Arknights Operator Tier List

Looking for Arknights Tier List to filter some of the best characters for the game. Well, we have created a dynamic list of Arknights characters. According to their powers, fighting style, defence etc.

Under the S+ Tier

tier list arknights


  • Attacks with this trait hit all enemies in attack range
  • Additional SP recovery over time: +E2 Talent
  • This Talent reduces the Arts Resistance of all enemies within your attack range
  • + Huge AoE damage that dices away at a lot of enemies resists
  • There are many cracks and utilities available with A + S2 and S3 (DES and RES).
  • = Casters with special AoE attacks can cause much more damage to enemies than any other Caster, but they are often more challenging to use because of this unique range.


  •  Talent 1: Deals Arts damage based on a percentage of DEF against the target, making her even more effective at killing high DEF enemies, which is part of her Class’s strength
  • She can adapt quickly to diverse situations due to the dynamic range of her three skills.
  • Positive S1: reasonable crowd control that prioritizes and binds unblocked enemies
  • S2: Prioritizes high DEF enemies and decreases the attack interval for these enemies
  • + S3: Good DPS skills, prioritizes low DEF, and disables special enemy abilities with Caster.
  • When no adjacent allies are present, talent 2 increases her attack power and stamina, a demanding buff to activate sometimes.
  • Differences between Eyjafjalla and it
  • A long cooldown and a working counter to her Talent make S3 undesirable.


  • Compared to other Defenders, this Defender is capable of high attacks and defense
  • The strongest unit to face off against powerful enemies in the game
  • S2: The longest stun possible in the game is 18 seconds if a max stun is used
  • + S3: Eunectes becomes a powerful HP-regenerating monster with huge stats
  • Block-1’s position differs from that of a Defender, as well
  • Deploying it is extremely costly
  • – Eunectes only gains SP when she blocks, so she cannot charge her skills in between rounds, and for strong enemies and bosses, she needs advanced setups.


  • Defender with +DPS
  • Chance to resist damage from Physical and Arts
  • The +E2 talent buffs all other Defenders’ DEF
  • With S3, there are great DPS and DEF options that don’t come with penalties as other DPS defenders do
  • A meatball tank with high HP
  • Liskarm can generally be used as a DPS Defender as long as she can survive.

A newbie learns Warpath as a new skill, which benefits both Defence and Attack equally. It gives her the offensive ability to grind down her enemies physically, representing Hoshiguma’s ferocity. She gains the ability to resist physical damage and art damage through her first Talent, Tactical Armor.


  • The defender’s HP has significantly raised thanks to the +Talent 1
  • Blocks three attacks (no damage), great for soaking high-damage attacks or special attacks
  • Plus, the hybrid DPS/defense/support system can be used in a variety of ways
  • Deal Arts Damage + S1 and S2.
  • She increases her block count by deactivating special enemy abilities

Buffs all nearby allies in an extensive range, increasing their block count, giving them status resistance, and increasing their defense. Especially good for Defenders and Operators with abilities that hit multiple enemies based on Block count. Helpful in helping Operators survive Aak buffs.

  • It is usually more effective for other operators to provide pure DPS and silence roles.
  • The use of Talent 2 shields as a core Defender can be challenging to optimize
  • Limited Operators have a tough time increasing their potential
  • In the case of enemies with very long attack intervals, silence is ineffective
  • Some operators may be adversely affected by increased block sizes.


  • In addition to overcoming many of the disadvantages of the brawler archetype, Mountain provides a compelling damage output.
  • Has the ability to deal bonus damage, decrease enemy ATK, and evade physical attacks when critical hitting
  • He is well suited to handle early waves of waves because of his AOE DPS or S2 or S3 and his low DP cost and to be able to activate his skills quickly on arrival.
  • Plus skill 2: A toggle skill that lowers DEF and Attack Range but boosts ATK, blocks+1, splash attacks, and regenerates enormous amounts of energy. With this Skill, Mountain can hold lanes of small to medium enemies very well as most enemies can’t out-damage his regen.
  • He deals two hits with increased ATK, increased Talent activation rate, and a greater ATK interval and pushes four enemies away with his attacks. Your knockback will reset slow enemies’ attack times, making your knockback incredibly effective.
  • A knockback on all sides: he will throw his enemies back.
  • By switching to the Defender range, he can do more DPS, whereas others can rely more on Defenders to block the enemies.


  • Plus S2: She is excellent for boss killing and dueling big enemies thanks to her significant on-deployment damage
  • + S3: for the duration of the raid, she becomes a raid boss
  • The strength and health stats are very high
  • The Duelist Guard: Blocks 1 – 3
  • There are a lot of 6* Guards, so Skadi is somewhat replaceable because of the competition.
  • The cost of DP often limits the potential for redeployment
  • The DEF of the vehicle is low.

Skadi is a 6-star Operator who can become an assassin or emergency drop depending on the Skill she has equipped. After she is deployed, Wave Strike gives her a massive Attack buff for a short time. Assaulting unarmored targets is a perfect use for this Skill.


