Escape From Tarkov: Gratitude [Explained]

Gratitude is a quest in the game Escape From Tarkov, which involves finding and delivering a special item to a specific location.

Quest Overview: The Gratitude quest requires players to find a special item, the “Roler submariner
gold wrist watch,” and deliver it to Prapor, one of the game’s traders. This quest is unlocked after completing the “Regulated Materials” quest from Prapor.

Finding the Watch: The Roler submariner gold wrist watch can be found in various locations on the
Shoreline map. Some common spawn locations include the Health Resort, West Wing, East Wing, and the Power Station.

Tips for Finding the Watch: Players can increase their chances of finding the watch by looting certain areas, such as safes, drawers, and other lootable containers. It is important to note that the
watch is a rare spawn and may not be available in every playthrough.

Delivering the Watch: Once the watch is found, players must deliver it to Prapor. The delivery location is in the northern part of the Customs map, near the Old Gas Station. The watch must be placed in the designated area and then the player must extract from the area.

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Quest Rewards: Upon completing the quest, players will receive a significant amount of experience
points and an increase in reputation with Prapor. Additionally, players will receive a key to a special stash location that contains valuable loot.

Quest Challenges: The Gratitude quest can be challenging due to the rare spawn rate of the Roler submariner gold wrist watch, as well as the need to navigate through dangerous areas to deliver the item. Players must also be careful to avoid enemy players and scavengers who may be guarding the delivery location.

Overall, the Gratitude quest is a rewarding experience that challenges players to navigate through the game’s environment, find a rare item, and successfully deliver it to complete the quest.

Explanation of Gratitude in Escape From Tarkov

Gratitude is a quest given by Jaeger, a trader in Escape From Tarkov.

The quest requires players to obtain a set of items and bring them to Jaeger as a
token of appreciation for his services.

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The required items are as follows:

  • 1 Physical bitcoin
  • 10 GP coins
  • 5 Gold chains
  • 1 Roler watch
  • 1 Dead Scav’s dogtag with a “300” inscription

Players must gather the required items by either finding them in raids or buying
them from other players at the flea market.

Once all the items have been collected, players must bring them to Jaeger at his
camp in the woods.

Upon completing the quest, players will receive a unique item called the Jaeger’s
Elite Recon Vest.

The vest provides good armor protection and is highly sought after by players due
to its unique appearance and rarity.

It is important to note that this quest is only available after players have completed all of Jaeger’s previous quests, as well as the Gunsmith – Part 11 quest.

This quest can be difficult and time-consuming due to the rarity of some of the required items, but the reward is well worth the effort for players who are able to complete it.

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