FFXIV Maintenance: How Long it Last (FFXIV Downtime)

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the popular games with lots of active players and developers keep updating the game with new patch updates to make the game more friendly for the players or updating the game server. So whenever developers make changes to the existing FFXIV then you will see the Maintenance mode whenever you going to play the game.

How To Check If Final Fantasy XIV is Under Maintenance

Basically, whenever FFXIV publishers plan to release some new massive update such as Patch 6.2 in this case to implement these updates into the game the developer needs to put the game into maintenance mode for a few hours.

is ffxiv server down
ffxiv maintenance

However, you can also get a maintenance mode error if your internet connection is poor so to make sure the FFXIV servers are under maintenance you can check on the official website of finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone or you can also check the FFXIV downtime status on third-party websites. Such as arrstatus.com, downdetector.com and more.

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How Many Total FFXIV Servers are There?

There is a total of 68 servers for Final Fantasy XIV distributed among the 8 data centers in the following countries Europe, North America, and Japan. This is a different server system compared to 1.0. Here you can play with players from all around the world and build your gaming community to share your opinions with other players.

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