All Dog Pokemon Ultimate List (2024)

When it comes to dogs we all know that they are the best friend of humans and there are lots of them in the Pokémon universe. If you’re a dog lover and wanted to how many dog pokemon are there? In this case, you’ve visited the correct place.

Here I have listed all the dog pokemon that were introduced from Generation I to Generation IX in the Pokémon universe. However, the cat pokemon is also the best friend of humans, but in this article, we are going to see all the dog pokemon only.

It is one of the common questions. how many pokemon are there? well, it’s hard to answer. Now let’s focus on the dog Pokemons.

1. Smeargle


When I look at the appearance of the Smeargle. I don’t think it’s a dog and more like a monkey. But the thing is this legendary Painter pokemon is a beagle. The Smeargle was introduced in Generation II and it’s a normal type of pokemon. That it’s not best for fighting battles in Pokemon because he does not have many fighting moves.

However, the main ability of Smeargle is he powers up its weaker moves and ‘Own Tempo’ that helps him not to be confused like the Psyduck. The most powerful move of Smeargle is ‘Sketch’ which allows him to copy the last move of his opponent and they can harmful to the opponent’s pokemon.

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2. Electrike


Knowing by the name Electrike, it’s an electric-type pokemon that was introduced in Generation III. The main move of Electrike is ‘Static’ which allows it to paralysis upon contact and the ‘Lightning Rod’, which enhances its Special Attack.

Moreover, Electrike is weak against the ground-type pokemon in the fight. Electrike has electricity on its fur or tail that why it frequently gives off electric sparks.

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3. Manectric


The Manectric is an evolved version of the Electrike when it reaches level 26. Similar to the Electric the Manectric is also an electric-type Pokmon and it is weak against the ground-type Pokemon.

However, Manectric is outstanding control over his electric moves. Such as it can adjust its muscles to move extremely faster along with fast recovery. It’s also one of the rarest pokemon to find in the Pokemon Universe.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Electrike

4. Poochyena


The Poochyena is more look like a fox or hyena rather than a dog in terms of appearance and it’s a dark-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation III.

Poochyena is weaker against the Fire Type, Fairy Type and Bug Type Pokemon move. More important it’s an omnivore with abilities like Run Away and Quick Feet.

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5. Mightyena


The Mightyena is the evolved version of Poochyena and it evolves when it reaches Level 18. Similar to the Poochyena it’s a dark-type Pokemon and weaker against the bug-type, fire-type and fairy-type Pokemon moves.

Mightyena’s ability to intimidate drops any enemy’s attack status, keeping danger at bay. The ability is particularly helpful in the Pokémon battles because the stats of Mightyena are not so honest.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Poochyena

6. Zigzagoon


Zigzagoon is look a lot similar to the raccoon but also resembles like dog also and its Normal-Type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation III.

The Zigzagoon is pretty peaceful and curious to populate Hoenn’s tall grass. And while they are not good at the battle, the whole franchise has become an endearing feature.

Although they probably need some Adderall to distract them, thanks to their ability to pick up material while on the road. So you can get some interesting drinks while you keep one around at your party.

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7. Snubbul


Snubbul looks like a bulldog in terms of appearance. It was first introduced in Generation VI as Normal-Type Pokemon and after some time it was changed to Fairy-Type Pokemon. Moreover, Snubbul is weak against the Steel & Poison type pokemon moves.

The main moves of Snubbul are Run Away and Intimidate, which can be used for attack and defence. Moreover, the Snubbul is one of the popular choices for female trainers in the Pokemon Canon.

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8. Granbull

Granbull Pokemon

Granbull is the evolved version of the Snubbul when it reaches Level 23 and it’s a fairy-type pokemon.

It’s weak against the Steel & Poison-type pokemon moves similar to the Snubble. Moreover, as per the appearance of the Granbull, it looks dangerous but actually, it mainly avoids fighting.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Snubbul

9. Furfrou


As per the name and look, the Furfrou is a cute dog Pokmon known as the Poodle Pokémon that was popular among female trainers. It’s a Normal-Type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VI’s Kalos region.

In terms of fighting Furfrou’s main ability is Fur Coat the halves the damage Furfrou bears from physical moves. It is weaker against the fire-type Pokemon moves.

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10. Houndour


The Houndour is one of the most dangerous dog pokemon. It was dual-type Dark & Fire-type hound Pokemon that was introduced in the Generation IIs Pokemon Gold & Silver.

Houndour is weak against the Water, Fighting, Ground & Rock-Type Pokemon moves. The Main abilities that Houndour processes are Flash Fire and Early Bird its one of the loyal pokemon dogs if you can develop a strong bond with it.

