Valorant Tier List: Best Agents to Play (September 2022)

Our Valorant level rundown, which is refreshed with each enormous Valorant fix, thinks about the current meta, alongside the general adequacy of every single specialist. You’ll find that the meta changes marginally as you progress through the Valorant positions, so give a valiant effort to adjust to circumstances on the fly.

While very little is had some significant awareness of the forthcoming Valorant Agent 19, she was prodded during the initial function for the VCT Champions Finals recently. The little clasp showed us an outline made of a series of numbers and letters, while a lady’s voice, which is dared to be that of Agent 19, reverberations behind the scenes.

The main thing we have had the option to unscramble is that the following specialist is from the Philippines as the blog entry recommends which to be sure contains a note for the local area, welcomed in the Filipino language, “Mga kaibigan ko” which is “My Friends” in English and closes saying “Maraming salamat!” and that signifies “Much appreciated!”

Wondering why social media and web portals are abuzz with news about a new video game called Valorant? the world. Until now, it had been available to only a get few who had access to the closed beta. This means anyone with a gaming device that supports the sport can download and play it directly. Since it is an online multiplayer game, it will require uninterrupted internet access in the device. Built on Unreal Engine, the game has been developed and published by Riot Games company, a California-based gaming company known for games like League of Legends.

So, in the event that you’re attempting to conclude which specialist you should fundamental or who you ought to invest more energy crushing, then, at that point, let us help you. We’ve gone through innumerable hours doing the math and passing on many times to make sure you don’t need to.

While we truly do list the Valorant specialists arranged by their viability, it’s critical to stretch, in any case, that not a single one of them is tremendously unplayable. Revolt Games has worked effectively in adjusting the capacities of its characters and it helps that all weapons are shared. However long your economy is in a decent spot, you should be fine to play with any specialist you pick.

Valorent Tier List: Strongest Agents Ranked (2022)

valorant tier list

S+ Tier Agents:


Her divider and slow circles are the absolute best types of utility you can use to slow adversaries from hurrying sites. Her protective presence is solid however might be not difficult to work around for facilitated groups.

Sage is the nearest thing Valorant has to a help character. She can mend herself or others during a round, viably giving everybody a somewhat greater life span in the battleground. Her definitive capacity likewise permits her to restore a colleague, generally making her a significant specialist in any Valorant piece.


The Jett is one of the fastest characters in the game. In terms of the character, she is a fair-skinned short girl. Basically, she is the only agent in the game that has the shortest height. Jett is undoubtedly one of the strongest agents in Valorant. One of the best abilities that she owns moving from one location to another in a glance along with that her updraft skill also allows Jett to get the height advantage over the opponent during close combat.

However, unlike Omer, she does not own special elements in the teleportation that only Omer’s ability. Last year Jett became one of the most popular topics among the players for her effectiveness. But with the latest patch, the pro players have agreed that Jett is one of the best agents in the game to deliver high-end AOE, Defence, and Healing.


Viper is an excellent agent in the Valorant. Because she is capable of lockdown the entire site by herself along in a matter of time in almost all the Valorant maps. She definitely an ultimate agent in the game but to get it the glory you need a perfect team with Viper.

So if you’re thinking to play the game in Solo mode with the Viper then this is not the best agent you looking for. Because Viper is best in teamwork in terms of attack, defense, and healing.


Sova is also one of the ultimate agents for the team he can enable teammates to begin the fights and simply get the intel on the location of the opponent using the intel gathering skills along with playmaking abilities.

He can deliver a lit bit of damage to the opponent in combat using his Recon ability. So if you’re thinking to play with him in the Valorant then you must know your angles and using the recon arrow you can easily able to gather useful information about the opponent within no time.

S Tier Agents:

s tier agents valoant

These are the S Tier agents that best in teamwork during the battles in the Valorant. Basically, this agent can be beneficial in delivering attacks along with the high-end defense in close combats.


Last year KAY/O also struggle a lot to make it on the top agents but after getting the latest patch the KAY/O make his appearance in the strongest agents in Valorant. In the latest patch, the abilities and skills of the KAY/O have enhanced which simply means he is not more strongest than before and can easily take on opponents in close combats without taking much damage.


