Sons of the Forest Release Date Confirmed

Sons of the Forest is upcoming one of the best games after “The Forest “by Endnight Games. After the release of the trailer of the game, the players are getting excited to play this game. But the release is getting postponed again and again.

Officially the Sons of Forest was set to launch in May 2022, but the developer update the release date to August 2022 and now the date is again postponed. Now, Sons of the Forest is going to launch on February 23, 2023. The game was already listed on Steam with a price of $29.99.

According to Endnight, the developers were really overly ambitious with the original release date. However, this delay allows us to deliver our best in Sons of the Forest

When was the trailer of the sons of the forest released?

The trailer of the game was released back on Dec 14, 2019. From the trailer, we can guess that the sequel of the sons of the forest will be one of the great games of 2022 and will be appreciated the same as the first part.

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The game has many new tasks and stunts to perform which lead to the end of the game, the first part of it was released in 2019 and after that, the team adopted many new themes and characters for this version.

Can we do the pre-registration now?

We know the excitement of the game, but for now, you can not do the pre-registration for the game, the game is currently 5 months away from its actual release date, so now you can pre-register for the game, there is no such announcement regarding the pre-registration also, so have to wait till get any news from the team.

The gameplay of the sons of the forest?

From the trailers, it is hard to guess the gameplay. In the game trailers, there were various weapons used like guns, axes, and crossbows.

The game might be the same as the first version of the changes made in the game controls some controls will be added to improve eyesight as the first-person perspective and other settings will have in the game which will be more user-friendly and controlled by both pcs and ps4 easily.

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