Emma Rhys Jones, Gareth Bale’s wife, has a history marred by scandal

Emma Rhys-Jones Gareth Bale, the Professional Football player’s wife, has a loving relationship with his wife and his kids. Emma has a private life, but why is she in the headlines this time? Let’s find that and more in his article. 

Emma Rhys-Jones dated Gareth Bale for two decades, and they decided to tie the knot in 2019. They are happily married and have kids together. Gareth decided to end his career and live his life with his wife.

Emma Has sometimes made the headlines, but not for good reasons. Emma comes from a problematic family; her aunt and her father have both been previously arrested for money laundering and defrauding clients.

Why were Emma Rhys-Jones’s Father and Aunt Arrested?

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In 2016, it was reported that Emma’s father, Martin Rhys-Jones, was arrested in the United States for defrauding clients of a reported around $2.9 million.

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He defrauded 250 victims in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada, to whom he sold shares at very high prices, even though they had no value. 

Emma’s aunt was arrested for money laundering, where she was caught with a bag filled with cash, drugs, and watches worth 1 million pounds. Both of these incidents worried the couple and caused Emma and Gareth to step up their security measures, and they were reportedly beefing up security at their MadridRhys-Jones, residence.

Emma Rhys-Jones 

Emma Rhys-Jones, the wife of the former Football player, is a Welsh national, just like her husband. She has a very private life and isn’t on the internet much.

Emma grew up in Llanishen. She and Gareth were high school sweethearts a dated for two decades. They decided to get married in 2019 after Gareth proposed in 2016. The couple had their first daughter, Alba VioViolet, in 2012. They now have four children together.

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Emma used to be a hairdresser, and then she married the love of her life. Even though she has a very private life, she was forced to be in the headlines for not-good reasons. That’s all for this article.