Elden Ring: All Smithing Stone 6 Locations

Smithing stone is an upgradeable Material in the game. It is a very rare material. There are several uses for Smithing Stone. It is mainly used to get a high equipment level and great stats. 

There are several ways you can get the Smithing Stone in the Elden Ring. You can get it by exploring the map in the Elden Ring, or you can get it as loot in specific areas; you can also rarely get it as drop material. 

Here is a guide to all the locations where you can get the Smithing stone in the Elden Ring. 

Smithing Stone 6 Locations in Elden Ring

Smithing Stone 6 location
Smithing Stone 6

Here is a list of all the locations and how you can get the Smithing Stone in Elden Ring:

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Nokstella, Eternal City

  • It can be found in corpses in the corner of the base of a building.
  • It is also in corpses at the side of the building.
  • And it is found in corpses in ruins.

Leyndell Royal Capital

  • Can drop from Leyndell but has a low chance.
  • It is located north of Auriza Hero’s Grave.
  • You can find this on the body on the little patio.

Grand Cloiseter

You can find this on the corpse at the bottom of the waterfall.

Mt. Gelmir

  • It is mainly dropped by the “Full Grown Fallingstar Beast.
  • Sometimes located in the breakable statues near Hermit’s Shack.

Crumbling Farum Azura

  • You can find one in the middle of the curve bridge in the southwest, on a corpse.
  • It is also found in the corpse hanging on the top floor of the vast building northwest of the Crumbling Beast Grave.
  • One can be found on a corpse near the Dragon Temple site of grace. 
  • One is found on a corpse northeast of the roof of the Dragon Temple site of grace.

Castle Sol

  • One is found on the corpse in the building in the courtyard.
  • You can find one on the corpse at the top of the building east of the church.
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Altus Plateau

You can find five from the Fallingstar Beast just in front of the western outer wall of the capital.

Volcano Manor

  • One is found on the corpse, located at the end of the dining hall on the top floor.
  • Two were found on a corpse on the roof.
  • One is located on the corpse in the caverns, which are filled with lava.
  • The last two were located at a building near the Guest Hall Grace.

Mohgwyn Palace

  • You can get three on the corpse in the damaged structure near the waterfalls.
  • One is on the root.
  • One can be found up the tree.

Miquella’s Haligtree

  • On the corpse on top of the small building.
  • Also, on the corpse on the platform.


You will only find one in this location: on the corpse next to the inner wall.

Redmane Castle

  • One is found on the corpse at the ledge of the middle floor of the tower outside the castle.
  • One is inside a chest atop the building on the east.
  • One more is found on the corpse inside the chapel.
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Sealed Tunnel

 You will be able to farm three inside the cracked glowing statue. 

Ainsel River

  • Look for a corpse near the building edge.
  • Move toward the second building and near the corpse you find it.
  • Third stone is located at inside the ruins just outside Noksetlla.
  • Frouth stone is located at edge of the Grand Cloister.

Miquella’s Haligtree

You will find it at the top of the roof of the house while fighting the mobs.

You can find all Smithing Stone 6 locations in Elden Ring. You can primarily farm these from the corpses at the above sites.

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