Escape from Tarkov Stirrup Quest Guide

Escape from Tarkov is a gripping first-person shooter game known for its intense gameplay and challenging quests. One such quest is “Stirrup,” which requires players to eliminate enemy players using pistols.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of the Stirrup quest, including the dialogue, requirements, objectives, rewards, and a comprehensive guide to completing it successfully.


To undertake the Stirrup quest, players must reach level 8 in the game. This level requirement ensures that players have gained some experience and equipment before taking on this challenging task.


The main objective of the Stirrup quest is to eliminate three enemy players while using pistols. This requirement adds an extra layer of difficulty to the quest, as players must rely on their accuracy and skill with pistols to successfully complete it.

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Completing the Stirrup quest yields several rewards for players. These include:

  • +5,300 experience points, which contribute to the player’s overall progression.
  • Reputation increases with Skier by 0.05 points.
  • Reputation decreased with Prapor by 0.05 points.
  • Reputation decreased with the Therapist by 0.02 points.
  • Currency reward: 70,000 Roubles.
  • Additional currency reward: 73,500 Roubles (with Intelligence Center Level 1).
  • Further currency reward: 80,500 Roubles (with Intelligence Center Level 2).
  • Camelbak Tri-Zip assault backpack: A reliable and spacious backpack for carrying essential items during raids.
  • Unlocking the purchase of Chiappa Rhino 50DS .357 revolver (variant Tactical) at Skier LL2.


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To successfully complete the Stirrup quest, players can follow these strategies and tips:

The Stirrup quest is best approached passively while progressing through other quests. This method allows players to complete the objective gradually without solely focusing on it, reducing the risk of failure.

Choosing the Right Location

The Factory location is highly recommended for completing the Stirrup quest. It provides a small, confined area with a high concentration of enemy players, leading to fast and intense close-quarters fights. The limited space increases the chances of encountering enemy players and fulfilling the quest requirements swiftly.

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Dealing with Armored Opponents

It is important to note that enemy players may wear armored gear, such as visors. To penetrate these defences reliably, players should use specific ammunition types.

For the Five-Seven pistol, SS190 ammo is effective, while the SR1MP benefits from BT gzh ammo. Additionally, the 9x19mm AP 6.3 ammo is suitable for this purpose.

Alternative Strategy

Players can adopt an alternative strategy by preparing an ambush with a pistol loaded with RIP ammunition.

By hitting an enemy player’s legs with five shots, players can reliably bring them down. The Glock 18, equipped with a stock, is particularly well-suited for this approach due to its high rate of fire.


The Stirrup quest in Escape from Tarkov adds an exciting challenge for players, requiring them to eliminate enemy players using pistols.

By following the recommended strategies and choosing appropriate locations, players can increase their chances of success.

Completing the Stirrup quest rewards players with experience, reputation points, in-game currency, and unlocking new items and weapons.

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