What To Choose Resist or Swear Fealty in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is one of the best games role-playing games similar to the Elen Ring. The popularity of Lost Ark and userbase is increasing day by day and most the player’s beginner players get confused in a few quests. Such as the Glorious Wall quest in which players has to two options to choose Resist or Swear Fealty.

Here we featured a guide that explains what you should choose Resist or Swear Fealty and why with complete information.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

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Resist or Swear Fealty

We recommend players select the Swear Fealty during the main quest in Glorious Wall. Once you finish the battle outside the walls of Luterra Castle you should move to the throne room. You will encounter an NPC named Scherrit who offers you two choices.

In Lost Ark, the Scherrit is the king of the region and interfaces with you while wielding a sword and giving a warning to the player.

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If the player chooses Resist then Scherrit accepts it as an insult and the fight between you and Scherrit get started. Most players choose the Swear because the second options sound crazy but the alternative is best to pick up between options.

If the player chooses the Swear Fealty the player character instantly delivers a high-end damage attack on Scherri and this attack will reduce the Scherri heath bar from 14k to 13k in the first health bar. That is why choosing the Swear Fealty is the best option compared to Resist.

Are there any chances in Lost Ark Story after choosing Swear Fealty

No there are no chances in the Lost Ark story if you choose to Swear Fealty or Resist. Because this choice is only for the boss fight and there is no connection between with this boss fight and the Lost Ark Story.

Basically, the Swear Fealty option is the trick. In which the player chooses to swear fealty and then instantly betray the opponent and deliver a high-end attack that can be helpful for the player and the fight starts.

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Scherrit is 27 bosses in the Lost Ark with 6 health bars and defeating them is tough. As the king of Luterra with the glowing sword, it can deliver powerful damage to the player. Since the fight is difficult, choosing the Swear Fealty options is a plus point for the player.

Here is more visual information for you watch the video for more detailed information.

This is all for the Swear Fealty or Resist Lost Ark guide. Here we covered all information related to gaming. If you are interested do read our Lost Ark Guides for more helpful in-game content.

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