How To Get Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

There are lots of Pokemons available in Pokemon Go but the Shiny Meltan is one of the rarest of them all. Pokemon Go added Shiny Meltan in 2018 to a special event.

In terms of appearance, the Shiny Meltan looks like a sliver blob with a hex nut for a head and its steel-type mythical Pokemon.

Here we covered all the information that helps to know how you can obtain the Shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go.

shiny meltan

How to get Shiny Meltan?

Generally, there are two ways to get the Shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go. By completing the “Let’s Go, Meltan” Special Research event task and second is opening the special items in the game called  Mystery Box.

You can wait for the next special event to occur or you can get the Mystery Box.

Unlike other items, you cannot purchase the Mystery Box from the in-game store. In order to get Mystery Box you need to transfer one of your Pokemon from  Pokemon Home or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Let’s Go, Eevee.

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Once you successfully transferred the Pokemon the Mystery Box will be added to your Inventory. More importantly, once you open the Mystery Box will be opened for 60 minutes on that time you can locate the Meltan on the map.

The player can open the Mystery box once every 3 days and it will available forever in your inventory. So if the Mystery box is closed you need to wait for 3 days to reopen it again.

So players can get the Shiny Meltan, from these two methods the special events and using the Mystery box. However, the chances of getting the Shiny Meltan is around 1/120 chance in Pokemon Go.

This is sum up of this Shiny Meltan Guide for more similar content do read our Pokemon Go Guides for more helpful information.

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