Demi Rose Enjoys Bubble Bath In Her Birthday Suit

Demi Rose is a 28-year-old social media model. She is a British national born in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is the daughter of Barrie Mawby and Christine Mawbe. She previously dated Tyga, the famous rapper.

Demi Rose posted a sensational new post that is gaining a lot of attention on social media apps. Demi posted a picture showing off her birthday suit. In the photo, she is enjoying a soothing bubble bath.

In this article, I will describe Demi Rose’s new social media app, her Instagram posts, and more about her Instagram account.

Demi Rose on Instagram

Demi Rose is a British Social media model and influencer. She is also the brand ambassador of the famous UK-Based Fast-Fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThing. This brand is aimed at teenage girls and girls in their 20s, for whom Demi is the perfect brand ambassador.

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The 28-year-old model has over 20 million fans on Instagram, where she posts pictures and videos about fashion, Travel, and promotions for different brands. She has millions of likes on each photo and is loved by millions. Demi posts pictures of herself on Instagram living the best life, showcasing her travels, endless swimsuits, bikini shots, and many different things in her life.

Demi Rose New Post

Demi Rose posted six pictures using the slide feature on Instagram. The post got over 135,000 likes in five hours. She captioned the post, Little bit of this and that. She also tagged the location as ‘The World.’ She had four outfits. The first picture in the slide is the most attention.

We can see she is in a soothing bubble bath with her hair soaking wet, and she is lounging. Her birthday suit shows a little cleavage, but she is following the Instagram no-nudity rules.

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Behind her, we can see a large window opening onto the breathtaking ocean view over a terrace. In the second picture, you can see her in a Yellow bikini and sheer cover-up skirt. She was standing on what seemed to be a terrace. You can also see her wearing a cowboy hat with a white bikini set. 

That’s all about Demi Rose and her new Instagram post.