30 Games like Black and White 2 (2024)

These are some of the games like Black and White 2. So If you’re looking for a game that plays like Black and White 2, you’ve come to the right place. If you love to play games that let you control gods, you’ll want to try 30 Games like Black and White 2. These games were created by Lionhead Studios, which Peter Molineux founded.

In Black & White, you played like a god and ruled over small villages. Your actions would affect the perceptions of worshippers. So, let’s have a look at all the games.

Black & White 2: Overview

Black and White 2 is teeming with fan service. It’s hard to argue with such a devoted fanbase, especially considering how little the games have changed since the late 90s. However, Game Freak can’t be accused of taking advantage of that fan base.

The Pokemon franchise has a tradition worth preserving. Listed below are some of the game’s best features. The game allows you to interact with your character and understand their thoughts and motives. You can purchase new powers and abilities by collecting tributes.

While Black & White 2 is not as freeform as its predecessor, you can experience many unexpected moments, such as watching a creature figure things out on its own. Some puzzles require you to manipulate time, manipulate your environment, or enlist the help of the divine.

You can also assist a martial arts student in shattering stone plinths. And if all else fails, you’ll have to deal with an evil monster that lives inside a mine. In Black and White 2, the city-building makes up a large part of the game’s gameplay. You can spend hours building up each city.

The two primary strategies in Black and White 2 are building a dazzling metropolis or establishing a big city that can support a massive army. Either way, the game has plenty to offer. You’ll have a lot of fun with it.

List of 30 Games like Black and White 2

This is the list of the games similar to the Black and White 2 with lots of features and gaming similarities.

Games like Black and White 2

Dungeon Keeper 2

If you’re a fan of the dungeon keepers from the first Dragon Age, you might be interested in trying Dungeon Keeper 2. This online strategy game is based on the famous role-playing game. The game’s objective is to protect a dungeon from a band of invaders while saving your treasures.

Unlike Black and White, Dungeon Keeper requires you to build and manage your dungeon, which is constantly attacked by computer-controlled creatures. The game received high critical praise from critics and was one of Molineux’s final projects with Bullfrog before forming Lionhead Studios.

A Planet of Mine

A Planet of Mine is a strategy game that combines real-time strategy and civilization development elements into a single comprehensive package. It features a novel world generation system, species, and a unique resource distribution system.

The game offers several modes, including construction, which requires you to build structures and upgrade areas to produce various resources and facilities. In addition to its unique gameplay, A Planet of Mine also has great graphics and superb touch controls.


If you’ve ever played Populous’s popular strategy game, you’ll be familiar with the gameplay. In the game, you take the role of a deity and guide your followers by manipulating the environment. You can also eliminate followers led by your opponent. This game offers an isometric perspective and over 500 levels to conquer.

You will begin with a small group of followers that you control and must defeat enemy tribes to gain dominion over the planets. You’ll have to raise large cities and cast destructive spells on enemy creatures to make this possible.

Dungeon Keeper Gold

In the Dungeon Keeper series, players assume the role of a deist, whose goal is to conquer the world. The game’s primary control is the player’s hand, which enables players to pick up objects in the dungeon and drop creatures into a specific location.

In addition to managing the creatures, the player can also perform various tasks, including healing them and building a stronger dungeon.


Unlike the other games in this genre, which heavily emphasize resource management, Sacrifice places very little emphasis on gathering resources. Instead, wizards gather souls to summon creatures, and many constantly regenerate for spell casting.

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Players can customize their attacks by selecting spells aligned with one of the five gods. They can even choose which of their five characters to sacrifice at the opposing wizard’s altar to gain an advantage over the other side.


Spore is a life/God simulation game that incorporates the action-RPG genre with the evolution simulation element. You start as a single-celled organism and work your way through 5 stages of evolution. The game also includes interstellar exploration.

The game is played from the first-person perspective and allows you to interact with other creatures and prey. If you’ve enjoyed Spore, share your thoughts about the game with other gamers in the comments section.

Dino Frontier

The strategy-management game Dino Frontier is a tabletop VR simulation that lets you build your own Wild West city in a world full of dinosaurs. It was developed by Uber Entertainment, the same studio that created Monday Night Combat, Planetary Annihilation, and Wayward Sky for PlayStation VR.

As the Big Mayor, your goal is to protect your town from bandits and balance resources to grow and protect your population. While Dinos are tantalizing assets, they are also a danger.

Civilization V

There’s a lot of talk about how Civilization V is like Black and White 2, but the game has some major differences. While the gameplay is similar in both games, Civilization VI emphasizes active research, which helps speed up the Civilization’s progress.

This means units must actively explore and develop the environment and seek new cultures. In addition, interactions with other civilizations change over time, from simple encounters to late-game alliances. Moreover, cooperative multiplayer is available via wireless LAN.

Prune Many

Prune games like Black and White 2 are available, but which one is the most similar? This review will highlight the differences and a few of the differences between them. The overall gameplay is the same, and Prune is a puzzle game about growing trees and avoiding a hostile environment.

