Escape from Tarkov: Drug Trafficking Quest Guide

Drug Trafficking is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by the Therapist. The quest requires players to find a variety of items, including a WI-FI camera, and to place it in a concealed drug lab located on the train station premises in the Lighthouse area of Tarkov. In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of the quest, including its objectives, rewards, and how to complete it successfully.

Drug Trafficking Quest Dialogue

The therapist initiates the quest with the following dialogue:

“Come on in, mercenary. I have a high suspicion that someone opened a new drug distribution point or even a whole drug laboratory in Tarkov. How do I know this? First of all, I’ve treated many people with somewhat familiar symptoms recently. Dilated pupils, tremors, confusion, and so on. Now secondly, my people who were evacuating the refugees from the city noticed suspicious people near the containers in the Lighthouse territory. One of my men wanted to investigate and almost got killed. They definitely guard that place. Can you find it and place a camera overlooking the place? I’m not asking to tear down the place or eliminate those so-called cooks. Do you understand me? Do not risk your life for anything. For now, I only need the recordings from the cameras.”

Drug Trafficking Objectives

The objectives of the Drug Trafficking quest are straightforward:

  • Locate the hidden drug lab on Lighthouse and place a camera to overlook the place.
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To complete the quest successfully, players must acquire a WI-FI camera, which can be purchased from Mechanic after completing the quest Informed Means Armed from Skier.

Drug Trafficking Rewards

Completing the Drug Trafficking quest in Escape From Tarkov will reward players with the following:

  • +7,500 XP
  • ~40,000 Roubles
  • +0.03 Reputation with Therapist
  • 1x Proputal regenerative stimulant injector
  • 1x eTG-change regenerative stimulant injector
  • 1x Zagustin hemostatic drug injector

Drug Trafficking Guide

  • To complete the Drug Trafficking quest, players must first acquire a WI-FI camera from Mechanic. Once they have the camera, they can head to Lighthouse and locate the hidden drug lab on the train station premises.
  • The drug laboratory is concealed, so players must look for one of the containers and its opening that leads to a whole laboratory. The images below will help players pinpoint the location:
Drug Trafficking Tarkov
Drug Trafficking Tarkov
  • Once players enter the lab, they will receive a notification to place the WI-FI camera. The camera must be placed in a location that overlooks the drug lab.
  • After placing the camera, players must extract from the area and make their way to the exit point to complete the quest.
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The drug Trafficking quest in Escape From Tarkov requires players to locate a hidden drug lab in Lighthouse and place a camera to overlook the place. To complete the quest successfully, players must acquire a WI-FI camera, which can be purchased from Mechanic.

Completing the quest rewards players with XP, Roubles, reputation with Therapists, and various stimulant injectors. By following the guidelines outlined above, players can complete the Drug Trafficking quest and move on to other challenges in Escape From Tarkov.