Every buff/debuff in DC Heroes and Villains

Ludia Inc.’s DC Heroes and Villains is setting the tone for a competitive match 3 gameplay. Each character has unique traits and abilities from which players can strategize their gameplay.

With the onset of Guild raids and Assault battles becoming more challenging each week, it becomes important to know every buff/debuff in DC Heroes and Villains.

Buff is anything that increases your party’s potency like increased dodge effectiveness or defense. Debuffs are the opposite of buffs – those which hinder your battle party’s attack, defense, or shield capabilities.

Thanks to the official Discord community of the newly-released game, players now have a clear idea about the different buffs and debuffs in the game.

DC Heroes & Villains
DC Heroes & Villains

The 25 buffs and debuffs in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3

Still in the development phases, Ludia hasn’t revealed the aspects of each buff or debuff in DCHV. Experienced players got an idea over time. Let’s start with the good stuff. Here are the 12 buffs in DC Heroes & Villains: Match 3.

  • Attack Up – Attack Stat (primary color) = +25% damage
  • Block Up – Block damage reduction = +30%
  • Color Up – Damage from matched color = +25%
  • Critical Up – Critical hit chance = +25%
  • Defense Up – Defense stat = +40%
  • Dodge Up – Dodge chance = +20%
  • Haste – 33% faster Power Gauge refill
  • Heal Over Time – Heal 5% HP every turn
  • Immunity – Cannot get debuffs (Superman starts with Immunity buff for 24 turns)
  • Impervious – No color advantage against the player’s character
  • Stealth – Cannot be targeted unless it is the only target available
  • Taunt – All powers and ‘match’ damage target this character
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Here are the 13 debuffs in DC Heroes & Villains: Match 3.

  • Attack Down – Attack Stat (primary color) = -25% damage
  • Block Down – Block damage reduction = -30%
  • Color Down – Damage from matched color = -25%
  • Critical Down – Critical hit chance = -25%
  • Damage Over Time – 5% HP lost every turn and it ignores barriers
  • Defense Down – Defense stat = -40%
  • Dodge Down – Dodge chance = -20%
  • Accuracy Down – 20% chance to miss an attack
  • Anti-Buff – Unable to gain buffs
  • Anti-Heal – Unable to get healed by themselves or from others
  • Vulnerability – ‘Weak’ against all colors
  • Lethargy – 33% slower Power Gauge refill
  • Lockdown – Cannot activate Power Move and cannot fill Power Gauge (Harley Quinn’s specialty)
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Accuracy Down and Lethargy are supposed to be the best anti-debuffs available in the game. Similarly, Stealth and Immunity are fan-favorite buffs. Apply each of them at the right moment to gain an edge in the battle.