  • HP is refilled when hit with a +Trait
  • + Talent1: Increase attack speed based on HP lost
  • + Talent2: Recovers HP every second if not blocking enemies
  • The HP and ATK of this character are incredibly high
  • He does most of his work through debuffs from Contingency Contracts (CC)
  • + A solo character that can be placed on his own and, if levelled up enough, can defeat most enemies on his own
  • He was a solid counter for enemies like the Avenger and Rockbreaker due to his dodge and severe damage, allowing him to 1v1 them effectively (with some luck).
  • Archetype: Block-1 for Enmity Guard
  • The cost of DP is high.
  • In the outside world, it is very niche. Operators in solo 1v1 situations are less valuable when healing choices and operator options are more limited.


  • As a result of her attacks, a shockwave deals 50% more damage than usual and splashes the ground.
  • The amount of DEF she can bypass with her attacks can be adjusted
  • Aside from massive splash damage, Rosmontis is capable of controlling crowds and killing large waves of enemies on the ground
  • Stun is added to her spell, as well as an increase in aftershocks. DPS decreases, but groups can be maintained at a reasonable cost.
  • With a significant boost to her DPS, she can now attack two targets simultaneously. Additionally, she will summon two tanks that have two blocks each. She may ignore a blocked target, but she does not typically do so.
  • The deployment of this technology is expensive.
  • Her ATK is not high enough to deal with an enemy with a high DEF, but she ignores DEF if there is.
  • Due to her tactical equipment, she experiences extreme difficulty performing ranged attacks since enemies easily block her at the edge of her range.


  • An expert sniper capable of dealing massive damage to one target with multitarget skills
  • When a shield is used, an attack is blocked, and some SP is returned. SP builds up over time through the sniper’s SP charge skill, which is an attacking-type skill.
  • Possibility to deal a great deal of damage to enemies with low defenses
  • The damage multiplier and multi-hits make it an excellent partner for buffers.
  • – S1: Ideal for clearing waves of weaker opponents, but they must be very close to each other.
  • The second skill resets the player’s attack range, as well as bounces to nearby enemies.
  • The S3, however, is helpful for bosses and enemies that are just outside of the scope of Exusiai.
  • Her skills have a relatively slow charge time, although some of this is mitigated by her talent.
  • Due to her lack of ATK buffs, she falls behind her opponents, whose DEF is better.
  • There is a possibility that more than a few enemies can be hit by S2’s ricochet attacks since they bounce 1.5 grids and cannot bounce to previously hit targets.


  • + Trait: Physical attacks cause damage in an arc of effect
  • Physical and arts dodges are added to her ability, allowing her to be placed later and survive even if she is attacked.
  • In addition to being able to stun, she can also cast spells such as warlock, witch, ghoul, and wolf
  • S2: She can cover a large area with mines as enemies approach and stun them continuously as they approach
  • Multi-targeted AoE damage burst stuns multiple foes at once
  • . When used on large groups of enemies, it is most effective
  • She is easier to use than other snipers since she operates independently
  • ASPD is expensive and slow, typically archetypal in design.


  • This talent increases your chance for crits and reduces the DEF of your enemies for a short period when attacking.
  • Snipers gain ATK when deployed with at least one other sniper
  • Moreover, Exusiai can kill heavy DEF units, something Exusiai is not capable of
  • With high damage multipliers and ATK
  • DPS tops the charts versus enemies with medium+ defense
  • A critical burst is guaranteed for S3
  • The cost of DP is high
  • An attack range that is too short
  • A narrow band of the range appears, and the ASPD slows down a little.

Under the S Tier

arknights characters


  • All allies gain Casting SP when deployed (not stack with similar effects)
  • In the range of an attack, decreases the enemy’s movement speed
  • A compelling crowd control system for S2 and S3
  • Plus, S2: You can hold enemies within their areas of effect if you use potent attackers (especially those with limited capacity).
  • This well-rounded AOE caster can damage and provide utility at the same time.
  • She is not primarily a player for damage but instead for crowd control when she is active.
  • (reduced by her SP gain talent to some degree) – Long skill cooldown times with low uptimes.


  • Ability to deal increased damage to sleepy enemies
  • Operators with [Getting Hit] SP Charge skills will have [On Attack] SP Charge added to their abilities
  • + Capable of filling many roles, including tank support, DPS, and tank
  • + S3: One of the most powerful heals in the game, along with high DPS and defence increases
  • ATK has been increased, and nearby enemies are put to sleep. Excellent AOE health regen that heals Operators who cannot be directly recovered.
  • The healing she receives is all tied to being attacked or attacking enemies, so her healing will be inconsistent, and she will not be able to heal when not engaged in combat.
  • S3: Blemishine is an excellent healer, but she cannot heal herself, so without heat sources, she cannot tank.


  • This trait increases the damage dealt by regular attacks by two times
  • + talent: All skills with [On Attack] and [When Hit] Charge Type gain 1 SP overtime when deployed
  • With +E2 talent, you can upgrade your Attack, defense, and physical defence
  • When paired with another operator who has [On ATK,] or [When Hit] charge skills, this is excellent
  • + S2: Assassinations of strong burst groups
  • Excellent multi-target and boss killing in S3
  • She is at a disadvantage against stronger enemies due to her lower ATK stat, which charges 1 SP per Attack, and she only hits twice when she sets 1 SP per Attack, meaning she only hits once per Attack.
  • The Nuker’s best Skill is instant bursts. Her skills for sustained damage are lacking.
  • Deployment costs are prohibitively expensive.
  • It may take a long time for skills requiring moderate SP costs to charge [on Attack].
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  • Disabling an opponent’s unique abilities is an A+ talent. Very helpful when managing exploding enemies.
  • The ranged attack can be executed at 80% power with this trait
  • Plus S2: An excellent melee damage source
  • It can become pretty tanky with S1
  • Due to its relatively long cooldown and auto-activation, S2 can be unreliable.