It features a beautiful environment and an exciting story to uncover. There are 48 levels to complete, and the goal is to grow three flowers to reach the end of the game.

Miitopia 3DS

The Miitopia 3DS game was previously a Nintendo exclusive that landed to scattered applause during the last days of the 3DS’ life cycle. Although it never really caught on, a new release in 2021 should bring a different look, new mechanics, and a whole new audience.

While it will likely be very similar to Black and White 2, its charm and unique look are enough to justify buying it again. The story is simple yet enjoyable. However, this doesn’t mean that the game is lacking in depth.

Overall, Miitopia is an excellent 3DS game for anyone who loves to play with their friends. Miitopia is a RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS. Players create a party of four and battle various enemies. At the start of the game, players can add their Mii characters and assign them, classes.

Its RPG gameplay is easy to pick up, even for newcomers to the genre. Miitopia is also geared towards beginners and is a great way to learn the basics of RPG games.

Spore Hero Arena

While based in outer space, Spore is remarkably similar to its predecessor. Both are focused on creating magical and unrelatable things. This game is similar to the highly popular Civilization IV, Endless Space, and Sins of a Solar Empire and is the perfect game to play with friends.

It even has its roots in history. While Spore is based in outer space, it has Black and White 2 and Civilization IV elements. It also has several similarities to other games, including Eufloria, which talks about the Dyson Tree Hypothesis.

While the basic idea of Spore Hero Arena is similar to that of Spore, the game introduces some new elements. Customization options allow players to create a unique creature, which they can customize to their liking.

The game requires some time to unlock new parts, and players can only control one Creature at a time. While it may not have the depth of Black and White, Spore Hero Arena is a fun, dynamic multiplayer game. You control a customized creature to battle other players.

Species: Artificial Life Real Evolution

The Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution is an evolutionary simulation game. The game allows players to manipulate the forces of natural selection, including mutation, to change the appearance of various creatures in the game world. Like Spore, it also allows players to control the environment and adapt to creatures as their genetics change.

This game is highly recommended for gamers who enjoy simulations and evolution. You can download a free trial version of the game from the official website.

Planetoid 3D

If you’ve enjoyed the first installment of the Black and White series, you may want to try out Planetoid 3D. This space-based RTS game allows you to choose a race, expand your empire, build a massive fleet of spaceships, develop your economy, and declare war on your opponent.

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You can play this game alone or with other players online, and it’s free to download the demo. If you enjoy this type of game, you’ll find it addictive and enjoyable.

Topia World Builder

If you’re looking for free online gaming titles similar to Black and White 2, you may want to look into Topia World Builder.

This 3D world-building tool lets you customize your planet. In this free game, you can write your name on the mountain ranges and even create giant faces on their surface. Topia also allows you to observe the interaction between animals, plants, and other creatures.

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris

In Diggles: The Myth of Fenris, the player controls the underground dwelling Diggles. Their main purpose is to harvest mushrooms, bat enemies, and perpetuate their species. The Godfather Odin created them to rid the world of the evil Fenris, but they’re not all alike.

Odin created every Diggle individually, giving them a unique skill and personality. This unique combination of skills allows the player to build a clan and expand their population.

Celtic Village Heroes

In this game, players create and maintain a village and engage in quests and activities. You can also develop your village, unlock magical powers, and even create buildings. This game includes 20 different villages, seven buildings, five crazy plagues, three fantasy spells, and six resources.

Getting them all right can make or break your village. But, before you get too far into the game, here’s a quick review of some of its features.

Spore Galactic Adventures

Unlike the first two games in the series, Spore Galactic Adventures offers a more detailed environment and better audio and visuals. The game also has multiplayer modes. Its developers are German-based Omni Systems Limited and Headup Games.

Another popular space game is Eufloria, which is similar to Spore. The game’s plot centers around the Dyson Tree Hypothesis. A similarity between these two games is that both are based in outer space and revolve around creating things that are unrelatable and otherworldly.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, abbreviated as SMAC, is a science fiction 4X video game. It is considered a spiritual sequel to the Civilization series in the 22nd century. Seven competing ideological factions are sentient organisms that colonize the planet Chiron, a neighbouring star system.

As the sentient organisms evolve, they become a formidable obstacle to human colonists. 19. The Universim The Universim is a god-based simulation game that centers on the Nuggets, the game’s version of people. As a Nugget, you control your society by using your godlike powers to influence the Civilization and environment around you.

The Universim also has a fascinating miniature world and Adam and Eve archetypes, so you’ll have a chance to create a perfect society. You’ll be able to heal Nuggets, deliver massive resources, and even build love connections!

Pixel Junk Eden

Despite its name, Pixel Junk Eden is nothing like its predecessor. It is a Puzzle-Platform game developed by Q-Games and features a new protagonist named Grimp.

The gameplay revolves around tackling tricky puzzles, and Grimp is a small creature that can maneuver by jumping from plant-like structures. The game also requires the player to collect Spectra, a substance that can help them progress to the next level.

