Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List (2024)

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best games of FromSoftware the game is based on action role play similar to other games such as Elden Ring and Sekiro. Each game has lots of powerful weapons that include Dark Souls 3.

Here we have features Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List based on the current game meta of the weapons within the game. The S tier has all the powerful weapons in Dark Souls 3 that players can obtain in the game to deliver high-end damage to the bosses.

Dark Souls 3 Tier Weapons List
dark souls 3 weapon

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapon Tier List

The weapons, shield, and consumables will unlock as you reach the different stages in the game. To buy all this you will need game coins or can directly purchase all things.

There is a total six tiers list where you have to pick the different weapons according to enemy strengths and skills. All weapons have different damage percentages and all are different from others.


Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons
dark souls 3 weapon

The S Tier has all the best weapons that were available in the Dark Souls 3 video game. These are used to deliver high-end damage to the enemies in the game without having a hassle. However, only the middle and experienced players can able to use these weapons in the game with full potential.

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Black Knight GlaiveHalberdSpin Sweep
Carthus Curved SwordCurved SwordSpin Slash
Carthus ShotelCurved SwordSpin Slash
EstocThrusting SwordShield Splitter
Gotthard TwinwordsPaired Short SwordsSpin Slash
Gundyr’s HalberdHalberdChampion’s Charge
Washing PoleKatanaHold
Oni and UbaHalberdSpin Sweep
Anri’s Straight SwordStraight SwordStance
Barbed Straight SwordStraight SwordStance


weapon tier list dark souls 3
dark souls 3 weapon

This Tier of Weapons is most likely able to give a head-to-head fight in the skills and the ability. Mainly these weapons can easily be used by experienced players to deliver high-end damage to the opponent within close combat.

Astora Great SwordUltra Great SwordCharge
Black Knight SwordGreat SwordPerseverance
Barbed Straight SwordStraight SwordStance
Black Knight Great AxeGreat AxeWar Cry
Manikin ClawsFirst and ClawsPerseverance
Chaos BladeKatanaHold
Exile Great SwordCurved Great SwordSpin Slash
GlaiveHalberdSpin Sweep
HollowslayerGreat SwordStance
Long SwordStraight SwordStance
Dragonslayer SwordspearSpear/PikeLightning Charge
Dragonslayer SpearSpear/PikeLightning Charge
ClaymoreGreat SwordStance
Carthus ShotelCurved SwordSpin Slash
Dark SwordStraight SwordStomp
Red Hilted halberdHalberdPerseverance
Richard RapierThrusting SwordRicard’s Lunge and Press
RapierThrusting SwordStance
Twin Princess Great SwordGreat SwordSacred Light and Flame
Pontiff Curved SwordCurved SwordFrost Blade
Lothric Knight SwordStraight SwordStance
Storm curved swordCurved SwordTornado
Moonlight Great SwordGreat SwordMoonlight Vortex
Gargoyle Flame SpearSpear and PikeKindled Charge


dark souls 3 weapon
dark souls 3 weapon

The B Tier Weapons of Dark Souls 3 are most likely are the use to attack and defence. If you’re an experienced player of Dark Souls 3 then you can also use these weapons to deliver a good amount of damage to the enemy without having much hassle.

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BroadswordStraight SwordStance
Bandit’s KnifeBandits KnifeQuickstep
Butcher KnifeAxeSharpen
Carthus Curved Great SwordCurved Great SwordSpin Slash
Lorian Great SwordUltra Great SwordFlame of Lorian
Crescent Moon SwordCurved SwordCrescent Blade
Winged Knight HalberdHalberdChain Spin
Witch’s locksDaggerStance
Four Pronged PloughSpear and PikeCharge
FalchionCurved SwordSpin Slash
LucerneHalberdSpin Sweep
PartizanSpear and PikeSpin Sweep
PikeSpear and PikeCharge
MurakumoCurved Great SwordSpin Slash
Warden TwinbladesPaired Curved SwordsSpin Slash
Lothric Knight Great SwordUltra Great SwordStomp
Sellsword TwinbladesPaired Curved SwordsSpin Slash
Wolf Knight’s Great SwordGreat SwordWolf Sword
Crescent AxeHalberdWar Cry
Lothrics Holy SwordStraight SwordStance
Fumes UGSUltra Great SwordStomp
Corvian Great KnightDaggerBlind Spot
Farron Great SwordPaired Great SwordsParry
Old wolf Curved SwordCurved Great SwordWolf Leap
Irithyll RapierThrusting SwordShield Splitter
Thrall AxeAxeQuickstep
Large ClubGreat HammerWar Cry
Drang TwinspearsPaired SpearsCharge
Tailbone SpearSpearCharge
Demon FistFists and ClawsFlame Whirlwind
Spiked MaceGreat HammerSpin Bash
Great ClubGreat HammerWar Cry


