Fortnite: How To Get The Spider-Verse Web Shooters

With the arrival of Miles Morales and Spider 2099, comes one of the most popular items for fans, Web Shooters! The Mythic Spider-Verse Web-Shooters are now available in Fortnite Chapter 4 and it is rather easy to acquire them by just following simple steps. You can use them to swing around the island and also complete quests.

If you are looking to get your hands on one of these, be sure to read to the end.

How To Get Spider-Verse Web Shooters in Fortnite

fortnite spider verse web shooter
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Find them as floor loot

 The Spider-Verse Web Shooters can be found as floor loot in any named location on the map. They are a relatively rare item, so you may have to search a few different locations before you find one.

Unlike in Chapter 3 where players had to look for backpacks stuck to walls or ceilings to obtain the Mythic item, you just need to land at a named location and if you are lucky enough, you might find a web shooter object lying about on the floor. They randomly spawn across matches so there isn’t a specific location to obtain them.

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Purchase them from Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen is a new Fortnite NPC that can be found at Slappy Shores. She will sell you the Spider-Verse Web Shooters for 600 Gold Bars. You just need to approach her and you will be prompted to spend 600 Gold Bars to obtain the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters. She has a stock of up to five Web Shooters each match.

While you are not guaranteed to find the Web-Shooters as loot, purchasing them from Spider-Gwen is a sure way to obtain them.

Once you have the Spider-Verse Web Shooters, you can use them to swing around the map by aiming at a surface and pressing the fire button. You can also fire webs at enemies by aiming at them and pressing the fire button.

The Spider-Verse Web-Shooters are a powerful new item that can give you a significant advantage in battle. If you’re looking for a way to get around the map quickly and easily, or if you want to take down your enemies from a distance, the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters are the perfect item for you.

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This is all for how to get Spider-Verse Web Shooters in Fortnite? For more helpful content do check our Fortnite guides.

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