Is Verdansk Returning to Warzone (2024)

The creators of the duty warzone game removed the verdansk map from the game. But you don’t have to be sad or lose interest in the game. Because the creators replace the Verdansk map with Caldera.

However, the Verdansk was popular among players and probably all players had a grip on that map like how to defend themselves and how to rush the enemy like it’s a comfort map for all the players. But the map is removed and there will be new maps vanguard and caldera.


Will Verdansk come back to Warzone?

There is no official statement confirmed by the Activation until for returning the Verdansk Map. So we cannot say if it’s coming back or not.

However recently Activation released the Warzone Mobile Trailer that shows some of the locations of the Verdansk map such as the infamous Gulag, Gora Dam, and Stadium. We can suggest that Activation may release the Verdansk map on the mobile version of Call of Duty.

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