Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash – All Characters Endings

This game includes mature themes and content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. All of the characters in this title are at least 21 years old!

Emily is having a difficult time. A long, meaty cock emerged one day in between her legs. She became a shut-in, avoiding opening out to others since she was embarrassed by her new member..

It doesn’t help that she had to beat her flesh numerous times a day to keep sane. She now works at a restaurant and bar, where no one is aware of her minor issue.

Emily has understood for several years that unless she makes a change in her life soon, all she would have to look forward to is endless masturbation and loneliness. Assist her in overcoming her worries and opening out to her coworkers. Perhaps, in time, they will also open up (their legs) to her. 

Emily was an outgoing girl until one day she woke up with something extra between her legs. She became distant and antisocial as a result of her body shame. No one else is aware of her secret, but she fears that unless she acts quickly, she will become a shut-in chronic masturbator for the rest of her life.

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Here are the character ending of Futa Fix Dick Dine.


  • Choice 1: Stay on the dance Floor.
  • Choice 2: Let her see it.
  • Choice 3: It looks great on you.
  • Choice 4: See what she does next.
  • Choice 5: Put the dress on.
  • Choice 6: Okay.


  • Choice 1: Keep looking.
  • Choice 2: Don’t move.
  • Choice 3: Keep staring.
  • Choice 4: Don’t resist.
  • Choice 5: Tell her to keep going.
  • Choice 6: Show her.


  • Choice 1: Ask her about herself.
  • Choice 2: Say no.
  • Choice 3: Masturbate with the panties.
  • Choice 4: See what she does.
  • Choice 5: Go shoping with her.
  • Choice 6: Remain silent.


  • Choice 1: Talk to her.
  • Choice 2: I’m fine.
  • Choice 3: A hug sounds nice.
  • Choice 4: Apologize to her.
  • Choice 5: Keep staring.
  • Choice 6: Stay the night.


  • Choice 1: Sounds great.
  • Choice 2: ♥♥♥ her.
  • Choice 3: Let her come over.
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