Is The Forest Cross Platform? PS4, PC 2024

The Forest is one of the best games by EndNight the game is all about exploring and living in the forest. Recently, the developers of The Forest also announced to release of its sequel Sons of the Forest which will launch on February 23, 2022.

When it comes to the survival games like The Forest the player usually searches for the Crossplay feature that allows players from different platforms to play together. Here we have covered all information about The Forest crossplay feature.

is the forest crossplay
is the forest cross platform

Is The Forest Supports Crossplay?

The answer is NO, The Forest does not support Crossplay play until now. This means if you playing on PC and another player playing on PlayStation both players cannot able to play the same game The Forest together.

This is because PlayStation and PC are both different devices and having a crossplay can give additional advantage to the PC players because of the mouse and keyboard compare to the PlayStation controllers.

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Will There Be Crossplay For The Forest in Future?

It’s more than 8 years since the release of The Forest for PC and PlayStation and until now there is no official information or announcement done by the EndNight for the crossplay feature.

With the sequel the Sons of The Forest, we may see some changes to The Forest and if developers make some changes such as adding the Crossplay will be updated here.

However, until now there is No crossplay feature for The Forest.

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