Enemy Hit Mass in Warhammer 40K: Darktide [Explained]

There are lots of weapons and enemies available in the Warhammer 40k darktide. People get confused with the blessing and other stats. It may take time to understand each blessing in Warhammer.

In Darktide some of the blessings are easy to understand and learn. Like critical strike, when you are constantly attacking the crit happens, an orange glow appears on the melee. You can observe the critical strike. But in other attacks, you might not notice anything in particular. Now, Darktide hit mass has enigmatic options to use.

Here we gathered all data about ignoring enemy hit mass darktide, how the hit mass will work, and whether it will affect the weapons. There are lots of other related things we will discuss over here.

What is a hit mass in Warhammer 40k darktide?

Before jumping to the core of the article, let’s discuss what hit mass is. The mass refers to enemies’ strengths. Like how easy and hard to cleave the enemies in single swings. The weapons will attack the enemies till they cleave and mass balance. Clarify through examples.

Suppose your enemies have mass 2 and you have the cleave 5. So what happens, is when you attack you will be able to defeat the 2 masses and your weapon won’t be able to attack the third. Also hit mass depends on the size of the enemy and armour.

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What is Cleave in Darktide

When you use melee weapons against a group of enemies through a single swing. An example is the sword. When you use the sword and through a single swing of it. As per your cleave strikes, you can attack and hit mass of targets. The cleave of every weapon will vary. Also, the cleave can be upgraded.

Enemy Hit Mass Warhammer 40K Darktide

HIt Mass attack in detail: Darktide

As the name Hit mass, it depends upon the size of the enemies in Warhammer 40k darktide. Suppose there is an opponent that is larger such as Plague ogryn. As per his mass. The attacks by him will be dealt more than the average character of darktide. To survive the round you have to ignore the enemy hit mass darktide. Hit mass has also more than this it also depends upon several enemies you hit with per melee swing

Let’s take an example to simply think more:

Let’s take the example of the Catachan sword. this weapon will be gotten by everyone in the early stages. So, it’s easy to understand by all. There are two attacks done by the Catachan sword, light swings, and heavy swings. In both attacks, the swings will kill a particular number of enemies in your way.

An attack depends upon the enemy’s size and armour capacity. If the enemy is large and has armour, the hit mass will damage less. As in a pox walker, you will cleave more because they have a low hit mass. Those who don’t know what is cleave is. Cleave will help attackers to hit multiple targets with single swings.

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Further, with a melee weapon, you can perform a particular number of attacks. The melee weapons are bound by a certain mass before they stop working. Simplifying all these things, ignore enemy hit mass darktide, when attack actioned the cleave targets have the finite targets.

When you attack the Crusher, which has the highest number of hit masses on the dark side. So you won’t be able to generate more hit mass and also not be able to attack the other enemies.

How to ignore enemy hit mass darktide?

Now for more clarity, let’s discuss hit mass with another example. The other example will be the thunder hammer, which is one of the strongest and heaviest weapons or blessing of darktide.

Thunder hammer is a large weapon and when used, the number of enemies cleaved through the hammer will be more than other weapons or blessings. Thunder hammer is large, cleaves more, and has swung through enemies like butter on a hot pan.

When a thunder hammer is used, the thunder hammer ignores the enemy hit mass of 35% for half a second. This effect will affect five times and also it will ignore 175% of the hit mass. Also, it will help you to attack five scab shotgunners or three scan maulers before losing its swings.

Will cleave stat affect the hit mass?

As you get the extra cleave on your weapons, cleaves on your weapons will help you to generate more damage in single swings and more targets. Such as with a sword your range will increase. The wide range of swords will help you hit more targets.

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There is one point to keep in your mind. When you attack enemies with extra cleave on weapons, the range will increase. But it may not cut through every enemy in your way. It may happen because the enemy has a high hit mass. Also, no matter how much you upgrade the cleave if the enemy has a high hit mass. It won’t affect the enemies.

Furthermore, while you attack enemies, you can attack the enemies like pox walkers easily. But, while attacking enemies with armour, the cleave will not impact as supposed to. The swings will short-stop. To defeat enemies in swings you have to maintain the cleave at high levels. Otherwise, you won’t be able to swing and cleave through enemies.

Final words

As per your weapon, the cleave will increase and decrease. Also, it can increase by upgrading the weapon. So to defeat the force of the enemy you will have to increase the cleave of your weapon. As per cleave, you will be able to defeat a number of enemies.

The hit mass depends upon the size of the enemies and the armour they are carrying. So what will happen is you will be able to kill pox walkers easily but for giants, you might have difficulty with lower cleaves. While attacking the infinite enemies you will be able to attack a particular number of enemies.

This is sum up for this guide for more similar content do check our Warhammer 40K Darktide guides.