Dwarf Fortress: Stockpiles and Storage Guide

Food store management in Dwarf Fortress is virtually an art form. You have barrels to manage, stocks to optimize, and plants to produce for both food and drinking. But don’t worry, fortress builders!

We’ve compiled a list of all the necessary tips, methods, and even some hidden strategies that will have your dwarves lifting their tankards in thanks.

So buckle up for a wild adventure through underground pantries and enormous dungeons as we teach you how to manage food storage in Dwarf Fortress like a master!

dwarf fortress storage

Set-up stockpile

When you build the stockpile, you must also specify a location for it. Following that, you make a “paint” tool with which you may paint a new stockpile. If the process of creating a new stockpile does not begin immediately after clicking, you must click on the icon.

After constructing a stockpile, you must decide what will be stored in it. I advocate that you establish tiny specialized stockpiles that are more concentrated and designed with the goal of minimizing unwanted stockpile travels.

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Expand stockpile

If you establish a modest stockpile and need to grow it, this shouldn’t be an issue. To make room for your expansion, you must first enlarge the stockpile through mining.

After that, you must access the details of your stockpile and select the “repaint” tool before you may extend your stockpile.

The worst thing that may happen is that your miners focus on larger stockpiles that you don’t need as much instead than concentrating on the vital phase of the project.

Remove stockpile

If you need to remove the stockpile, there is a remove stockpile button that requires you to migrate to another stockpile.

That’s tips and tricks about stockpiling and storage as I’ll see you in the next guide of Dwarf Fortress.