Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete the Prisoner of Love Quest

The Prisoner of Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy is a Hufflepuff-exclusive main quest. This means it’s only available to one of the players in the Hufflepuff house and is one of the four house-specific quests Hogwarts Legacy offers.

In this quest, players must help other game characters solve a decades-old murder. However, most players find this quest confusing and have no idea how to complete the Prisoner of Love quest. This simple guide will cover all the steps to complete this exclusive quest; keep reading to find out.  

How to Unlock the Prisoner of Love Exclusive Quest

For players to unlock the prisoner of luck quest, they must complete the Trials of Merlin main quest and reach level 5.

Players need to join the Hufflepuff House to unlock this quest. This is one of the four house-specific quests leading to the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest. 

Prisoner of Love Quest Walkthrough

Once you complete Potions Class or Trials of Merlin, which are required before proceeding to the prisoner of love quest, you’ll receive an owl post from Lenora Everleigh.

This letter will inform you that the portrait of Eldritch Diggory in the Hufflepuff common room would love to speak with you. Since it isn’t every day you get to speak with a former Minister of Magic, you will know this is how the quest begins. 

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The owl post will also inform you that Eldritch has vital information which could play a significant role in uncovering the secrets of Ancient Magic.

Step 1: Speak to the Portrait for Eldritch Diggory

Eldritch Diggory Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

The first action you need to take is to head to the common room immediately to meet Eldritch Diggory. Once inside the room, head up to the portrait and speak to it.

Eldritch Diggory believes the book you found in the Restricted Section could be the key to solving a murder at least a decade old.

To help you along, he’ll give you some information and then ask you to meet Helen Thistlewood, his great-niece. He believes the two of you can solve the mystery together while uncovering the book’s missing pages.

Step 2: Speak to Helen Thistlewood

Helen Thistlewood Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

Finding Helen Thistlewood could be a bit more difficult as she is all over Upper Hogsfield, which is north of Hogsmeade.

Except you’ve explored the area between various missions, you’ll have to walk there. As you pass by, you’re sure to come across several points of interest, like Merlin Trials and a magical maze. 

You could explore them while on this quest; don’t forget to use Revelio to find hidden tasks and goodies.

Once you make it to Upper Hogsfield, simply follow the golden path to Helen. Four notes are usually strewn around her house that’ll let you know more about her. You’ll also find a chest just waiting to be picked. 

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Once you get into her house, all you have to do is speak to Helen, and she’ll tell you what you need to know about Richard Jackdaw and his lover, Anne Thisbe. She’ll tell you Anne is in Azkaban, convicted of Jackdaw’s murder because his ghost has no memory of how he died.

Step 3: Speak to Anne in Azkaban

Anne in Azkaban Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

After this conversation, Helen suggested going to Azkaban to speak to Anne. Helen believes Ann can give you more information about Jackdaw’s corpse location. Helen will apparate you into Azkaban and help you ward off dementors.

All you have to do is follow Helen to Anne’s prison, and Anne will tell you where the missing pages are; a cave in Upper Hogsfield. Helen will apparate you both back to Upper Hogsfield immediately.

Step 4: Find What Jackdaw Left for Anne

Once you get back to Upper Hogsmeade, head to the cave, as it is nearby. You can also use your charmed compass to find it or follow your minimap.

Once inside the cave, you’ll face a simple puzzle, a sa chest to your right. Grab the chest first, then burn the vines blocking the alcove in front of you with the Incendio spell. Once the alcove opens, cast ‘accio’ on the handle to get the loot inside. 

Once the loot is inside, all you have left is the puzzle in front of you. You must cast the ‘Revelio’ spell to reveal which handles you must pull using ‘Accio.’

Prisoner of Love Main Quest Puzzle
Avalanche Software

Once you pull the handles, the door in front of you will open, and you can proceed. Head inside, and you’ll see the letter Jackdaw left Anne, revealing he wanted to meet her somewhere in the forbidden forest, so they would explore together. 

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Step 5: Leave the Vault

ghost of Richard Jackdaw Hogwarts Legacy
Avalanche Software

Once you leave the cave, you’ll come across the ghost of Richard Jackdaw, who will agree to meet you right at the edge of the forbidden forest. He plans to take you to his body, where the book’s missing pages should be. He also wishes to clear Anne’s name to release her from Azkaban. 

This concludes the prisoner of love quest and triggest the next main story quest, Jackdaw’s Rest. However, you should note that you must unlock Expelliarmus before completing this quest.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the Hufflepuff House, this is an exciting task to look forward to. With other side tasks to explore and a chest waiting to be discovered, there’s much to look forward to. If you enjoyed this quest guide, you’d also enjoy other Hogwarts Legacy guides in the store. 

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