Escape from Tarkov: Lost Contact Quest Guide

The Lost Contact is one of the quests in the Escape from Tarkov that can complete by receiving valuable rewards. More importantly, the quest contain amazing activities such as finding a certain location without getting killed.

If you’re getting confused about the Lost Contact quest then Thus, we are here with the complete guide to the Lost Contact quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Lost Contact Quest: Objectives

  • Find the lost group in the chalet area on Lighthouse
  • Survive and extract the location

There are two missions that you need to complete. The first one is finding the lost group in the Chalet area on the lighthouse. The second is surviving and extracting from the location.

Lost Contact Quest: Rewards

There are several rewards that you will get after completing the quest of lost Contact. These are therapist rep +0.02 and +7000 EXP.

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You will also get 42000 rubles for the intelligence level of center 1 and 46000 for the intelligence level of center 2. After completing the mission, you will unlock the barter for the grizzly medical kit at the therapist.

How To Complete The Lost Contact Quest in Escape of Tarkov

The lost contact mission is very easy to complete. You just need to go to the lighthouse and follow the instructions. The locations to move are well known and could be done by a beginner as well. We have mentioned the location on the map screenshot below.

Lost Contact tarkov location
image credit to Escape from Tarkov

You need to move towards the chalet area and then go down to the basketball court. Then, you need to reach the end of the court.

Lost Contact tarkov
image credit to Escape from Tarkov

You need to approach the corpses and survive the location by extracting them safely from that place.

Thus, this would complete the quest of lost contact in Escape from Tarkov. The lost contact is a simple quest yet if you are not aware of the locations this could be a difficult task.

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Following the above-mentioned instructions could be very useful to complete the lost control quest in Escape from Tarkov.