare mess.

This is very useful in combat. Intimidation. In fighting.

Yet, despite its hard and rough appearance, the same gentle Pokémon resides deep inside and can be frightened if a situation is difficult.

Perhaps it isn’t like a watchdog, or I would suggest that you get two of them.

9. Furfrou


Furfrou, a normal doggy with far more strength than meets your eye on the other side of the spectrum.

In spite of that monster designed to look like… well, a poodle, Furfrou is not very much about the jumpy, hypoallergenic things that we keep at home.

He’s a warrior, the King of Kalos said in mediaeval times to have been guarded.

Today, they compete for which Furfrou has the most beautiful haircut and elegant nature. But it will hurt its fur and protect your trainer from harm if things get rough.

10. Houndour


So are you that one guy who wears an upside-down cross all over the neighbourhood to fear older, conservative ladies?

Well, I have to show you something.

Houndour is the dark-fire Pokémon of the dreams of a leading motorcycle gang.

It’s not just Pokémon’s most metal, it is also a great guard dog because of her Early Bird skills to keep her from sleeping.

11. Houndoom


Now, if Houndour isn’t dark enough, just give him until he’s turned to Houndoom for a little while.

This hound looks rude and has the ability to prove it.

It has a mega-evolution that takes the badass to the next level, as well as amazing offensive capabilities and speed.

This dog creature appears to keep evil lairs, as we have witnessed the worship of Team Rocket at gen 2.

And their eerie flattery is linked with death for a long time. No one would dare walk to the places of Houndoom.

Have I mentioned that it spits boiling poison? This guy has plenty to love.

12. Entei


Entei doesn’t cease to be a good boy in my heart as majestic, peaceful, and characteristic as it can be.

The legendary fire-type dog of Generation II, regardless of what it means to embody the passion of the magma. And many cultures around the world believe that every time Entei roars, a volcano erupts.

With pumped attack and high-speed movements, this canine strength of nature destroys its enemies in the fighting.

After all, it’s a legend.

13. Fennekin


Fennekin, one of the starters for the Kalos region of Generation VI, is another type of fire on our list.

I shall gladly inform you that Fennekin is more of a fox than a dog and, in my humble opinion, foxes belong to the Canidae family as pups.

While it is a little temperamental to set things on fire, it is easy to keep this cute criterion fed, as it likes to stir on the wild twigs.

My favourite part of the evolutionary line of Fennekin lies in the centre.

14. Braixen


Not quite a dog, but not a person, Braixen looks adorable on the edge. This is undoubtedly the best design of the three.

He no longer eats branches like Fennekin, but for emergencies he carries one around. Discuss how ready we are!

15. Nickit


Yes, I insist that some of those foxes be counted as dogs.

Nickit was introduced in generation 8 to bring the forests and grass patches of the Galarian region to life. In contrast to other Pokémon, it looks more like European foxes.

This dark creature is perfect for guests who want peace and quiet, as the soft pads allow it to move around without making a sound.

Unfortunately, they usually steal food with this skill. And since he is so new to the series, his attention cannot be as high as the “classical” dog monsters.

16. Thievul


Yes, I insist certain foxes are considered dogs. I insist.

In Generation 8, Nickit was introduced to bring to life the Galarian region’s forests and herbal patches. It looks more like European foxes than other Pokémon.

This dark creature is perfect for guests who want peace and peace, as it moves around without making a sound thanks to soft pads.

They usually steal food with this ability, unfortunately. And as the series is so new, his attention can’t be as great as the “classic” dog monsters

17. Suicune


I even got a chance to see Suicune, the first of those legendary dogs.

After all, this is on the cover for Pokémon Crystal, the first game I’ve ever played.

It was an unbelievable experience to chase it around Johto.

At that moment it was somewhat annoying, but after I learned that Suicune wanders through the world to look for pure water and cleanse the contaminated pool, I received a new appreciation for the smart dog.

It may be a Pokémon compassionate with defence statistics, but you will discover that it’s equipped to give you favoured.

18. Galarian Zigzagoon

Galarian Zigzagoon

All right, you caught myself, only Zigzagoon was included as a dog so that I was able to give his galarians their love they deserve.

Although you may still have reservations about Zigzagoon being more than a rattle, the personality of its Galarian cousin is unquestionable.

This dark/normal kind is certainly a curious rascal.

And although they always try to pick people’s battles, it’s so sweet that most people end up playing with it. Sounds like a dog, isn’t that?

It may look like it’s in a concert by Kiss but it’s not one of the most cute Pokémon designed ever for Galarian Zigzagoon.

19. Vulpix

Dog Pokemon

Now I have foxes, are you happy, you’re not?

Well, since the first generation you are definitely playing the games.

That OG Pokémon fire-type seemed to be the favourite of everybody back in the day.

Your Vulpix will keep you warm throughout winter and it is a Zen experience to brush your lovely tail.

20. Lillipup


The puppy of Lillipup The Anime Pokemon

There’s absolutely nothing as straight forward as Lillipup if you’re looking for a puppy in Pokémon universe.

It’s a Terrier puppy from Yorkshire!

Despite its small size, but also the clever way to run away, this normal-like supplement to the Gen-5 roster has the courage to face strong opponents.

Like many other dog-like Pokémon, thanks to the ability to pick up, Lillipup will sometimes bring to you gifts found.

It’s like fetching, but without casting.

21. Herdier


Herdier is also a great option for those who want a more “grave” dog rather than a puppy.

It’s a popular herding dog in the region of Kalos, as its name suggests.

It is also known by its relationship to humans, which has existed since the beginning. Loyal Dog Pokémon.

While keeping your black fur in order can be rather troubling, this Terrier is worth training.