SKYE is also one best information gathering agents just like the Sova but this only works when you have an ultimate team that quickly takes action into the provided intel. Most of the players pick Skype in their team because of his abilities that helps the team to know more about the opponent.

Last year the Skye is at the bottom of the tier list. But after getting the latest patch she was buffed and become one of the valuable member of the team in Valorant.


In spite of the fact that Reyna surely gives a high-roof to fly off potential, she can be one extreme or another specialist due to requiring kills to fuel her Q/E use.

She’s been getting some energy as a pick in ace play notwithstanding her unique standing as a pub stomper. No other specialist can match her capacity to grip in 1vX circumstances, so assuming you are created enough in those circumstances she might be the most ideal specialist for you.

Reyna is a solid specialist to utilize assuming you appreciate playing off-points. She can astonish adversaries by holding points that are phenomenal since she can excuse them into cover.


The Killjoy is a valuable agent in the Valorant. She is specialized in crowd control using different types of gadgets, machines, and bots. One of the most popular abilities of Killjoy is ultimate, lockdown that enables after a windup and delivers high-end damage to the opponent that gets caught in the given radius of the device. The main abilities of the killjoy are Alarmbot, Nanoswarm which come very handy in the team to deliver high-end damage.


Neon is certainly perhaps the best time specialist to play in Valorant. She procures some genuine style focuses by running and sliding into fight courageously, yet the general strength and dependability of her unit should be addressed.

She is a high-hazard, high award specialist; her capacities are the most appropriate to an all-in sort of playstyle. All in all, while sliding in and starting duels she has no type of separation like Reyna’s Dismiss, Jett’s scramble, or even Chamber’s Rendezvous.

Neon dominates in disengaged 1v1s against specialists who have an absence of portability yet, by and large, her capacities are fairly dreary with regards to separating adversary protections. Sadly, she is very defenseless against foe utility, for example, eases back and different types of deferring like Nano swarms and Tripwires.

By and by, in the event that she tracks down the chance to uninhibitedly tackle her speed she is difficult to follow and can be a significant danger to foes. Furthermore, on the off chance that she figures out how to organize her own capacities with those of her colleagues, it will permit her to assume her part as a passage fragger with more security and certainty.

Any reasonable person would agree that group collaboration and cooperative energy in positioned isn’t consistently on the money so Neon may now and again fall behind specialists that are more independent like Jett or Reyna, particularly on account of the solo line.


The Omen is one of the strongest controller agents in the Valorant. He is full of point skills that can easily be used for taking control over the game. He is an agent who specialized in teleportation, Blizzard Reaper skills.

He an experienced player picks up Omen then he can be everywhere and anywhere in the game and he can easily be dangerous for an entire team. He is one of the perfect agents that you can select for the solo gameplay in Valorant. Because he can get to the very edge of the opponent team without having a hassle.

A Tier Agents:

A Tier Agent Valorant

The A Tier Agents are specialized in both attacking and defending but to play with them you need to be a professional player. These agents can be very valuable to the team if the player knows how to play with them in the team.


Gathering data securely is essential in Valorant and Cipher is head of the class in such a manner. His pack offers interesting qualities, for example, having the option to solo hold a site with his devices while affecting different pieces of the guide with his Spycam.

On the two sides of the guide, his excursions go far to close down foe flankers and prowlers, providing his group with a great deal of wellbeing and certainty that they don’t need to stress over their back.


The updates that have accompanied ACT 3 have shaped Breach into an exceptionally powerful Initiator. Like Skye, he is more independent since he can re-prepare his weapon quicker in the wake of utilizing his utility.

Moreover, the buff to the width of his unmistakable capacity implies it is a lot harder for adversaries to evade his blackout. This capacity is substantially more remarkable and harder to keep away from on restricted chokepoints like Split B entrance, Haven C long, Icebox B long.

Finally, the width buff on his Ultimate takes into consideration close corners to be incorporated and cleared. A definitive now covers the total of locales like An on Ascent and B Heaven on Split. Break players can now submit onto site more unhesitatingly rather than agonizing over concussing or glimmer as a combo.


