What To Do Resist or Swear Fealty in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is action role-playing focused on online gameplay and team-based play. With this hidden post-apocalyptic world, players battle with creatures – some of them summoned by player characters, while others can be found in the wild.

The game features a curated audio game framing narrative that narrates key points in a player’s progress as they try to complete their ascension towards the Ark Repository.

In Lost Ark, the game begins with Scherrit and his adorable sister, Eden, half asleep on the day bed in their cottage. The gloomy day suddenly becomes bright as birds come flying around them. Worried about this strange phenomenon, they immediately go out of their home to explore what’s going on.

This iconic quest is a shrine at the entrance of King’s Grove where travellers pound and prays to put an end to the curse plaguing Seiya Town. The game explores the ancient world, struggles to survive, and makes sense of it.

In this article, we’ll tell you the final result of both the decisions you’ll take so you can decide which response you will want your character to give after choosing the options.

Lost Ark: Overview

Lost Ark is a 2.5D fantasy multiplayer RPG developed by Tripod Studio. The game features a wide range of sword slashes, magic spells, crafting, hunting, and fishing that help keep players engaged for hours. Lost Ark is an action role-playing game that offers players a world of deadly monsters, powerful weapons, and epic quests.

It’s set in the age of magic and adventure, where brave adventurers can learn how to master the arcane arts.

The main gameplay feature is exploration, divided into different phases: building, upgrading, maintaining your settlement, crafting weapons and armour, discovering hidden treasures or deadly monsters, and fighting against raiders or monsters.

Lost Ark has many features that make it stand out from other games – co-op multiplayer, co-op questing, voxelized graphics, and more! The player takes on the role of a caravan leader tasked with finding the legendary Lost Ark of Noah to save their civilization from extinction.

It is a unique game that allows players to enjoy stunning graphics set in 3D environments close to reality. The player starts by building a settlement and conducting research to understand the mysteries and dangers of the environments they are exploring in hopes that they can finally find their goal – within this treacherous world, there might be clues as to how they can escape.

ark swear fealty or resist reddit

Who is Scherrit in the quest “Glorious Wall”?

Lost Ark is a very comfortable game when we’re talking about the story. But also, you’ll encounter some choices which will change the way of your story unfolding stages.

Approximately halfway between the game’s main quest, at the time of a quest named “Glorious Wall,” you’ll have the option to either swear Fealty or resist Scherrit, a major player in the game’s early story.

Also, while this could feel like a serious choice, its results aren’t as distinct and far-reaching as the story suggests. At the time of the climax of the battle of Luterra Castle, you’ll have face-to-face interaction with Scherrit, who is the main adversary of the quest “Glorious Wall.”

Scherrit will provide you with the two options of either swearing Fealty to him or engaging him in combat as you resist his attempts to claim the throne of Luterra. At the time of several parts of the main story in Lost Ark, you’ll have some dialogue choices to make. To this point, no decisions will have a massive impact.

The decision at the start, the outcome is the same regardless of your choice. Then, after some time, you will be able to free a bandit captain from the jaws of a giant worm demon thing. Either way, let’s look at what will happen with these two choices.

Should you resist or swear Fealty?

If You Choose Resist:

He doesn’t appear best pleased if you tell Scherrit that you will resist. After some time of a few dialogues, he will start attacking you, and you have to start the boss fight against Scherrit eventually.

If You Choose Swear Fealty:

Your character approaches Scherrit as he prepares to welcome you to the dark side if you choose to Swear Fealty.

However, it’s all just a ploy. Your character gets close enough, and this is just because it delivers a powerful blow and sends Scherrit flying. It would help if you had to fight him, and the battle then begins.

The result of the choices here doesn’t seem to have a long-lasting impact, unlike the other choices. You have to fight with Scherrit in the last with both choices. Also, if anything changes in the game, we’ll let you know with the updated information.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Resist or Swear Fealty in Lost Ark with complete information.

What happens in Lost Ark If you swear fealty?

If the player instead swears fealty to Scheritt, the result will be drastically different. Instead, it’s the same as resisting, but with a few extra steps. As Scheritt approaches, the character will kneel in obedience, only to rise and assault the villain, catching him off surprise.

Do choices in Lost Ark matter?

No, decisions don’t really matter, is the short response. There are a few options that do, but the most of them have the same result regardless of which one you choose. People who were hoping for a more RPG-like experience in Lost Ark will be disappointed.

What happens if you join Scherrit?

You’ll end up fighting with Scherrit because he’s understandably enraged. Even while it may appear to be a significant decision at the time, it is ultimately meaningless. Nobody will remember what you did or how you did it, and it will have no long-term consequences for your character.

Should I save the guy or run away Lost Ark?

If you’re wondering if you should save Gerka or flee from him, the truth is that it doesn’t matter. Regardless of your good intentions, if you try to save Gerka, he will be terrified.

This end of this short guide.

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