  • + Trait: Heals 3 friendly units simultaneously
  • Passively increases allies’ Res when they are within range of you
  • A player with this talent can summon phantoms to draw attacks from enemies by placing them on loose tiles. There is no deployment limit for these
  • + The best choice against enemies that damage your arts or cast spells
  • She has an extensive AOE on her S3
  • She will simplify some challenging stages in the future
  • Ptilopsis (and sometimes Perfumer) can provide better utility if there is no Arts Damage.


  • With this talent, skills with an SP/s charge type gain more SP when deployed.
  • + Trait: Heals 3 friendly units simultaneously
  • (with extended range)S2: provides rapid, potent healing
  • When a caster enemy is not present, the AOE Medic is the default choice
  • Cooldown is long for S2.


  • While she is deployed, all medic operators receive a slight damage boost
  • A healing drone’s unique advantage is that it heals across a large area if there is an available tile and does not count against the deploy limit. He has a short cooldown and does not count toward the deployment limit
  • DP must place drones, and their duration is short.

As Booster Injection is Silence’s Talent, any Medic within range will be faster when healing, making her vital to saving a defensive line in time. However, Silence is a Healer Operator unlike any other, thanks to her Medical Drone Skill. A Medical Drone can be placed on any available tile in a 3×3 tile radius for 5 DP to provide AoE healing for 10 seconds with this Skill.


Talent: When an enemy dies within your range of attack, you will recover SP for yourself and one random ally. It is instrumental in having an SP recharging character around.

  • An excellent burst of healing for S1.
  • In addition, the game’s most large ATK buffer allows OP characters to become even more powerful.
  • Talent and S2 need to be placed carefully to maximize their potential.


  • A massive DEF increase is applied to all allies in the range
  • Operators can tank physical damage well (as long as it isn’t related to an upcoming event)
  • The Healing Defender will survive harder-hitting enemies (which do not usually get much defence boosting) with this skill.
  • When your level is too low, some bosses do not one-shot your defenders
  • As the team becomes more muscular and survivors become less concerned, utility/support-based healers will likely become more attractive.
  • Buffs to DEF do not affect the damage dealt by the arts.


  • + Talent: heals a percentage of Max HP every nine seconds as well as blocking instances of damage
  • Plus, Mudrock is an incredibly tanky and damaging Enmity Defender.
  • – Since she blocks every enemy attack for nine seconds, she can stop some powerful, but slower attackers for good
  • Plus, S2 is capable of stunning and self-healing in a Wide Area of Effect attack. The ability to charge on getting hit makes it more effective against multiple enemies.
  • The S3 offers excellent crowd control since it has an AoE slow duration followed by a stun afterward. The stun increases ATK and DEF significantly, as well as the ability to attack multiple enemies. If she takes too much damage, she can build up shields during the slowing effect, making her invulnerable.
  • Excellent cooldowns for abilities
  • Exorbitant deployment costs
  • While she can deal comfortably with larger groups of enemies and halt formidable opponents from attacking, she does not deal well with more substantial, faster opponents. Her enemies can quickly be overwhelmed by some of the more robust arts.


  • She heals allies with her skills as a plus trait.
  • Talent: Gives +1,013SP to the Operators she heals. (HP must be restored first)
  • Replacement of medics with perfect AoE healing
  • + All around great stats that increase as she goes out on the field thanks to her Talent
  • Along with the healing power of +S3, it offers good slowing and significant Arts damage boost
  • She has a hard time surviving the strongest physical damage enemies without DEF boosting skills
  • Inherits no SP if an ally is already completely healed.
  • Her skills all involve using her syringe gun as a healing tool. By granting allies SP when they are healed (Note: they must recover HP first), her second Talent enhances her support by enabling them to use skills more quickly.


  • + A powerful Arts Guard who must be balanced with all future content
  • Even against targets with the highest RES, she is still doing good damage
  • S3- Some of the highest arts damage in the game can be sustained for as long as you can keep her alive. A melee unit with a long-range attack that hits three targets at once. Five special powers are required to activate it to be used quickly after deployment as an assassination weapon. She becomes incredibly tanky because of the HP gain, and things such as Contingency Contract Risks do not affect it.
  • It’s great when you want Arts DPS on the front line to be consistent.
  • Ability: Prevents death for eight additional seconds when at 1 HP, allowing her to hold back even the most difficult of enemies for a short period
  • Multiple redeployments for her S3 can get very expensive in DP
  • She can make the game too easy for you.