As per history, Astra is a Ghanaian Controller Agent. She is similar to the Omen in terms of the take control over the game. But most of the players think the Viper is strongest than the Astra and its kind of true.

Because to play with Astra you need to be a professional gamer in order to use his abilities in the game. Some of her abilities that be very handy during the battle include the smoke and the gravity well pull in opponents and the Nova pulse can distract them.

Only the experienced players can able handle Astra’s abilities when it comes to the cooldown of her abilities during the fight.


Raze is an excellent fighting agent in the Valorant. She is one of the strongest agents when it comes to delivering high-end damage to the enemies in the game. She can deliver high-end damage to the opponent in close range. So the player has to make sure to play the Raze in closer range of the opponent.

Because her abilities can be handy in the closer range so the player needs to choose the shot on sight option or else her abilities are kinda waste in the team.

B – Tier Agents:

b tier agents valorant

The B – Tier Agents were not perfect they are unique and you need to we experience with these agents in order to get glory in the Valorent.


Downer is an exceptionally unique specialist, solid for both assault and safeguards on different guides. Her definitive is truly persuasive in the result of rounds when situated right on maps like Haven An and Split B. It can mean a free retake or a free bomb plant now and again.


In the event that this was a “Disappointing to Play Against” level rundown, raze would absolutely be a top pick. She dominates in turbulent circumstances so she can have inconvenience against patient and composed play. Nonetheless, this likewise creates her staggeringly solid performance line where correspondence can be conflicting.

Her explosives are especially valuable against Sage/Cipher’s capacities since she can obliterate their capacities from a remote place. Her boom Bot is solid for its harm as well as for its capacity to get data and push around other people’s battles like Haven carport.

She’s a fine single out most guides however she’s especially great on Bind since you can send her Boom Bot and projectiles through the teleporters to guard different regions, for example, assisting with shielding hookah while being almost A Short.

What are the principles of the game?

Valorant is a strategic shooting match-up including two groups with 5 players in each group. Each player can sign in and play from a distance from any place on the planet.

Each game has 25 rounds and the group that successes 13 of them first dominates the match. Players can pick their in-game characters called specialists toward the beginning of the game. Players can purchase capacities and weapons toward the beginning of the game.

Would your PC be able to deal with it?

The size of the download document for Valorant is simply 7.3GB, which is minuscule in contrast with the record size of a considerable lot of advanced PC games. As far as equipment prerequisites, the least specs needed for gaming at 30 FPS (outlines each second) is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU and Intel HD4000 GPU.

Notwithstanding, for a pleasant gaming experience at 60FPS Riot Games suggests, something like Intel Core i3-4150 CPU and Nvidia GeForce GT 730 GPU. For the most ideal involvement with 144 and higher FPS, players ought to at minimum have Intel Core i5-4460 timing at 3.2GHz and Nvidia GTX 1050Ti.

In contrast with other well-known online multiplayer games, Valorant shares significantly more practically speaking with any semblance of CS: GO, rather than PUBG and Fortnite. Like CS: GO, here one group assaults while the other guards. The guarded group establishes a bomb and afterward attempts to prevent the hostile group from disarming it. Groups can trade among assaults and guards after 3 rounds.

How might Riot Games guarantee Fair play?

To maintain the serious uprightness of the game and forestall cheating, Riot Games’ enemy of cheat framework called Vanguard comes right into it during interactivity. It can keep players from utilizing speed hacks (which permit players to move quicker than others) and wallhacks (when players can see rivals through dividers).

The designer is dealing with adding point locks (it locks focus on the adversary without anyone else) and trigger bots (consequently takes shots at a foe) to Vanguard soon.

Are there any issues with the game?

Not long after the game went live, gamers in a few districts took to web-based media to report rehashed game accidents. As per a few reports, Riot Games needed to close down the game first in Europe and later in the Asia-Pacific district for upkeep. Numerous clients even announced not having the option to get to their Valorant Battle Passes. These incorporate things that players can open as the game advances.

As Valorant has developed into a genuine serious strategic shooter, so too has its meta. With 16 specialists to now pick from, tracking down the right person for you – and your group – is more earnestly than any time in recent memory. Fortunately for you, we’ve accomplished the leg work to foster this helpful Valorant level rundown.