The sequel to the beloved PlayStation 3 title is equally delightful, bringing back the original’s simplistic visuals and charming atmosphere. There is a strong multiplayer component as well, with two players tackling the same game simultaneously.

Players can also collaborate to create their unique levels and collect pollen from different plants. The game is split into three distinct gardens, each containing unique puzzles.

Creatures 3

The AI, which controls the Creature’s actions, was not always very good. However, the AI improved in the sequel, and now you can play the game without the Creature altogether. From a business perspective, that made sense as people would be interested in playing the game without the Creature.

The gameplay is fascinating. You’ll be training your Creature through various means. You’ll have to feed, train, and punish them. Or, you’ll need to give orders and use tools to train the AI. In Creatures 3, you can adjust the Creature’s learning by clicking on the Learning bar.


Like other puzzle-platform video games, Eufloria focuses on strategy and physics. Players control a fictional species called the Euflorians, which needs asteroid resources to grow.

To grow these resources, the Euflorians need to construct trees called Dyson Trees, which produce seeds that will help them colonize other asteroids.

The game begins with a single Dyson Tree, and as it evolves, so do the seedlings you plant.

Darwin Pond

In “Darwin Pond” in “Black and white 2”, you can experiment with the evolution of life by controlling hundreds of wiggly creatures known as Swimmers. By manipulating their genes, you can change the anatomies of these creatures and watch them evolve over generations.

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It is the brainchild of Jeffery Ventrella, a researcher at Rocket Science Games. Its visuals are also comparable to Spore.

God finger 2

If you’re a fan of Black and White, you’ll love GodFinger 2. This iOS platform-only game grants you godlike powers and requires you to raise a civilization, develop advanced technology, and answer the prayers of your followers.

The gameplay puts you in the role of a lord, constructing stylish villages and feeding your people. You’ll also be given real powers and experience a new level of immersion with God Finger’s procedurally-generated worlds.

The game has three modes – good, evil, and a combination. You’ll want to conquer and destroy your enemies in Evil mode. In the Good mode, you’ll want benevolence, positive city building, and defending your populace – but there are limited resources.

Players can choose to play as either Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, or Aztecs. Then, they can construct structures to provide shelter for the nation and all its amenities.

Niche: A Genetics Survival Game

The Niche: A Genetics Survival Game is a simulation video game, which was released on Steam Early Access for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux on September 15, 2016. It is an indie game that focuses on the idea of a virtual society where survival is the only option.

Players can choose from different species and traits and their characteristics and abilities. A Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign funded the game.

Sid Meier’s Colonization

In Sid Meier’s Colonization, players take on the role of the Viceroy or colonizer. The game simulates the early colonization of the Americas. The game begins when the Europeans discovered the New World and lasts until the American Revolution.

You’ll be able to control English, Dutch, and Spanish colonies, all while building up the colonial empires of the new world. Colonization follows the same formula as Civilization but takes you into the Colonial Era.

You’ll control one of four colonial powers, balancing their economies to create a successful nation. The game’s strategic elements are all based on the Civilization series’ renowned physics engine, which is capable of generating massive amounts of data. It’s also highly addictive and allows you to escape your homeland for hours.


This game is the spiritual successor to Populous, which puts you in the position of a god and guides humanity to glory. Your goal is to reshape the world to your liking, from saving people who are drowning to constructing an entire Civilization dedicated to your name.

You can customize the game to suit your needs with God Powers, and you can even play as multiple characters. This game is great for anyone who enjoys role-playing games, and the intuitive control scheme makes it a great choice for gamers of all ages.

Spore Creatures

This game is a great mix of genres and has been praised for its open-ended nature and detailed graphics. It includes RPG and strategy elements while blending them into a single game. You start as a primitive unicellular organism and progress through five evolution stages before eventually achieving the status of a fully-fledged creature.

You can even explore interstellar space and use your skills to become a predator and prey for other creatures. The game promises a procedurally generated universe filled with countless planets and innumerable species. You can manage your Civilization and develop a space program and explore an infinite number of planets.

Spore has long-lasting evolution choices and a strategy element. You can even share your creations with other players online. It’s a game that will keep you occupied for years to come.

The Sims Castaway Stories

Both The Sims Castaway Stories and Black and White 2 have similar gameplay but slight differences. Unlike Sims 3, players in Castaway Stories are on a remote tropical island, and their primary goal is to find food and resources.

These resources can be spent on various items, and obtaining enough will help you avoid the Grim Reaper’s eye. These two games offer a unique experience that appeals to both gamers and casual gamers.

Void Hunters

The Void Hunters are a Loyalist Non-Codex Astartes Space Marine Chapter, descended from the gene-seed of the White Scars. They hail from the Death World of Corian, covered in dense forests and vast oceans.

The Coritannians built most of their settlements on the coast, but they’ve also resorted to building treetop villages. However, their presence is in danger from ground predators such as the Cernunn, large, aggressive elk-like creatures.

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