Escape from Tarkov: Disease History Quest guide

The Escape from Tarkov comes with various quests that might be difficult. The Disease History quest is known to be a tricky quest that feels hard to complete for many players.

This is because of the lack of exact information and insights into the quest, which are essential for the disease history quest in Escape from Tarkov to be completed.

Thus, here we bring to you the complete guide of the disease history quest in Escape from Tarkov. If you are looking for a guide, you need not go anywhere else.

What do to in disease history quest in Escape from Tarkov

In the disease history quest, you need to go to the reserve and get two medical records. You need to extract from the reserve and hand over the records to the therapist.

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Rewards for completing the disease history quest in Escape from Tarkov

The rewards which you will receive after completing the quests are as follows.

  • 5 CALOK-B hemostatic applicators
  • 1 Grizzly medical kit
  • 1 ibuprofen painkiller
  • 30000 robles
  • +0.03 therapist rep
  • +7200 EXP

Disease History Quest Guide in Escape from Tarkov

The most challenging part is to get the keys which would unlock the rooms where the records are stored. This is difficult as unlike the other quests you will not be able to barter for the keys.

It would completely depend on your luck whether you will find it or not. You can look for jackets and bags of scavs. However, you can also get them from Flea Markets without it wiped out. The two keys are known as RB-KSM and RB-SMP.

Once you can obtain the keys you need to go to the White Bishop building. You can identify the building with the helicopter in the open yard. Here we also mentioned the location on the map.

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Disease History Escape from Tarkov Location
disease history tarkov

Simply enter the building and go to the medical storage room and open it with the RB-SMP key to get the first medical record.

Disease History Escape from Tarkov Record Location

The second record is located in the doctor’s office simply open the door using the RB-KSM key. You will get the quest item inside of the room on some shelf as shown in the below screenshot.

Disease History Escape from Tarkov Second Record Location

After getting both medical records, you need to extract them from the location safely. You should hand over the quest items to the therapist.

Thus, the disease history quest in Escape from Tarkov finishes. This is a task which depends on your luck of you finding the key. Luckily, this quest does not stop the progression bar. But if you want the Kappa Container, you should get this task completed.

This is all for the Disease History Quest guide for more related quest guides such as Vitamins Part 1 or more do check our Escape from Tarkov guide section.

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