TypeDark and Fire
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11. Houndoom


Houndoom is the evolved version of the Houndour when it reaches level 24. As per the looks, it’s a larger hound with two large horns. Similar to the Houndoom it’s both a dark and fire-type Pokemon and its weak against the Water, Ground, Fighting & Rock-type Pokemon Moves with the same abilities as Houndoom but it has decent offensive stats.

TypeDark and Fire
Obtained ByCapture/ Evolved from Houndour

12. Entei


The Entei is a legendary fire-type dog Pokemon that was introduced in Generation II, regardless of what it means to embody the passion of the magma. And many cultures around the world believe that every time Entei roars, a volcano erupts.

In terms of the abilities of Entei its can pumped attack and high-speed movements, this canine strength of nature destroys its enemies in the fighting.

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13. Fennekin


Fennekin is cute as per the look and it was one of the first Pokemon from the Kalos region of Generation VI. It is Fire-Type Pokemon that weak against the  Ground, Water, and Rock-type Pokemon moves.

I shall gladly inform you that Fennekin is more of a fox than a dog and, in my humble opinion, foxes belong to the Canidae family as pups.

While it is a little temperamental to set things on fire, it is easy to keep this cute criterion fed, as it likes to stir on the wild twigs.

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14. Braixen


Braixen is the evolved version of Fennekin when it reaches Level 16 and clearly, it’s a Fire-type Fox Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VI. Braixen is weak against the Water, Rock, and Ground-Type Pokemon moves.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Fennekin

15. Nickit


Nickit was introduced in generation 8 to bring the forests and grass patches of the Galarian region to life. It looks more like European foxes, Nickit is a Dark-Type Pokemon and weak against the Fire, Fairy, and Bug-type Pokemon moves.

In terms of Nickit abilites, it has  ‘Run Away’ and ‘Unburden’ that give it a boost in speed and movement. It aided in this by the soft pads on its feet and its long tail which make it a thief by the nature.

Obtained ByCapture

16. Thievul


The Thievul is the Evolved version of the Nickit and it looks a lot larger than the Nickit with a large tail that resembles it clearly more like a Fox Pokemon. It first shows up in the Pokémon Shield and Sword in Generation VIII.

As the dark-type Pokemon, it was weaker against the Fire, Fairy, and Bug-type Pokemon moves. Moreover, it was not fit for fighting similar to the Nickit.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Nickit

17. Suicune


The Suicune is one of the legendary dogs Pokemon similar to the Entei and it’s also part Legendary Beast trio. It’s a water-type Pokemon and does its weak against the Electric and Grass-type Pokemon moves.

Moreover, according to the Pokemon Pokedex, Suicune symbolizes the kindness of a pure spring of water and one of the best of Suicune is it can purify dirty water in no time.

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18. Galarian Zigzagoon

Galarian Zigzagoon

Galarian Zigzagoon is the Galarian form of the Zigzagoon that has similar abilites. It was introduced in Generation VIII. however, it’s a Dark and Normal type Pokemon and it’s also one of the rare pokemon to capture in the Pokemon Universe.

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And although they always try to pick people’s battles, it’s so sweet that most people end up playing with it. Sounds like a dog, isn’t that?

TypeDark and Normal
Obtained ByCapture

19. Vulpix

Dog Pokemon

There are no questions about it the Vulpix is clearly a Fox Pokemon it was introduced in Generation I. It was the Fire-Type Pokemon with some awesome fire attacks such as the Fire Spin and more recent moves like Fire Blast and Grass and Ice Type Pokemon are weaker against Vulpix. More important Vulpix can learn ghost-type attacks before reaching level 20.

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20. Lillipup


Lillipup is one of the cutest puppy dog Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe. It was introduced in Generation VI. It was weak against the Fire-Type Pokemon and the main ability of the Lillipup are ‘Pickup’ ability that allows it to easily pick up the items in the middle of the battle.

One of the most of important things about the Lillipup is that it has an outstanding memory which simply means that it can get deeper in the training with the trainer.

Obtained ByCapture

21. Herdier


The Herdier is one of the cutest pokemon that you want in the Pokemon Universe. Basically it’s the Evolved version of the Lillipup. That means the Herdier abilites are mainly the same as the Lillipup along with the weakness. It is also known for its relationship to humans, which has existed since the beginning. Loyal Dog Pokémon.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved From Lillipup

22. Stoutland


Stoutland is the final version of the Lillipup. When it reaches level 32 it can be Evolved from Herdier to Stoutland. More importantly, it’s a Normal-type Big-Hearted Terrier Pokemon and in terms of the abilites it was the same Herdier ‘Intimidate’ and ‘Sand Rush’ but more stable and powerful.

