Best 3-Star characters in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3

The first season of DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3 is about to end and there is a general idea of where each character stands in the tier list. Superman and Aquaman are at the top of the table for their passives while a few 4 star-characters like Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Flash have gained recognition for their AoE damage.

5-Star characters are the most prized possessions. However, not all of them are likely to make a splash in the game. The ‘super rare’ category characters do possess some meta-worthy abilities but there are certain lower-rated characters that are overlooked. These belong to the three-star, aka ‘uncommon’ category.

In this list, we will go inversely in the order of the least to the most impactful 3-Star characters in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3.

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#5. Two-Face

Players that stick to using one color for inflicting damage in DC Heroes and Villains will find Harvey Dent’s villainous alter ego quite useful. Two-Face increases the spawn rate of red tiles and also swaps the tiles for each Criminal ally in the battle party. Stacking with the red mayhem is his Power Move, Even the Odds. If he flips heads, four tiles get replaced with red and if tails, he converts four tiles into one tile of a teammates color.

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#4. Enchantress

Enchantress is one of the heroes that is given at the beginning of DC Heroes and Villains. Belonging to the green division, she is a great support unit. Sacrificing a portion of her HP to grant ‘heal over time’ to her allies while also healing them by 10% of her HP with her Power Move takes a toll on the witch’s own health. It is thus important to back Enchantress with another support unit; preferably the superior healer Poison Ivy.

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#3. Copperhead

One of the best Disruptor in DC Heroes and Villains, Copperhead’s passives and special ability are both highly impressive. His Snake Physiology is triggered when hit by an attack and is guaranteed to gain a Dodge Up buff when his passive is maxed out. Speaking of his Power Move, he renders the target helpless with Damage Over Time, Critical Down, and Vulnerability debuffs. The only flaw is his fragile bulk.

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#2. Robin

Robin comes off as a weak character in the beginning. However, once paired with his Bat dad and Winged brother, Damian Wayne’s damage output becomes significantly higher. When maxed out, he has a 60% chance to throw a Birdarang at an enemy at the start of every turn even if they have Stealth buff. His chipping away at the enemy’s health is followed by a massive 140% damage multiplier Staff Strike Power Move.

#1. Amanda Waller

Those players that desire to conquer the Assault leagues in DC Heroes and Villains are bound to face off with the leader of the Suicide Squad at some point. Amanda Waller is considered to be the best support unit in the Match 3 game, providing multiple buffs such as Attack Up and Critical Up to her allies with each Power Move. These can stack with the overpowered abilities of Superman and Martian Manhunter.

Another interesting feature of Amanda in DC Heroes and Villains is her passive ability. She generates energy every time she is hit. As such, by the time she is low on HP, the enemy battle party will have to deal with three or four Special Attacks apart from the boosted allies of Waller’s.

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