  • A ranged attack can be performed at 80% ATK with this Trait
  • (Doubled against enemies possessing ranged attacks) + Talent: Attacks deal Arts damage per second for 3 seconds during 3 seconds
  • Thorns’ maximum HP is recovered each second if he does not attack for 2′. As he overcomes waves, he regains health thanks to his great self-sustainability
  • The S2 options are an excellent defensive DPS option when dealing with waves of fast-moving enemies.
  • In the active form, Thorns deals physical damage and damaging Arts over time, acting as if he were a ground sniper
  • + Excellent meta unit, so long as he has enough time to build up his on-attack SP, he can almost be brought to any map
  • To become strong and expand his range infinitely, Thorns first needs to gain SP by attacking for quite a long time.


  • The ranged attack can be executed at 80% power with this Trait
  • Ability: Reduces redeploy time for all operators and boosts his attack
  • Reveals invisible enemies in your range with +E2 Talent
  • + Solid skills with significant duration, damage, and content.
  • ++ Excellent statistics in general
  • He becomes a strong subtask performer with S2
  • + S3: Removes all data
  • S3 has a prolonged cooldown
  • Easy to play.


  • Positive trait: prioritizes attacking units with air support
  • Tissue paper-like shredding of low-DEF enemies
  • + Very high DPS potential thanks to great stats
  • She is capable of being the primary damage dealer in the endgame with her buff
  • + E2 Talent: increases attack power and health of random ally on deployment, ideal for fast starting
  • In new content, her DMG drops to nearly nothing against enemies with DEFs over 600, a relatively standard condition.


  • Achieve an extra DP on kills and a DP refund on retreat with this Archetype
  • A chance exists every time an attack hits another target. Therefore you can “crit.”
  • Talent 2: All Vanguard operators deploy with extra initial SP when working in a team, so some Vanguards can use their skills as soon as they deploy
  • The Vanguard performs better than other Vanguards in terms of DPS
  • She has a good ATK multiplier and multiple hits, so she is excellent with buffs.
  • S3 is typically used for drop-ins, skill training, and retreats; S2 if she wants to stay on deployment.
  • Despite S3’s power, its uptime is poor.
  • Her multi-attacking ability is more difficult to utilize with Block-1 at the base.

Under the A Tier

arknights cn tier list


  • While she is deployed, all medic operators receive a slight damage boost
  • A healing drone’s unique advantage is that it heals across a large area if there is an available tile and does not count against the deploy limit. He has a short cooldown and does not count toward the deployment limit
  • DP must place drones, and their duration is short.
  • With Silence’s Talent, and Booster Injection, other medics increased their attack speed when she is brought into the room, enabling faster healing. Despite this, Silence is distinguished from all other healers by her second Skill, Medical Drone.


  • Casters that deal rapid bursts of damage to one target
  • Her bonus attacks deal bonus damage when she enters an enemy’s attack range, which releases all three episodes at once, dealing the bonus damage
  • An excellent single-target caster with high ATK
  • Only a few operators can cause sleep
  • In addition to being short, SP cost is also straightforward. It reduces the amount of time she has to store up her attacks while active.
  • If you can pile enemies around Sleeping targets, this is great for clearing waves of enemies.
  • She has a relatively low average DPS because of prolonged attack times.


  • + Archetype: Usually does not attack. Only attacks when Skills are active, dealing AoE Arts damage to all enemies in range. DEF (+200%) and RES (+20) hugely increased (Skill not active when not attacking)
  • Her Skill can ensnare low-weight enemies for the duration of its duration, making her a great crowd control skill against groups of weaker opponents.
  • You can counter enemies that deal heavy physical damage at a distance that a Defender cannot protect you against
  • Her skills are limited, so it is challenging to place some maps in the right place around her.
  • When she reaches medium pull strength, she unlocks much of her power (M3)


  • Talent: Increased damage when attacking enemies with less than 40% health.
  • When appropriately used, Multi-hit attacks can enhance the damage potential of Great Arts.
  • This buff has a longer duration and decent modifier with her Talent, plus a unique target priority.
  • Plus, S2: potential for bursts.
  • As a finishing move, she focuses on destroying already weakened enemies
  • Talents and S2: Their conditions are very strict, particularly for talent.
  • To take advantage of her high damage potential, she needs a team built around her to lower enemy HP.


  • Gain SP when attacking and killing enemies when you have the +E2 talent
  • If you use Amiya E2, S1 has good DPS and very consistent uptime
  • When paired with ATK buffs, S2’s damage is severe
  • The S3 skill is powerful for defeating bosses
  • With this story, you’ll get a Free Operator with Potential
  • When E2 is not present, it is challenging for S2 to auto-activate and will be very slow to charge
  • Amiya will be forced to retreat on most maps, which will limit its usability.


  • +1 trait: Arts damage on attacks when you activate a skill
  • The ability to recover SP when attacked by one of Arts’ regular attacks increases RES.
  • She has some of the highest base Res and best mitigation Skills for a Defender in the game, making her an excellent counter to Arts damage enemies. This item can reduce Arts damage by up to 95% when combined with Nightingale.
  • The skills are uptime very well, especially when fighting enemies that do Arts damage.
  • With a wide AoE range and robust Arts damage, S2 is still a solid choice
  • If she is not facing Arts damage, many of her advantages are negated
  • A Defender primarily focused on DEF is more likely to survive for most maps, even with her excellent DEF.
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  • Possibility to do a lot of damage
  • +Highly effective HP
  • Strong defensive (S1) and offensive options (S2) that scale well with development and regenerate HP
  • While skills are active, passive HP regen is functional as well as a physical dodge.
  • Operator: Extremely rare, only available through recruitment
  • Passive regeneration is functional (e.g., Perfumer’s Talent) but cannot heal directly.
  • The cost of deployment is very high.
  • It can be a problem in challenging content due to the low DEF.


