Best Characters in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3 Mobile Game

From the award-winning mobile game studio Ludia Inc., DC Heroes and Villains is an unprecedented tile-matching game that features original Detective Comics characters. It was globally released on Android and IOS on July 18, 2023.

DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3 has three modes: a Story Mode that occurs in several places like Gotham and Themiscyra, Events that occur each week, and competitive Player vs Player that focuses on destroying the opponent’s defenses. Guild mode is still in the development phase and features Raid Bosses.

There are many characters to choose from to make the ‘ideal 5’ in the Puzzle-RPG superhero game. Players often mistake 5 Star characters to be the best ones although the stars only mention the rarity and not the qualities of each character.

DC Heroes and Villains best characters

Trigon and Darkseid are believed to be the main villains in the game. It is best to put up a strong team before engaging in a battle with either of the antagonists. Below is a list of the five best characters in DC Heroes & Villains, based on their special abilities and passives.

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#5. Batman (Rebirth)

The most basic yet the most effective, Batman is one of the strongest support characters that players can get for free right now. Rarely can a supporting character have a power-increasing special. The Dark Knight gains a stealth buff after performing the Batarang Blast Power Move, which does 65% damage when maxed out, and fills the power meter of others in the party by 15%.

Batman’s only flaw is his limited synergy options. Belonging to the Bat Family rather than the Justice League, he can team with Robin but it is nothing compared to other strong synergy options.

#4. Ultra Humanite

Considered the second-best tank in the game, Ultra Humanite has a massive starting HP of over 4000 and a block rate of 30%. The incredibly bulky beast can also transfer any debuff to the originating character thanks to his passive ‘Borrowed Body.’ However. its strongest quality is the Power Move.

Humanite’s ‘Scientific Madness’ special move allows him to shoot a green laser beam on one target for 81% damage. Also, he heals the weakest ally with a percentage of its health and gets Immunity and Heal Over Time buffs for 3 turns. Pair Ultra Humanite with shield-makers like Black Lightning or healers like Poison Ivy for the best play.

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#3. Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage’s Immortal Body passive ability renders him immune to Vulnerability and Defense Down debuffs while also healing 4% HP each turn. Combine it with his Power Move, Dhritishastra, dealing over 200% damage to all enemies and gaining a taunt buff for 3 turns

Savage is almost impossible to take down, directing attacks to himself with Taunt while healing a portion of the HP every turn. He is not only a good tank but also a great crowd controller. A part of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the antagonist can develop synergy bonuses with Ultra Humanite and Livewire.

#2. Aquaman

The King of Atlantis is the best character with disruptor abilities in DC Heroes and Villains. Aquaman’s Poseidon Wrath Power Move suppresses all barriers and deals damage to all enemies by 270% of his attack. Moreover, it removes all buffs from the enemies. This makes him a seriously powerful unit, equivalent to the ‘battering ram’ of DC Heroes and Villains.

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Further strengthening his disruptive play, Aquaman’s Passive ability ‘King’s Reckoning’ gives him a 40% chance to apply an Anti-Buff on a random enemy for 3 turns. This means that the enemy unit won’t be able to get a buff even if it uses a Power Move.

#1. Superman

Superman’s total power can reach up to 9246, and thanks to his abilities, it is almost impossible to take him down unless the opponent has the right character at his side. The Man From Krypton can be obtained from Battle Pass Capsule although chances are slim.

With surreal passives like immunity to Critical Hits and starting with an Immunity buff for a maximum of 24 turns, Superman is the MVP of DC Heroes and Villains. His Power Move ‘Heat Vision’ deals 208% damage to a single enemy and he gets a taunt buff for 3 turns, deflecting each attack with the Immunity buff.