dark souls 3 weapon scaling
dark souls 3 weapon

The C Tier Weapons are good but not perfect means they lack in some terms such as high-end damage, close combat battles attacks and much more. So basically you need to get trained with these weapons first and once you’re experienced with them then you can easily able to use them to take head to head fight with an S Tier weapon opponent.

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ScimitarCurved SwordSpin Slash
Demon Great AxeGreat AxeDemonic Flare
Great MacheteGreat AxeWar Cry
Great AxeGreat AxeWar Cry
Dancer’s Enchanted SwordsPaired Curved SwordsDancer’s Grace
Storm RulerGreat SwordStorm King
FlambergeGreat SwordStance
Firelink Great SwordGreat SwordEmber
Bastard SwordGreat SwordStomp
Executioners Great SwordGreat SwordStomp
Astora Straight SwordStraight SwordStance
CaestusFists and ClawsPerseverance
Great Corvian ScytheReaperNeck Swipe
Tailbone Straight SwordStraight SwordSpin Splash
Short SwordStraight SwordStance
Brigand TwindaggersPaired DaggersQuickstep
Wolnir’s holy swordGreat SwordWrath of the Gods
Cathedral Knight Great SwordUltra Great SwordStomp
Rotten Ghru DaggerDaggerCharge
ZweihanderUltra Great SwordStomp
BKGSUltra Great SwordSpin Splash
ShotelCurved SwordSpin Slash
Pontiff Knight Great ScytheReaperFrost
Spotted whipReaperFrost
Black BladeKatanaHold
Old king’s GHGreat HammerMolten Perseverance
Smough’s GHGreat HammerPerseverance
Blacksmith hammerHammerPerseverance
Drang hammerPaired HammersSpin Bash
Morne’s GHGreat HammerMorne’s Rage
Immolation tinderHalberdPunitive Flame
Great scytheReaperNeck Swipe
Winged spearSpear and PikeCharge
Reinforced ClubHammerWar Cry
Astors SpearSpearCharge
Rotten Ghru SpearSpear and PikeCharge
Demon ScarSpin SlashSpin Slash
Man Serpent HatchetAxeWar Cry
Battle AxeAxeWar Cry
Crystal Sage’s RapierThrusting SwordStance


dark souls 3 weapon list
dark souls 3 weapon

These weapons actively work against your ability to win. They have weaker stats they’re usually merely weaker versions of stronger weapons. If you want a challenge, use these.

Heysel PickStraight SwordStance
Cleric’s CandlestickStraight SwordGuiding Light
Manikin ClawsFists and ClawsQuickstep
GreatlanceSpear and PikeCharge
Golden RItual SpearSpear and PikeSteady Chant
Soldering IronSpearCharge
Great Sword of JudgementGreat Sword Stance of Judgement
Great Wooden HammerGreat HammerSpin Bash
Vordt’s Great HammerGreat HammerPerseverance
Yorshka’s SpearSpear and PikePacify
Saints BidentSpear and PikeCharge
Rotten GHRU Curved SwordCurved SwordSpin Slash
Drakeblood Great SwordGreat SwordStance
Painting Guardian’s Curved SwordCurved SwordChained Dance
Broken Straight SwordStraight SwordStance
Parrying DaggerDaggerParry
Dragon ToothGreat HammerPerseverance


dark souls 3 weapon ranking
dark souls 3 weapon

Try to avoid the E-Tier Weapons because these weapons have no use in the game. Else you can use them for funny purposes such as creating a joke or a meme.

Scholar’s CandlestickDaggerGuiding Light
Dark HandFists and ClawsLife drain

This is the weapon list of the dark souls. In the S tier weapons are all to max level and help you to defeat the main villain/dark soul in the game. As the other weapons in the tier A list, the weapons will help you to defeat the second most powerful enemy in the game.

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