  • She can heal allies with her skills, a plus trait
  • Plus talent: Boosts healing done by herself, as well as any supporter at E2
  • Gummy’s healing skills are enhanced, but HP is reduced
  • There is no downgrade in Saria
  • She can be 1-shot by some endgame Challenge bosses because she has low HP and no DEF boost Skill.
  • With First Aid, Nearl’s first skill, you can quickly heal your allies for a small fee without sacrificing their health. Second Aid Mode turns Nearl into a full-on healer. She stops attacking altogether and will only remedy for the duration of the Skill.


  • Plus talent: You and the Vanguards and Guards deployed behind you have increased DEF
  • The defence is extraordinarily durable and comparable to Cuora’s defence
  • It’s ideal to use with troops like Astesia to increase their DEF (as long as they face him away)
  • Taunt’s skill is a precious one among the few operators
  • A side-by-side comparison with Cuora
  • A very specialized application, “Taunt” has limited usefulness
  • Deployment cost is high
  • There are restrictive deployment requirements for talent and S2 buffs.
  • It is considerably more expensive to develop than Cuora, the same durable material.


  • Most robust defensive unit in the game with the highest potential for DEF
  • All content is accessible
  • Activate the skill and receive four blocks
  • The ATK and DPS are very low
  • The second phase of S2 does not attack.
  • She also deserves points for the sheer strength of her design. With her DEF-increasing Defense Specialist Talent and her outstanding skill 2, Shell Defense, Cuora is one of the most durable physical tanks in the game.
  • As Cuora uses this skill, she gains huge DEF boosts, ongoing HP regeneration, and +1 Block. Block-4 is a scarce and powerful tool, which makes Cuora helpful to players of all skill levels.
  • Shell Defense does stop Cuora from attacking, but it allows her to handle enemies of much greater strength and numbers than most others (even Defenders) would be able to take.


  • The allies have half of their physical and arts resists applied to them
  • Plus very strong DEF and HP as well as an S1 option for DEF
  • It can replace the need for specialists on some maps with an extremely useful S2
  • S2 throws enemies from Croissant in all directions, so if they are not grouped in front of her, they can be thrown in unintended directions.
  • – S1 is automatically activated, so it’s not guaranteed to be active at the right time, but it does have a good uptime score.
  • Combined with Croissant’s casual attitude, coin obsession, and considerable strength, Croissant is the perfect 5 * Defender Operator on Rhodes Island. Her other side jobs include Pushing enemies and even a little team support, on top of her crazy durability.


  • Multiple attacks by the number of blocks equal to the number of enemies
  • With this talent, ATK and DEF are increased when you block two or more enemies
  • A melee unit can be saved for use later after dealing considerable Arts damage to multiple targets with S2. Crowd control and protection may be possible with the extended range.
  • His lack of solid defensive abilities makes him very rapid to die when blocking when compared with Blaze or Specter.
  • He stops blocking due to the self-stun, so it needs to be timed.


  • Damage caused by arts attacks is increased.
  • After deployment, the stacked Attack speed will be increased by five every 20 seconds.
  • She is perfect for frontline placement due to her high DEF and art damage
  • Plus, she takes relatively minor damage from tanks but strikes them when S2 is active
  • Plus: this is a skill that increases block strength, adds multitarget damage, and gives excellent stat buffs
  • Positive: innately receptive to stimulation
  • The archetype of Arts Guard: Block-1, DP cost higher, base ATK lower, ATK skill modifier lower
  • The HP for the frontline is relatively low.


  • Damage from Arts is increased when attacks are made
  • The chance to attack twice is 20%, plus the talent
  • If you do not have the higher-rarity melee arts options, this is a good source of damage
  • She has some strength for an extended period due to S2
  • Block 1 is the Arts Guard archetype
  • DP Cost and ATK Modifiers on Skills for Arts Guard archetype are higher than for other archetypes.
  • Operators with melee Arts damage are much less potent than Operators with higher rarity.
  • Mousse’s wealthy family confined her to an isolated garden after she became infected. She currently serves as a DPS Guard who deals Arts damage at the melee range for Rhodes Island.


  • Physical Dodge Passive Talent is a plus. After completing a dodge, the first attack’s ATK is increased.
  • The DP cost is meager
  • Good against enemies with high DEF: S1 and S2
  • The Dodge option and HP restoring sub-tank make it a good option
  • A highly specialized, recruitment-only position
  • The Brawler Guard Archetype is found in Block-1
  • A long cooldown is associated with S2.
  • Indra isn’t the first Operator that comes to mind when thinking of loyalty because he is boisterous, brass-knuckled, and fearless.
  • Although her commitment to Siege and the other members of the Glasgow Gang is unrivaled, she is also loyal to others in the group.
  • Indra followed Siege, registering as a Brawler Guard 5 with an armour-piercing and attack-survival specialty.