This dog will be intimidating any lesser enemies with a magnificent mustache and a dignified attitude. This pokemon was very appreciated in a colder region, except for its tanky stats and good physical attack, before the electric heating took place due to its long, thick fur. According to Pokémon Lore.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved From Herdier

23. Boltund


The Boltund is one of the best dog pokemon in the Pokemon Universe. It was introduced in Generation VIII and the main abilites of this Pokemon is ‘Strong Jaw’.

Boltund is an Electric-type pokemon and does its weak against the Ground-Type Pokemon moves.

Morever when Yamper reaches level 25 it can be Evolved to Boltund. So Boltuned is the evolved version of the Yamper.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved From Yamper

24. Yamper


Yamper is a cute dog pokemon with electric-type abilities and it was introduced in Generation VIII in the Pokemon Universe. As per the abilities, it has a strong jaw and it was weak against the ground, poisonous-type Pokemon moves. It’s the previous version of the Boltuned.

Although it was less developed than Boltund and basically useless in combat, Yamper was united in a shorter package with the charm of a thousand pupils.

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25. Zamazenta


In Galar, there is a legend about a heroic Pokémon who worked to rescue the realm from an unnamed threat with the King of Galar. This hero of a thousand struggles is Zamazenta at Pokémon Shield. Its a Real wolf-like creature has slept in the statue for ages until now.

Zamazenta is a Fighting/Steel, Hero of Many Battles type Pokemon and has unbelievable stats that focus on defence, and its ability to Dauntless Shield adds to that advantage. It is the shield that keeps people and Pokémon in their spheres.

TypeLegendary: Crowned Shield, Fighting/Steel, Hero of Many Battles
Obtained By Single Spawn Capture

26. Zacian


The Zacian is a Warrior Pokémon and the Crowned Sword form of the Hero of a Thousand Battles, and its fairy/steel-type wolf pokemon. Moreover, It has stellar stats, just like Zamazenta, but this one concentrates on the offensive.

Zacian is very much in line with Sif, a boss with the franchise of Dark Souls who is also a sword-held wolf. This criterion will undoubtedly be very popular.

TypeLegendary: Crowned Shield, Fairy/Steel, Hero of Many Battles
Obtained By Single Spawn Capture

27. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix

In the first game, Vulpix might have been all rage, but both old and new supporters know there is a new girl on the block. The Vulpix Alolan was known by the Islanders as Keokeo.

The main abilites of Alolan Vulpix are Snow Cloak and Snow Warning. This Pokemon mainly live in communities to remain cool and exhale air and -60 degrees Fahrenheit in tropical weather. It’s a white Vulpix type of ice with a lot of fascination in other words.

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28. Zorua

Alolan Vulpix

Zorua is introduced in Generation V it is a Dark-Type Fox Pokemon and the main ability of this pokemon is Illusion and its weak against Fairy, Fighting and Bug-Type Pokemon

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This dark Pokémon is true to its title and tends to play bubbling at people and disguise itself as something else, like children. Or even pretending to be your last Pokémon when a fight begins.

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29. Zoroark


Zoroark is an Evolved version of the Zorua when it reaches level 30. It was introduced in Generation V and it as the same abilites and weaknesses as the Zorua. Moreover, the Zoroark is no longer content with small pranks and with his illusions, has moved to a large-scale disappointment.

Stay long enough and you will finally stop telling the difference between trick and reality. Zoroark in the wild can use this skill because it helps them to protect their nests against wandering eyes.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Zorua

30. Growlithe


Despite so many Vulpix fans, it’s clear back in the days of Red and Blue the Vulpix is the first canine. However, the Growlithe is the first pupper. This Pokemon has a courageous nature and cool design, the OG-like fire creature won the heart of many trainers.

Now it is only one of many monsters like a puppy. But Growlithe had been in his own league back in the 1990s. The Growlithe is Fire-Type Pokemon and does it weak against the Water, Ground, and Rock-Type Pokemon moves.

Because of their allegiance and their great sense of smell, Growlithe is raised and trained in the Pokémon universe to become a police dog.

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31. Arcanine


The Arcanine is a legendary dog pokemon that was introduced in Generation I. its an evolved version of Growlithe. More important to evolve Growlithe to Arcanine you need a Fire Stone. In terms of the abilites and weaknesses are mainly the same as the Growlithe.

Arcanine is the big doggo of the bunch, with unbelievable offensive abilities and solid stats in general. And when the competition began it was one of the big names.

