Is Alejandro Garnacho in FIFA 23?

Alejandro Garnacho in FIFA 23

Alejandro Garnacho Ferreyra was born in Madrid, and in 2015 he joined Atletico Madrid’s youth system from Getafe. Alejandro joined the Manchester United academy in Oct 2020, which cost him around £420,000. Then he signed a contract with the team to play for them professionally in July 2021. He prefers to play with his right … Read more

How to Use FIFA 23 Packs Opening Simulators

FIFA 23 scaled

FIFA pack-opening simulators have gained too much popularity among fans and players of the game. These online tools, which are typically hosted by third-party websites, let players feel the excitement and anticipation of opening packs without spending any real money of their own. FIFA 23 is the latest addition to the FIFA series and comes … Read more

FIFA 23: How To Do the Griddy?

griddy celebration

Griddy is the new celebration style introduced in FIFA 23. There are dedicated buttons designated for “signature celebrations” in FIFA 23. However, if the player you are controlling has giddy as their signature style, you only need to press the right buttons to do it.  In this article, I will explain to you how to … Read more