  • + Archetype: Regular attacks deal twice as much damage
  • One additional SP can be recovered from regular attacks with this talent
  • S2: Drones suffer a large area of effect
  • + Good SP cost on Skills when guarding against burst damage
  • Ability to charge Skills by attacking ground units, but focuses on clearing groups of flying enemies.
  • Her low DEF and no damage mitigation make it difficult for her to capture her skills since she must be on the frontline of an attack to do so.


  • The chance of ignoring DEF when attacking is a bonus talent
  • + A good option against enemies with high DEF and burdensome armour
  • The fact that she consistently forgets DEF as an S2 is outstanding
  • Block-1 is the Duelist Guard
  • Your medics will have to work overtime to keep her alive (especially during the final phase of S2) due to the heavy physical damage of these tanks.
  • – Whenever you’re fighting a high-DEF opponent, Arts damage has a greater chance of succeeding.


  • Attaining non-personal enemies from a distance is a plus trait
  • The Block Count talent buffs the ASPD and DEF of operators with a high Block Count
  • Support Guards have a unique ability that increases the damage dealt by Defenders and AOE guards
  • + Nian can increase the number of operators blocked.
  • +S2: Ability to act as a ranged AOE guard and increase the effect of talents
  • This unit can be safely positioned behind multiple melee operators while still being able to reach the enemy
  • Plus S1: Increases the performance of her skill when it impacts Operators with less than three blocks count.
  • For a guard, the base ATK is .fragile
  • She will have difficulty killing enemies with high DEF with weak ATK modifiers on skills.
  • – Due to the Talent limitations, she may have difficulty sustaining her performance outside of teams heavy in AOE Guards and damage-oriented Defenders.


  • Heal up to 3 friendly units simultaneously.
  • (Percent of ATK-based): Passive HP regen when deployed to all deployed characters
  • A strong 4* operator with end-game viability
  • Healing and regenerating HP with +S2 are extremely potent
  • It can heal characters in stages where they cannot be healed directly, including those with the poison mist condition
  • Medics have decent HP and DEF for their class
  • In the case of enemies with fast attack speeds, the Attack Interval increase of S2 would pose a problem.
  • Her elegance and grace make her aromatherapy career seem effortless, but Perfumer is a hard worker who built her business from scratch. On the battlefield, where she uses soothing blends of lavender essence to treat allies’ wounds, she is known for her perfectionist approach to work.


  • (Can heal Enmity and summons) + Talent: Regenerates HP on targets in her Attack Range that have the Status Resistance buff.
  • Her Talent can be activated when paired with operators who have Status Resistance in their kit.
  • This skill heals two targets and grants status resistance as well. When S2 doesn’t activate before you, it’s good.
  • Positive S2: She provides Status Resistance upon every healing. She is healing for an infinite amount of time with good consistency.
  • She is not very strong until she is charged, and she takes quite a long time to activate.
  • – Lower base healing output and higher DP cost than ST Medics are archetype drawbacks.

Blue Poison

  • Air attacks are prioritized with this trait.
  • When her S1 is maxed, she does a great deal of damage
  • A passive arts damage that deals chip damage to enemies with high def can be vital to destroying them
  • S2 is a great way to kill groups
  • Achieving skill mastery has a significant impact
  • This item needs special protection on specific maps because it’s very squishy.
  • The beautiful Blue Poison (BP) has the power to make people tremble in terror. Her natural talent for creating toxins attracted Rhode Island to her. The sniper now carries poisoned darts and uses them to attack enemies. Toxins allow her to deal Arts damage, hit multiple targets, and even deliver DPS.


  • Trait: Prioritize air units attacking you
  • Her S2 makes excellent damage against everything except the highest DEF enemies once activated.
  • S2’s increased range allows her to attack targets that are not accessible to standard snipers.
  • (+1 talent) Increase the strength of the attack by up to 2.5 seconds when the time between attacks increases
  •  Her S2 activates since she is significantly weaker than other snipers during that time.
  • Platinum is a former Knight-Assassin of Kazimierz, a mercenary who has turned a new leaf, or just a troublemaker who makes death threats to maintain her chest size? Platinum is now a 5 Anti-Air Sniper regardless of what her status was before. (First, kill the flying things) That’s her role: Kill everything she sees.
  • A significant component of Platinum’s strength lies in Pegasian Sight, her second Skill. It increases her damage at the cost of some attack speed but extends her range one tile beyond normal ST Snipers. Once active, she will remain in extended slaughter mode for the remainder of the battle.


  • Long-range AOE splash attack
  • For increased DMG, crit chance is increased
  • A great way to clear out enemy mobs
  • When buffs are applied, even groups of DEF enemies can be removed
  •  The cost of DP is high
  • The speed of the attack is slow.

In the world of the meteorite, patience does not exist. Meteorite specializes in physical damage and buffing enemies with allies as a sniper from Rhodes Island. When she has to fulfill her duties, she blows up anything in her way mercilessly.

With Meteorite’s skill set, enemies are dealt devastating damage by groups. Meteorite gains another AoE range in addition to the multiplicative ATK buff from Buckshot. High-Explosive Shells reduce advancing unit defenses while destroying critical targets at the same time. 

