Destiny Child Tier List Best Characters

Destiny Child is one of the best mobile-based card collection games there are many characters in the game and it’s hard for a player to decide which is best for the team to get the glory.

So you need a top-notch team in Destiny Child and if you’re looking for the best characters of Destiny Child for battle then you’re in the correct spot.

Here we have featured the Destiny Child Tier List based on the current game meta and the character’s stats such as survival rate, damage out and versatility. The S Tier has the most vital characters from all other tiers in this tier.

S Tier

Destiny Child s tier

All characters in this list are of top quality which means they belong to a high rank which is S Tier, they are the best in this game whether the battle is PvE, PvP, raid, or world boss events.

  • Salome
  • Dana
  • Mona
  • Saturn
  • Chang’e
  • Pomona
  • Neptune
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A Tier

Destiny Child a tier

These characters have few disadvantages compared to S Tier characters. But with some practice, these characters can deliver head-to-head fights in the battle arena in the game.

  • Astraea
  • Eve
  • Bastet
  • Deino
  • Siren
  • Syrinx
  • Thisbe
  • Thanatos
  • Bathory
  • Bes

B Tier

Destiny Child b tier

These characters are not perfect for beginners however experience players can pick these characters for their team because the abilities and skills of these characters are difficult to handle.

  • Maat
  • Mafdet
  • Jacheongbi
  • Nicole
  • Freyja
  • Ayane
  • Elizabeth
  • Hildr
  • Khepri
  • Leda
  • Pantheon
  • Abaddon
  • Raccoon
  • Tiamat
  • Rita
  • Tamamo
  • Elizabeth

C Tier

Destiny Child c tier

  • Leo
  • Miku
  • Giltine
  • Cain
  • Isolde
  • Wodan
  • Aria
  • Olga
  • Myrina
  • Metis
  • Tyrving
  • Midas
  • Mars
  • Iphis
  • Annie
  • Luna
  • Medb
  • Brownie
  • Makoto
  • Failnaught
  • Hades
  • Anemone
  • Frej
  • Epona
  • Ziva
  • Eshu
  • Kubaba
  • Kasumi
  • Jupiter
  • Pallas
  • Banshee
  • Skiing Eshu
  • Calypso
  • Cleopatra
  • Marie Rose

D Tier

Destiny Child d tier

The D tier list carries all the weak characters that need more training to handle these characters in the game. So we suggest you avoid picking these characters in your team.

  • Red Cross
  • Diablo
  • Doryeong
  • Mammon
  • Santa Claus
  • Ganesha
  • Keino
  • Nirrti
  • Babel
  • Hestia
  • Brigid
  • Rin
  • Ashtoreth
  • Lan Fei
  • Billy
  • Luin
  • Morgan
  • Catherine
  • Horus
  • Limos
  • Thetis
  • Naias
  • Nine
  • Werewolf
  • Neamhain
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This is the end of this guide for helpful content do read our Tier List Guides. To know some of the strongest characters in any other game.