Fortnite: How To Open Vaults Guide

Vaults are nothing new in the Fortnite universe, but in Chapter 4 Season 2 they have undergone some changes.

On the map, a few vaults can be found in predetermined locations. The keycard to the vault must then be obtained by defeating a neighbouring boss in order to access it.

With Vaults, Fortnite has experimented in a variety of ways. They were fairly common on the island at one time. The value of those three identified spots is increased by limiting them to three for the entire map.

There is always a ton of valuable loot in vaults. You can locate them within a vault, whether you’re seeking cutting-edge weapons or fantastic healing goods.

Where To Find Vault in Fortnite

At Brutal Bastion, which is located in the icy, northern part of the map, is a vault. You can locate a vault at Shattered Slabs in the southwest corner of the map. The newest attraction, MEGA-City, has a vault that can be found in the southeast corner of the map. Although it isn’t exactly on the map, there is also a small extra vault. 

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fortnite vault locations chapter 4 season 2
how to open vaults in fortnite

A fresh floating island that appears late in a game is known as a loot island. You simply need two common keys to open this vault. Although it doesn’t truly function like the typical vaults, it is worth mentioning as a kind of supplementary vault.

Step 1: Obtain The Keycard

You’ll need to wait around the area for a bit in order to get the keycard. The keycard is on Highcard and his goons, however, they don’t appear when the game begins.

You’ll have to wait until you’ve gotten your second or third augment before they start to show up. When they do, their icon will show up on the minimap. Find them and start working on them!

Step 2: Defeat Highcard & His Henchmen

 fortnite Highcard

Although this monster and his two goons aren’t exactly easy targets, they are very common foes. The highcard boss himself possesses a Keycard, potent weapon, numerous shields, and a large amount of health. 

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Step 3: Pick Up The Keycard

You will receive a shiny mythic pistol from High Card, and it’s simple to become sidetracked by it. Don’t forget to take the tiny keycard that is lying on the ground if you plan to unlock the vault. It’s simple to miss.

Step 4: Open The Vault

 fortnite vault
how to open vaults in fortnite

Put the keycard on your person if you’re having problems finding the vault, and it will create a path for you. You can quickly arrive at the vault by simply following the path. Use the keycard to enter once you arrive!

Step 5: Loot The Goods

There are many priceless objects in vaults, and you don’t want anything lying about for a potential adversary to take.

In summary first of all you need to get the Keycard by defeating the Highcard boss and then head over to the vault location to open it make sure to keep your guards up because you may encounter enemies at the vault location. Open the vault and gather all the value loot inside the vault.

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This is all for how to open vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 for more relevant content do check our Fortnite guides.

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