Escape from Tarkov: Nostalgia Quest Guide

“Nostalgia” is a quest in Escape from Tarkov where players are required to retrieve a package of cigarettes from the “Old Road Gate” extraction point on the Customs map. The traders in Escape from Tarkov assign numerous quests to the player.

They are one of the primary ways to level up because they provide significant EXP benefits. You can use the quests to raise your Satisfaction Levels with particular Traders, which you should do in order to purchase more exclusive stuff from them.

How To Complete Nostalgia Quest in Escape from Tarkov?

This is our comprehensive guide on how to finish the Jaeger Completion “Nostalgia” Quest if you’ve chosen to take it on.

Put on gear and equipment appropriate for the Customs map, as that is where the mission is located.

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Head to the West Wing

Nostalgia quest location escape from tarkov
nostalgia tarkov

You must enter the resort’s west wing. This facility has a primary entrance that you can use to enter. Turn right from here and up the stairs to the third floor.

Just sprint all the way to the top of the stairway. Turn right and proceed down the hallway once you reach the top floor.

Hotel Room 303

This floor has a hole in it. To pass, hug the left barrier and crawl through to the other side, where Jaeger’s room is located. You must locate the designated room with the number “303.” From the floor gap, this is the third chamber on the right.

escape from tarkov nostalgia
nostalgia tarkov

You don’t have to locate the hotel key to open the door in order to complete this quest. You should make your way to the bed’s left side within the hotel room. A chest of drawers is present. The third and bottom cabinet holds the photo album.

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Extract the album

All that has to be done is to extract the Picture Album after picking it up. After finishing, proceed to the Trader screen to give Jaeger the Picture Album.

After properly extracting and giving the Album to Jaeger as instructed, the Quest will be finished, and you will get several rewards.

It is essential to do this task as soon as you can because as the map fills up with players and scavs, it may get harder to find the boxes. The Customs map can be risky and unexpected, so make sure to pack sufficient ammunition and emergency aid.

Requirements to complete the quest

In order to accomplish the Nostalgia Quest in Escape From Tarkov, you must fulfill a few conditions. You must be at least level 28 to proceed.

Next, you need to have finished “A peacekeeper,” “Shoreleave,” and “The Rat’s Nest” tasks. You must finish these tasks first if you haven’t already in order to move on.

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Escape From Tarkov Nostalgia Rewards

  • +16,800 EXP
  • Jaeger Rep +0.02
  • 30,000 Roubles
  • 31,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 34,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 1× Documents case
  • 1× HEP station storage room key

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