MC Command Center Essential Tips for The Sims 4 (2024)

Sims 4 is one of the best simulator to live your live in the virutal world. Here i have explain some of the tips and that comes to handy in the game.

What is MC Command Center?

The MC Command Center mod, made by Deadpool, is one of the most popular. There are plenty of options for adapting household bills, pregnancies and even creating mechanics for the progression in history.

As well as multiple modules that address various functionalities. This is an awkward mistake to choose from. There are 14 important reasons why this mod should be downloaded.

With mods as the main way you can keep the game fresh right now, since players are expecting new content, or a new franchise game series, it is more important than ever to enjoy such great mods that allow you to do so.

We have four further great reasons to download the MC Command Center to spice up gameplay and to bring some necessary features into the Sims 4 to show appreciation to the King of all Sims.

How To Install MC Command Center

MC Command Center

Fix Employment By Age

Believe it, or not, the employment rate of the Sims 4 is very controlled. There will be only a certain percentage of SIMs in each age group, so there will always be somebody without a job and people who get jobs automatically.

Fortunately, you can manipulate this percentage with MC Command Center. Depending on each age group, the employment rate can even be changed. Teens, together with the elderly, can have a much higher job percentage, as they are generally less employed.

Stop Annoying Habits

All had to cope with Sims’ annoying habits, including a glass of water or washing hands randomly. They could also do more destructive things, depending on their moods, such as kick the dollhouse or snowman ruin.

The mod also lets players choose which interactions they want to maintain and which they are the best without tackling each of these interactions individually. Don’t watch Sim go to play Blicblock on the same day for the millionth time!

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Control Age Groups

The population control system in Sims 4 is very complicated. It generates NPCs at a random interval without exceeding the limit of Sims determined by the player for the game version. The limit in the game menu is always good to double as it might affect performance.

However, people with more beefy computers may want more diversity and more Sims in general. There are several Sims in every age group in the world which can now be amended via the MC Command Center.

Eliminate Weird Clothing

This is not unusual: a city with the strangest, funkiest costume in the universe. Those with installed custom content will know this particular battle since it sometimes leads to very strange cities walking around as if nothing were wrong.

This break immersion is understandable, which is why it has a useful function of the MC Command Center to fix it.

The mode allows players to determine which items of clothing are permitted and which are not by random NPCs. It’s an easy way to ensure that insane personalized content mutants don’t walk freely in the game.

MC Command Center
MC Command Center

The main mod is the MC Command Center; the other MC mods need to run, but the function is fun! With that you can adjust the input clock, including our time, to run at different speeds.

 You can also adjust the number of days spent by Sim in every stage of your life, altering your life.

Tired of declining friendships while your cookery Sim improves? You can slow relationships down, stop them all, or speed up them to make more difficult friends.

Automated Housekeeping

The MC Cleaner module runs various processes in the game and ensures the connection of any loose ends. It ensures that any married Sims synchronize last names, that specific items are removed in due course, and that other irritating items do not always appear on your Sims. There are different settings, such as families, which the more cleaner circumvents.

Let this mod handle small details so that you can focus on important things… like finding ways of preventing your Sims from leaving the pool. It’s all right, we did it all. I’m not going to say.

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Keeping Up Appearances

Would you like your Sims to look every day at their best? The MC CAS module can be used to adjust looks. Special parts of your body can be configured within certain limits, such as the arm or the abdomen. You can set fat and fit levels if you fancy fitness fanatics or curvy Sims, and physical Sims will never change beyond those limits.

If a Sim is aged, his walking style may change. Not just that, you can check how many kids look like their parents from a precise look up to nothing!

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

What is a Sims game without a cheat? From the popular ‘motherlode’ to the complexities of ‘testingcheats.’ A tonne of cool cheat commands is available for MCC Cheats. First, you can force a Sim to give up, force abductions, encourage or degrade a Sim and set certain levels of skills.

You can change the mood of Sim immediately; a hidden buff is added, turning your mood into happiness, energy or anger, just to name a few. However, please take care of this one. Choosing a buff is the highest strength so that your Sims can get so angry that they are dying.

Control Everyone In The World

The MC Control module enables NPC Sims to be controlled so that you give them limited commands as if they were Sim active. These commands take the form of two Sims interactions. However, not all interactions are possible.

The commands from other custom mods that you may have added won’t appear. However, it’s perfect for those times when your Sim talks and some NPC hump gives them trouble. Take your reins a second and show them how to compare themselves to civilization.

Command Alien Abductions

The mysterious forms of foreigners seemed so far beyond our grasp. You can control occult interactions with the MC Occult module.

After alien abduction, you can adjust the chances of pregnancy, decide who can and can’t get pregnant and decide if babies are alien, human or hybrid. You can even target hidden NPCs.

As for our friends, when vampires stop ageing, you can change or allow them to age as normal. You can also change. A ‘risky vampirism’ option is also possible that changes the likelihood of vampirism spreading through feeding.

Solve People Problems

Sims again reflects real life as it is annoying to people. The MC Population module reduces the number of visitors who are exasperated.

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The maximum number of permissible Sims on a lot can be changed from 5 to 200. The default game is 20, but you can crank it up on a high-end machine. Alternatively, reducing it could help if you struggle with public lag.

Another practical feature is to randomize your visit to Sims, so you’ll get more people. Now every day you’re not going to get Mortimer Goth at your door. Come one, come on, come on, come on!

Bring Back Story Progression

The Sims 3 fans can miss the “storey progression” option to enable uncontrolled Sims to advance autonomously in their lives without the player controlling every move.

A great alternative to nonactive Sims is the MC Pregnancy Module which enables them to get married and have children themselves.

The settings allow Sims to adjust its eligible ages – teens and elders can be enabled to do these things. Moreover, you can change the number of maximum offspring, family child maximum and even marry the associated Sims.

Transform Interactions

The MC Tuner module changes the interactions in the game and offers several options. You can let Sims have multiple BFFs if you are to spread love and make marriage proposals independent.

Unforeseen disasters, such as mood deaths, can also be prevented. However, if a poor Sim gets into the boot suddenly you can disable the interaction between ‘witness death’ and any busy Sims nearby remain busy as long as their beloved one breathes.

You can also stop flirting randomly so that your sims can have a peaceful, unseduced breakfast every five minutes.

Wacky Woohoos

Here’s a little saucy. MC Woohoo adds several options to spice your Sims up, as you might have guessed. Your Sims can completely ignore privacy with this module, they can no longer shoot out others before they get busy.

Allow the ‘no strings attached’ option to allow your Sims to woo without a romance. With an adjustable duration, you can even give them birth control.

You can also permit nudity in the game and create a skill!


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