Bramble the Mountain King Characters Explained

Hello Gamers! we are back with another article and this time we will be talking about one of the best horror games out there Bramble the Mountain King and if you’re a fan of this game or simply looking for horror game with the most horrifying character, you are in the right place my friend.

So, as you can read the title we will unveil everything about the Bramble the Mountain King in the game.

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Everything About Bramble the Mountain King Characters

bramble the mountain king guide
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The list of the Characters in Bramble the Mountain King are mentioned below:

1. Olle

Olle is the main character and a kind little boy in the story, and his journey is super exciting in the game.

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2. Lillemore

Lillemore is Olle’s older sister, who loves to adventure.

3. Gnomes

The first creatures Olle meets are Gnomes, and they live in a place known as Gnome Forest.

Gnomes are very small and friendly beings who can be helpful and enjoyable to be with and you can enjoy their company.

4. Trolls

  • He is a huge, mean, Troll Giant who has taken Olle’s sister.
  • One of the most evil characters in the game.

5. Butcher Troll

You come across a huge, terrifying monster in a den covered in blood, chopping up animals, and that is the character name Butcher Troll in the game.

6. Lemus

  • Lemus is a very friendly creature who only loves to make friends and won’t harm you.
  • Even though most of the time he is silent, he plays a crucial role in ensuring Olle and Lillemore’s survival.

7. Naeken

  • The Naeken is an amazing water spirit, from a Nordic folk tale.
  • It lures people into the water with its beautiful song, trying to devour them.
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8. Tuva

Tuva is a helpful character who is always there to support you and provides light to guide you in the darkness.

9. Lyktgubbe

The ancient man is full of stories and secrets that you wanted to explore.

10. Skogsra

She is a forest spirit with evil intentions and always wanted to lure men with her charm.

11. Mountain King

  • The characters are creepy and horifying who work as the final boss to defeat in the game.
  • His only sorrow and anguish have made him a villain, making him a powerful character or boss to defeat in the game.

There are many more characters in the game but above are most popular one in the game.

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