Arcanine is not only an official police dog in the Pokémon world but is also considered a warrior involved in many wars throughout history in the Pokemon Universe.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Growlithe (Firestone)

32. Rockruff


Rockruff is a cute puppy Pokemon its a rock-type introduced in Generation VI. As per its abilities Rockruff can use  ‘Keen Eye’ and  ‘Vital Spirit and its weak against the  Ground, Grass, Water, Steel, and Fighting-Type Pokemon moves.

Rockruff is the type of pup that I would just want to look for. Out of any game (I actually know that he’s not), he may be not the strongest dog. But I have to place him here alone on looks, design, weeping and novelty.

Obtained ByCapture

33. Ninetales

Ninetales Pokemon

Ninetales is an evolved version of the vulpix after exposure to the firestone or ice stone. It was introduced in Generation I and its Fire Type and Ice Type Fox pokemon. Moreover, it is an updated version of the Alolan variant.

In terms of appearance, it’s sure large compared to the Vulpix and according to the Pokedex, it live 1000 years. Nintaltes has some powerful supernatural powers and Alolan Ninetales has more advanced supernatural powers.

TypeFire / Ice
Obtained ByEvolve from Vulpix (Fire / Ice Stone)

34. Riolu

Riolu Pokemon

Riolu is an Emanation Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IV. Its a fire-type pokemon and does its weak against the Fairy, Psychic, and Flying-type Pokemon moves.

In terms of Riolu abilities, it has ‘Inner Focus’ and ‘Steadfast’ that increase the Speed stat in the battle. However, it’s the weak stat that can be harmful to Riolu if it’s against any challenging opponent in the battle.

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35. Lucario

Lucario pokemon

Lucario is the evlvoed version of the Riolu. It can only evolve once the trainer builds a strong high friendship bond in the day. Its a Fighting and Steel Type Aura Pokemon and does its weak against the Fire, Ground and Fighting-type Pokemon moves.

Similar to the Riolu abilites Lucario also possesses the Aura abilites but is more enhanced and stable. It can easily take down its prey. More important, it can also tell its trainer what other people are thinking.

TypeFighting and Steel
Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Riolu

36. Lycanroc

Lycanroc Pokemon

Lycanroc is the evolved version of Rockruff when it reaches level 25. It was introduced in Generation VII and Rock-Type Wolf Pokemon. But there is a catch, the Lycanroc can be evolved into three forms according to certain conditions. Their forms are Midday Form, Midnight Form, and Dusk Form each form is Rock Type with similar weaknesses.

VariantsMidday Form, Midnight Form, and Dusk Form
Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Rockruff

37. Shaymin

Shaymin Pokemon

Shaymin is a mystical dog-type Pokemon it was the best base stats. The Grass and Flying-Type Pokemon was introduced in Generation IV. In terms of the abilities, it has a Natural Cure that is decisive grass attacks are super-accurate and impose plenty of damage

TypeGrass and Flying
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38. Type: Null

Type: Null Pokemon

The Type: Null is a legendary Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VII. It’s a Normal-type Pokemon and in terms of appearance, it has a brown helmet with green markings creature.

According to the Pokedex, the Type Null pokemon is developed from the cells of all known Pokemon types. The main ability of Type Null is Battle Armor and it’s weak against the fighting-type Pokemon moves.

Obtained ByCapture

39. Silvally

Silvally Pokemon

The Silvally is an Evolved version of Type: Null and evolves when its there is a strong friendship bond between the trainer. Morever in terms of abilities, it has RKS System that allows it to transform any other Pokemon type that also depends on the items it holds. It’s weak against the fighting-type Pokemon moves.

Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Type: Null

40. Skiploom

is Skiploom  a dog

Skiploom looks like a blub and a flower but its body also resembles a dog. It’s a Grass and Flying-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Hoppip when its reaches to level 18. It’s weak against the Rock, Ice, Flying, Poison and Fire-Type Pokemon moves. There is a bloom on skiploom head that opens and closes according to temperature.

TypeGrass and Flying
Obtained ByCapture / Evolved from Hoppip


Hopefully, you find this guide helpful to know all the Dog Pokemons available in the Pokemon Universe. For more similar articles you should read our Pokemon Guides including the Bird Pokemon list.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some most asked questions with answers about Pokemon dogs.

Is Absol Pokemon a dog?

Absol could hold been a provocative dog, as common people would assume that he is a feline because his appearance is more cat-like than dog-like. Nevertheless, he is based on Bai Ze, a mythical Chinese dog-like creature, and Barghest, a traditional English black monstrous dog.

What is the best electric dog Pokemon?

Boltund holds an Electric-type Pokémon presented in Generation 8. It is recognized as the Dog Pokémon.

What does a Herdier evolve into?

The Herdeier is evolved into the Stoutland.

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