What happened to Olivia Namath?

Olivia Namath is widely recognized as the daughter of the legendary American football player, Joe Namath, and talented actress, Deborah Mays. Born on December 11, 1990, in the United States, she is 33 years old. She has a sibling, Jessica Namath, and they share a close bond.

Full nameJessica Namath
Date of birth 1986
Age37 years old
Place of birth New York, USA
Sex Female
Parent Joe Namath, Deborah Mays
GrandparentJanos Namath, Rose
SpouseEx-husband,( Brian Kennedy)
Uncles John Namath, Robert Namath, Frank Namath
Aunt Rita Sims
SiblingsOlivia Namath
Children’sJohn Kennedy and Jemma
Net worth  $500,000

Acting Career and Controversies

Olivia has kept much of her personal life private, but she is known for her work as an actress, with a notable role in the movie “The Wedding Ringer” among other projects. However, she has also faced controversies and legal issues since her teenage years.

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One incident occurred in 2010 when she was arrested for overspeeding in West Palm Beach. During the stop, authorities found an open bottle of rum and marijuana in her car. Olivia, who was only 19 at the time, faced charges related to alcohol possession and selling marijuana.

Olivia Namath
Olivia Namath

Family and Relationships

In 2014, Olivia married Edwin Baker, whom she had been dating for some time. The couple has a daughter named Natalia. Despite Edward’s past legal challenges, Joe Namath welcomes him as his son-in-law, acknowledging the bond between them.

Olivia’s older sister, Jessica, graduated from the same university as their father, the University of Alabama. Jessica married Brian Kennedy, with whom she has children. Sadly, their relationship faced difficulties, and Jessica filed for divorce in August 2019.

Olivia Namath Husband
Olivia Namath

Life of Joe Namath and Deborah Mays

Joe Namath, a football legend, and Deborah Mays started dating after meeting during singing lessons in 1983. Despite the age gap, they fell in love and got married on November 7, 1984. Their marriage faced challenges due to Joe’s battle with alcohol abuse, leading to their separation in 2000 after approximately 16 years of marriage. Details about the divorce have been kept private.

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Net Worth

While Olivia’s net worth remains undisclosed, she likely shares in her father’s estimated net worth of around $50 million and her mother’s estimated net worth of about $18 million.

Olivia Namath continues to carve her path in the entertainment industry while navigating life as the daughter of two well-known personalities.