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  • + Pinecone is a brutal Boomstick Sniper geared towards dps-oriented combat
  • Plus S1: Excellent burst DPS skill. Although the damage multiplier and SP cost per charge are poor, DEF ignore is good. Resetting her attacks is possible with this skill.
  • When fully charged up, this S2 has good DPS.
  • This talent allows her to charge her skills after deployment quickly.
  • After deployment, a minute-long use of this talent is available.

Placing her early enough to charge her skillfully will be difficult in most maps due to her high DP cost. Further compounding the problem is the reduced range.

Pincone grew up in a tiny town out on the frontier of Columbia, where there were pine trees in the forests and the constant roar of industrial machinery in the air. Although many Operators worry that Pinecone is too little and naive to be a part of Rhodes Island, this minor Liberi’s demands are higher than she appears.


  • With crit skills and ATK modifiers from her skills, she can deal out crazy damage when the circumstances are right.
  • Favorable: Excellent physical damage option against beefier opponents
  • The conditions may hamper her skills
  • – Limited capability to deal with flying units
  • The high cost of DP
  • In addition, the attack speed is slower at short range.

Catastrophe Messenger of Rhodes Island, Provence, specializes in DPS and finishing off-targets with low health. Assassinating her enemies with High Accuracy Point Blank shots is her specialty. Would you be interested in taking on this challenge?

Although she has a short-range for a Sniper, her ATK and burst potential are high. With Hunter’s Arrow, she can deal insane burst damage.


  • + Trait: Attacks the least-damaging enemy first
  • The sniper specializes in weakening enemies and allowing other operators to finish off any remainder.
  • High raw ATK, still sufficient to deal substantial damage even though it can break through almost any DEF. The ability to use Decent with Provence can cause enough damage to trigger Provence’s skills when enemies are weak. Slows an enemy for a long enough time to keep it slowed continuously.
  • Skills improved at a great rate.
  • It is complicated for her to kill enemies independently because she cannot attack targets under 50% HP.
  • An archetype of a slow ASPD and a high Directed Power Cost.


  • + Extra extensive range of attacks
  • + Trait: Prioritize attacking units with the lowest DEF
  • Ability to deal with ranged enemies with a boost in ATK
  • The Sniper’s rare defensive skill is Invisible, meaning that it cannot be attacked or hurt
  • S2 is great for group and boss killings
  • The cost of DP is high
  • There is a long cooldown after S2, and it can be inconsistent
  • Inability to attack quickly.

Watching Firewatch often makes one feel as if one is in a forest. This vengeful and mysterious sniper has been recruited by Rhode Island and is now serving as an Operator specialized in physical DPS.

She is different from other Single Target Snipers because she has a long attack range and prioritizes enemies with the lowest Defense.


  • +50% dodge in Arts and Physical. Attacks all enemies within range.
  • When not attacking for some time, it becomes invisible. Being invisible makes it impossible to target or damage. The player loses invisibility on the first hit but gains a bonus to ATK.
  • – S1: Slow & Great
  • Plus, when paired with Nightingale, it can tank enemy Caster Arts damage
  • 0 Block means she can’t take melee damage, but it limits her utility if she needs to block
  • The speed at which plodding attacks.


  • Reduction in the time required for redeployment is a positive trait
  • ATK increase when attacking a lifeform that has been infected with an infection
  • + Very useful for integrated strategies because it allows you to solo the early rounds.
  • When attacking low to medium DEF enemies, she deals significant damage and heals himself and nearby allies rapidly. For bosses and enemies that deal substantial damage but have low defense, he has the advantage of outlasting them
  • Plus one point for S1: Deals a great deal of damage to exploding spiders and silences them with every strike
  • A challenging map to use when DP regeneration is decreased
  • He heals by reserving damage, so when he faces enemies with high DEF, his healing drops.
  • Requires three DP every three seconds while deployed and will retreat when DP is too low to maintain deployment.


  • A significant reduction in redeployment time is a positive trait
  • +1 reduction in self-deployment costs
  • Plus, even lower DP costs when the full potential is reached
  • + Useable when soaking major attacks or enemy specials or delaying enemies
  • The only thing she can do is take hits because her ATK is extremely low
  • When skill effects wear off, she is unable to perform as well.
  • Gravel is an honest, up-front person regarding her feelings, despite her initial appearance of flirtatiousness. Using the 4* Fast-Redeploy Specialist’s strong Defensive skills, this specialist stalls the enemy’s advance and tanks nasty skills to support her beloved Doctor’s plans.
  • She also has a low price and a short redeploy time. In addition to her low base DP cost, her Talents – Fast Redeployment and Support of the Little – further reduce it.


  • The Grid can be used for Melee & Ranged attacks.
  • With talent, when blocking is not required, ATK and DEF will be increased
  • Plus: extremely strong in annihilation mode when leveled up
  • It is a better version of Rope’s Skill because of its lower cool-down
  • Adds utility and damage with short cooldown stuns and severe damage
  • The Pull Specialist’s viability plummets without pits when there are none
  • Pull operators are less likely to deploy than Push operators.

Cliffheart is a cheerful, loving member of the SilverAsh family that wants to bring them closer together even though he has Tripathy. As a 5 Pull Specialist, she can Shift enemies by pulling them with climbing tools. Despite being a physical melee damage dealer, she can also be deployed on ranged grids.

