Fortnite: Hire Specialist, All Locations, Commands Guide

Before getting the location, specialists in Fortnite are introduced as powerful NPCs who can aid your team in battle with a wide range of specialized skills. They come in handy as they can visit named locations, attack, defend, and revive when commanded by the user.

Every major location has an NPC who patrols the area and offers different types of services to players. This includes selling you high-quality weapons and consumables for Gold Bars, which can be of a great deal to you while you’re playing the game, it can be an added advantage if you would like to win.


As stated above NPC are found in every major location of Fortnite suggesting that they are scattered all over the map so below are some of the locations you can find the specialists

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NPC NameNPC TypeNPC Location
Munitions ExpertSupply SpecialistsLocated in Patrols Breakwater Bay
LongshotScout SpecialistsLocated on the Eastern edge of the map
GarrisonSupply SpecialistLocated at the Watery Watch on the southeastern edge of the map
Sludge Heavy SpecialistLocated at Patrols Steamy Springs
Remedy Medic SpecialistLocated at Patrols the woods east of Slappy Shores
Triage TrooperMedic SpecialistPatrols the area south of Lonely Labs
Insight Scout SpecialistLocated at Northeastern area of Brutal Bastion, in Cold Cavern
Polar Patroller Located at the Northeastern area of Brutal Bastion, in Cold CavernPatrols the frozen lake located south of Insight


fortnite hire npc locations
Image Credit: Comrad3s (YouTube)

Finding the specialist is one thing while hiring is another thing to be able to use the NPC you can start by visiting them on the map and when you interact with them, the sliding menu the option pop up to hire the selected Specialist in exchange for Gold Bars. In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 it cost 250 gold bars to hire a specialist.

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So after locating and hiring the specialist, the other thing you need to do is command the specialist. To command a hired Specialist, open the command menu by pressing the middle mouse button or the left button on the direction pad of your controller. a list of options will appear and you can be able to command the NPC.

Gaming can be quite hard sometimes, above are a few tips to help you beat the system and be a better player using Fortnite NPC, best of luck!

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