Rundown of Game Modes in VALORANT

VALORANT highlights different game modes classified as Plant/Defuse or Deathmatch type. There are long-lasting modes that incorporate Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch. There’s likewise an arrangement of pivoting game modes that change each fix update (like Snowball Fight). We should get to know them individually.


This kind of game mode highlights 5v5, where you play as an Attacker or a Defender. The goal for the Attackers is to establish the spike or to dispense with every one of the Defenders.

Assuming you play the Defender side, you want to prevent the Attackers from establishing the spike (either by killing them or keeping them from planting before the time lapses per round). Assuming the Attackers have effectively established the spike, the Defenders should stop it.

1. Cutthroat

This is like unranked matches where you go facing different players, however this time, a success-based positioned framework is utilized that awards you a position (from Iron to Radiant) subsequent to playing five games.

At the point when the match arrives at a 12-12 score, the groups will continue to Overtime, where the group who gets the two-round lead has announced the victor. To have the option to play in aggressive games, you really want to win ten unrated matches first.

2. Spike Rush

Spike Rush is a fun, best-of-seven, 5v5 mode where all players on the assaulting side convey five spikes. Nonetheless, just one spike might be initiated per round.

Players start the game with completely energized capacities (barring their definitive) utilizing a similar arbitrary firearm. The primary group to win four rounds dominates the game. Power-up circles additionally haphazardly produce all through the guide.

Replication is a 5v5, best-of-nine round where all players in a single group play a similar specialist. The specialist is chosen by casting a ballot before the match starts. It’s five Vipers going toward five Killjoys.

3. Unrated

This is the standard Plant/Defuse mode in VALORANT where two groups slug it out for 25 rounds (12 rounds on Attack or Défense then, at that point, change to the opposite side for the following 12). The first to win 13 rounds guarantees the triumph. If the scoreline arrives at 12-12, the match heads to a Sudden Death round to choose the champ.

4. Deathmatch

This sort of game mode kills your adversaries, either by means of an out-of-control situation or through group-based play. Players have boundless lives and can respawn indiscriminately after a brief pause.

5. Deathmatch (Free-For-All)

This mode highlights 14 players doing an exemplary wide-open match where they can pick their weapon of decision. This mode is intended to assist players with rehearsing their points, honing their gunplay mechanics, and learning new guides and capacities. The principal player to arrive at 40 kills or have the most kills following 9 minutes dominates the game.

6. Acceleration (Team Deathmatch)

Acceleration is the 5v5 group deathmatch where the primary group to complete level 12 effectively or has a more significant level than the rival group before the 10-minute clock runs out, dominates the match. Each level will have players outfitted with a particular weapon or capacity, and disposing of adversaries will assist the group with propelling levels.

7. Snowball Fight

This is another 5v5 group deathmatch where the goal is to get 50 kills first utilizing a Snowball Launcher to dominate the game. This weapon discharges destructive shot-based snowballs.

Also, there’s a Practice Mode where players can play in the Range. They can evaluate various weapons, practice their firearm abilities, and get an overall vibe of how VALORANT functions.

Who’s the new Valorant specialist? Here’s information on Valorant Deadeye

Sage isn’t simply helping however as she has the absolute best natural capacities. She can divide off regions and shock her adversaries or power them to offer their situation by killing it.

Her sluggish circles can be incredible for protecting places or for get-together data. Regardless of a new nerf to her capacities (counting her performance mends), Sage’s actually stays a strong pick, and her success rate represents itself with no issue.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Valorent strongest characters with a complete explanation.

Is Valorant coming to consoles?

Valorant will not be released for the PS4 or PS5 any time soon, and it’s possible that it will never be released for the PS4. In a June interview with Polygon, Riot’s Anna Donlon highlighted the progress of Valorant platform ports.

How much RAM is needed for Valorant?

Players can improve their PC hardware beyond the minimum requirements for greater performance, such as the CPU and GPU. However, 4 GB RAM (random-access memory) is enough to run Valorant on a PC with high-end specs.

How many GB is Valorant?

The game’s whole size is between 14 and 20 GB, which is incredibly small when compared to other shooters. Riot’s desire to have Valorant operating on as many PCs as possible is clearly a factor.

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