Under B Tier

arknights tier


  • Attacks enemies by slowing them down
  • Attacks nearby enemies with a splash
  • A powerful AoE caster with a continuous slow and decent damage
  • Because he has a short range, he won’t slow enemies very much before they get to you
  • At E1, his slow is weaker than a Slower Supporter, but his damage is so low that it is hard to justify promoting him to E2.
  • – Slower Supporter alternatives deliver AoE or multi-target damage with lower deployment costs.

Greyy’s most famous talent is Electrostatic Field, which slows enemies for a brief period. Grayy’s second Skill, Electrostatic Discharge, extends the duration of Slows and increases their frequency by increasing attack speed. Additionally, this skill helps counter one of the main problems that AoE Casters face: their slow attack speed.


  • + Talent: Attacks enemies who have a low resistance to damage
  • She gets excellent, consistent damage with her short cool-down and long duration thanks to S2
  • If anything hits her, she will likely take one shot due to her 75% decreased HP
  • DPS can be comparable in Amiya, but HP will not be lost.

Feline with white fur and a dark past, the codename Haze comes from the fog that she can generate around her enemies. In combat, she serves as a Caster unit focused on DPS and debuffs by using fog as a weapon. It is her RES-debuffing abilities that multiply the effectiveness of your team’s arts damage dealers.


  • Positive trait: Allies are healed by skills. Healing Defenders can cover multiple roles, beneficial for CC and some Challenge Modes.
  • Healing Defenders typically have a weakness in DEF, so these talents increase it.
  • Enhances healing received via Talent 2
  • S2: an ability that increases DEF, which is uncommon among Healing Defenders. Healed allies gain 1 SP.
  • SP charges when “getting hit,” which means they will set faster when blocking many fast-hitting enemies, but slower when blocking slower-hitting enemies, and not at all when not being hit.
  • As a healer, he cannot block if he’s not getting hit to charge his Skills, thus limiting the options he has
  • They are generally worse healers than same-rarity or higher Healing Defenders and worse damage mitigation than same-rarity or taller Normal Defenders.

Healing Defenders are less durable than Normal Defenders, which is one of their shortcomings. Using his Talent, Gatekeeper, Hong strives to circumvent this weakness.


  •  Joyous Talent: Resistance to passive arts
  • He’s a great arts damage tank thanks to his great HP and Arts Resist
  • His healing and DEF defense are in the middle
  • Insufficient return on investment for a niche product
  • Defensive units are more durable due to the lack of physical damage mitigation
  • Defenses that can heal tend to provide more utility while also being able to handle Arts damage.
  • As a representative of the Karlan Trading Company of Kjerag, Matterhorn lends his shield and strength to Rhodes Island as a bodyguard and protector of the SilverAsh family. Matterhorn can block three enemies as a 4 Defender.


  • Multiplies the number of enemies attacked by the trait by the number of blocks
  • + Talent: Recover HP when a player dies within eight grids of someone else
  • + Decent self-sustainability compared to a large number of weak mobs
  • Several tags are often used, but they are not as common as Recruit
  • Low DEF and the fact that S2 cannot be healed make her a risky choice that must be handled properly.
  • As a result of the Oripathy infection, Estelle developed giant horns that are not normal for her race. Because of her anxiety and self-hatred, she constantly struggles to prevent herself from withdrawing from friends and allies.
  • Despite this, she is calm during battle, where she is a reliable 4* AoE Guard capable of Block-3 after E2 promotion and surviving waves of enemies.


  • Plus: A 4* physical evasion guard that is heavily focused on brawling
  • An advantage is a physical dodge passive talent. Increases ASPD after successful evasion.
  • Jackie is stopped from attacking. However, she gains many physical dodges and counters when she dodges successfully, thereby gaining bonus damage. Strong against fast attacking low DEF enemies
  • Despite her ability to function as a dodge tank against some stronger foes, she will need additional firepower support to defeat them.
  • -She may have a difficult time killing enemies with medium or high DEF because of her low ATK and low damage modifiers
  • Since she can counterattack only at the speed of enemies, she will not easily use her attack speed against most enemies.
  • Due to the widespread prejudice against the Infected, many Operators join Rhodes Island after being banished from their homes and families.
  • Her parents still wanted to visit Rhodes Island with Jackie because he wanted to see where his daughter would be living and know where her new friends lived, despite Jackie having to leave her home behind because of her Tripathy.


  • She can reach an ATK of over 2k when maxed with her base ATK and the S2 ATK buff.
  • With her HP and S1 combined, she has extremely high durability
  • Plus, it can scale to the endgame
  • Duelists of Block-1 type
  • Melantha has a lower level of strength than Melantha
  • Your requirement for dedicated guards to fight enemy Casters will decrease as the game progresses
  • There are many Guard options of varying rarity.
  • He enjoys sparring matches, soccer games, and flower arrangements (displayed every Saturday at 3 pm) away from the battlefield. Unlike most Duelist Guards, she’s a stone-cold four*, making her an excellent one-target assassin.
  • Matoimaru is a somewhat lopsided Operator since her stat priorities are HP and ATK, while she ignores DEF entirely. Both her E2 Talent, Demonic Physique, and Skills further enhance this dichotomy. Also, her E3 Talent, Demonic Harmony, passively lowers her DEF. 

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