Fallout 76: All Magazines Locations

There are 12 types of magazines in Fallout 76 that are necessary for you to find and collect. You will get different buffs for collecting all of them. You get bonuses after collecting the magazines.

Once you collect the Magazine, it will be activated after a period of time and be in your inventory. When you are ready, you can use the magazine to get a temporary bonus for an hour.

I have created a guide for you on which locations you can find the magazines in Fallout 76. And I have also added an exact location description of where you can get the magazines in the game

Magazine Locations in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Magazines Locations
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Here is the list of all the magazine locations in Fallout 76:

Grognak the Barbarian #10Pioneer Scout Camp+15 energy resistance
Guns and Bullets #1Relay Tower LW-B1-22+15% more damage to robots
Guns and Bullets #2Tyler County Dirt Track+30% VATS critical damage with laser weapons
Guns and Bullets #3Summersville Lake30% VATS critical damage with ballistic guns
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #1Welch+20% XP from magazines
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #2Hornwright Industrial HQ+20% XP from holotapes
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #3Watoga Civic Center+20% XP from robots
Backwoodsman #1The Mire+20% XP from animals
Backwoodsman #2The Ash Heap+20% XP from plants
Backwoodsman #3Cranberry Bog+20% XP from mining
Climbing MagazineTop of Seneca Rocks+20% carry weight
Dirt Track DigestCamden Park+10% movement speed
Grognak the Barbarian #1Morgantown Airport+10% damage to melee weapons
Grognak the Barbarian #2The Whitespring Resort+10% damage to unarmed weapons
Grognak the Barbarian #3Abandoned Bog Town+10% damage to two-handed weapons
Live & Love #1Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm+10% health regeneration
Live & Love #2North Mountain Lookout+10% disease resistance
Live & Love #3Top of the World+10% radiation resistance
Scout’s Life #1Hemlock Holes+10% AP regeneration
Scout’s Life #2The Forest+10% sneak attack damage
Scout’s Life #3The Mire+10% damage to animals
Stimpak DiffuserFreddy Fear’s House of Scares+20% chance of crafting a Stimpak Diffuser
Tales from the West Virginia Hills #1Tyler County Dirt Track+20% XP from events
Tales from the West Virginia Hills #2Beckley Minehead+20% XP from quests
Tales from the West Virginia Hills #3The Whitespring Resort+20% XP from players
Unstoppables #1The Burrows+20% damage to super mutants
Unstoppables #2Watoga Civic Center+20% damage to robots
Unstoppables #3Westek Research Center+20% damage to humans

That’s all for the locations of the magazine in Fallout 76. Remember, these are the possible locations where you can get these magazines, which are not 100% accurate.

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