What is the Valorant Black Market Bundle Price?

With the release of Valorant patch 6.07, a new bundle made its way to the store and it’s called the Black Market Bundle which is a premium tier skin collection. It is available after the altitude skin expires from the store and you will be able to purchase the bundle by spending Valorant Points (VP). 

Riot Games has revealed all the skins that will be available in the black market bundle and here’s everything you need to know about it, including its release date, price and more.

Valorant black market bundle release date and price 

From the official announcement by Riot, the Valorant black market bundle was available in the Valorant store on April 12th and the Valorant black market bundle price is 7100(VP) which will cost you around $80. Keep in mind that this bundle is available for a limited period of time, so make sure you grab it as soon as possible.

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Valorant black market bundle skins 

The Val Black market bundle is the first of its kind featuring two unique variants based on the side you’re on. 

It means that in a match, the variant that you’ll have on the defender side will be different than the one on the attacker’s side.

The Valorant Black Market bundle offers a unique approach in the sense that it’s not like other skin collections, where players can only use a single color skin. Instead, it lets you experience distinct color models depending on which side you’re on in the game.

Here are the guns skins from the black market bundle which can be acquired via set or separately;

  • Black Market Bulldog
  • Black Market Vandal
  • Black Market Marshal
  • Black Market Classic and 
  • Black Market Butterfly Knife (Melee)

In addition to this, there is a player card spray and gun buddy in the bundle as well.

With that said, go purchase your bundle and I’ll see you on the defender’s side or the attacker’s side.

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