22. Stoutland


Fatigued by her common knock-off, Herdier finally turns into a Stoutland that is only a bright creature.

This dog will be intimidating any lesser enemies with a magnificent moustache and a dignified attitude.

This doggo was very appreciated in a colder region, except for its tanky stats and good physical attack, before the electric heating took place due to its long, thick fur. According to Pokémon Lore.

Her rescue capacity is similar to that of our real St. Bernards world in colder mountainous areas.

23. Boltund


Boltund is the main good boy in the Galar area.

Not only does the trainer have a strong bite, but they are also able to travel incredibly long distances without being tired of sending electricity to their legs.

This large Speed is going to keep it floating in a struggle. The electric type is newer too, because so far we haven’t seen so many powerful electric monsters.

24. Yamper


There must be Yamper before there is Boltund.

Although it was less developed than Boltund and basically useless in combat, Yamper was united in a shorter package with the charm of a thousand pupils.

Its design is a node to the famous Royal Corgi band of Queen Elizabeth, which is terribly well suited for Galar, a British band.

This electric-type may also find failed Pokéballs thanks to its Ball Fetch ability, other than to be too cute for words, which saves you a lot of time, trouble and money early on in the game.

25. Zamazenta


In Galar, there is a legend about a heroic Pokémon who worked to rescue the realm from an unnamed threat with the King of Galar.

This hero of a thousand struggles is Zamazenta at Pokémon Shield: a real wolf-like creature which has slept in the statue for ages until now.

This beast of double fighting/state type has unbelievable stats that focus on defence, and its ability to Dauntless Shield adds to that advantage.

It is the shield that keeps people and Pokémon in their spheres. And it could prove your favourite… dog-shaped shield.

26. Zacian


Some say that the best defence is a good crime, and I must agree with Zacian.

It is called Warrior Pokémon and the Crowned Sword form of the Hero of a Thousand Battles, this fairy / steel-type wolf.

It has stellar stats, just like Zamazenta, but this one concentrates on the offensive.

Zacian is very much in line with Sif, a boss with the franchise of Dark Souls who is also a sword-held wolf. This criterion will undoubtedly be very popular.

27. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix

In the first game Vulpix might have been all rage, but both old and new supporters know there is a new girl on the block.

The Vulpix Alolan was known by the Islanders as Keokeo.

They live in communities to remain cool and exhale air and -60 degrees Fahrenheit in tropical weather.

It’s a white Vulpix type of ice with a lot of fascination in other words. As a house pet, I would love one.

28. Zorua

Alolan Vulpix

Zorua is another very interesting animal for foxy/doggy.

This dark Pokémon is true to its title and tends to play bubbling at people and disguise itself as something else, like children. Or even pretending to be your last Pokémon when a fight begins.

This is much the same as Loki, Mischief’s North God.

Although its beauty and gentleness is so questionable, it appeals to trainers of all sorts.

29. Zoroark


The evolution of Zorua takes the misfortune to the next level, known as the Illusion Fox Pokémon.

Zoroark is no longer content with small pranks and with his illusions, has moved to a large-scale disappointment.

Stay long enough and you will finally stop telling the difference between trick and reality.

Zoroark in the wild can use this skill because it helps them to protect their nests against wandering eyes.

Failure will help them to take care of every situation with their special attack and speed.

30. Growlithe


Despite so many Vulpix fans, it’s clear back in the days of Red and Blue, what the best canine line was.

With its courageous nature and cool design, the OG-like fire creature won the heart of many trainers.

Now it is only one of many monsters like a puppy. But Growlithe had been in his own league back in the 1990s.

Because of their allegiance and their great sense of smell, Growlithe is raised and trained in the Pokémon universe to become a police dog.

31. Arcanine


Naturally, the popularity of Growlithe comes from how powerful the battle is with Arcanine.

You probably plan to use a fireplace on that twink if you raise and fight with a Growlithe.

Arcanine is the big doggo of the bunch, with unbelievable offensive abilities and solid stats in general. And when the competition began it was one of the big names.

Arcanine is not only an official police dog in the Pokémon world, but also considered as warriors involved in many wars throughout history.

32. Rockruff


Some mix of a classical Japanese fox and the spitz of dogs brings us Rockruff. Rockruff.

This guy is simply lovely. I never thought I’d be able to rank anything far above Growlithe, yet we are here.

Rockruff is the type of pup that I would just want to look for. Out of any game (I actually know that he’s not), he may be not the strongest dog. But I have to place him here alone on looks, design, weeping and novelty.

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This list has all the dog pokemon that available in the animation TV show. With this guide you can find the powers and benefits of the each dog in pokemon without having a hassle.

In case if you’ve missed any dog from the pokemon that you know feel free to guide us through the comment box we please to add it in our list of pokemon dogs.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some most asked question with answer about the Pokemon dogs.

What Pokemon looks like a wolf?

There lots of pokemon that looks like a wolf. Here the names of them Electrike, Manectric, Boltund, Kousetsu, Poochyena, Rockruff, Mangetsu and Mightyena. However there also other pokemons that look same as the wolf. So don’t get confused.

Is Absol Pokemon is a dog?

Absol could hold been a provocative dog, as common people would assume that he is a feline because his appearance is more cat-like than dog-like. Nevertheless, he is based off Bai Ze, a mythical Chinese dog-like creature, and Barghest, a traditional English black monstrous dog.

What is the electric dog Pokemon?

Boltund holds an Electric-type Pokémon presented in Generation 8. It is recognized as the Dog Pokémon.

What does a Herdier evolve into?

The Herdeier is evolve into the Stoutland.

What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go?

Gible and Deino are the two rarest pokemon in the Pokemon go game. Both pokemon were hard find in the entire game.