Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Guide: Best Loot (2024)

Searching for a comprehensive guide based on Fortnite Chapter 3 Map. Well, you can find all the important information related to Chapter 3 here in this article.

The new map of Fortnite just launched. As in the new map the quarter part of the map is covered in snow. The snow is just for connecting the new version of the map to the winter season/Christmas part.

As per sources, the snow will not be a permanent part of the map. in the south of the map, the part of the space is covered in the desert and the other left place has landed. So the map is divided into three parts: snow, desert, and land. 

Some loot locations change on the map, but the places will remain the same. The game has a new position, a new loot location, and many adventurous sports on the map. The map has new places which are completely new built-up than other maps.

If you don’t want to miss any part of the match, start with the snow side of the map as it won’t last long, so the so of things will end with that. The chapter 1 map and the chapter 3 map have some of the same places but the difference is that the new locations are covered with snow.

What are the new POIs in fortnite Chapter 3?
Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

Different Places on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

This map has the new spiderman theme in it. In one of the places, there is an area covered with all nets that can be used as the jump to other locations in the area.

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All parts of the map are connected with each other with roads and rivers so you can move from one place to another easily. The snow part of the map has rivers that are kind of different from others and only two roads are there to enter that part of the map.

Here are new places to land on the Fortnite new map.

  • Covert cavern
  • Shift shafts
  • Logjam lumberyard

These three locations are in the snow part of the map. In this part of the map, as you imagined the loot will be more. As the loot will be more it’s hard to defeat the enemy also. As the part is new and the part of the map is not known makes this place is curious to visit in the first match. The covert cavern is developed inside the mountain. In the cave, there will be no guards and the NPC boss gunar.

  • Rocky reels
  • Chonker’s speedway
  • Condo canyon

These three locations are at the bottom of the map. This part is covered in the desert. This location is connected to another location by means of rivers and bridges. The desert in the map will be a permanent part of the map. This place will remain in the next updated map when the snow will not be part of the map. Now places add in the alteration of the sow map.

Is the Chapter 3 map the OG map?
Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

Best Loot Locations In Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

There will be no new loot to find, the loot will be the same as the others.

Chonker’s speedway, as the name of the place, has a racing track in the south part of the map. This place has a desert and the cars are all according to that. This place has a racing course and has high combat chances.

  • Tilted tower
  • Greasy groove
  • The joneses
  • Sanctuary
  • Camp cuddle
  • Conney crossroad
  • The daily bugle
  • Sleepy sound
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The above-mentioned locations are topographical areas on the map. The tilted tower, camo cover, and sleepy sound are near snow locations so you can also land in this part of the map and then travel to the snow part of the map.

These mentioned parts are connected with the road and rivers. The connected crossroad is the middle part of the map. The daily bugle has a lake on it, which makes the daily bugle more attractive in the place. Because it has a different look than other parts of the map and has high loot in this place.

The titled tower is the same as other maps, but the loot location will change in this. This part of the map is slightly covered in snow. You can have combat in the game as you launch and be prepared when you land in the tilted tower.

In the sanctuary location, there is one huge monument. The exciting thing about this place is that you can reach the top of the monument.

The greasy grove was also part of chapter one but in the chapter, the location has snow on it. The location is near the snow part of the map. This will be a great place to hold the enemies. 

Will fortnite Chapter 3 have a new map?
Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

The daily bugle has the theme of spiderman. In the building the walls are covered with a spider net, which is not just for decoration, you can use it for bouncing to other parts.

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The shift shaft location is back, in this palace, there are undermines and that means more loot than other parts of the shift shaft. There will be high chance of combat as the team will reach there to increase their inventory capacity.

The sleepy sound place is also covered in snow and it’s in the north of the map. It is connected to daily bugle and coney crossroads. Also, it is connected to a logjam lumberyard. This place has two different parts and has a sea.

The coney crossroads is the center part of the map and is connected to all parts of the map. If you defend the coney crossroads then there will be lots of combat you will face in the match.

The new map has a chapter one location, a new location, and one location with the spiderman theme which makes the map more interesting to play. The map is divided into three parts: snow, desert, and grassland. That means all the concepts are on one map.

There are many adventurous things on this map, in the sanctuary you can reach the top of the monument and in the desert part of the map, there is one place chonerk’s speedway which makes the map more sporty. Other than this the loot and the players will be more in this match as it’s a new version and everyone will be excited to play in the match.

This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this article helpful.

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