How To Capture The Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy wouldn’t be much fun without all the magical creatures it inhabits. Beyond the students, professors, and enemies you must face, there are also animals in Hogwarts, and the thestral is one of the most challenging beasts to catch.

They’re easily startled and can fly, making it even more difficult. In this article, we’ll cover the easy way to capture the thestral in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Catch the Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can catch a thestral in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to track it down. This is easier said than done because thestrals are rare, and their den is difficult to discover. There are only two thestral dens on the Hogwarts Legacy map. To speed things up, we’ve pinpointed these dens for you.

Thestral den hogwarts legacy
capture the thestral

The first thestral den that’s easier to be found is located south of the small castle in the North Ford Bog region. It is located north of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame location. You’ll find it where the ground level meets the platform wall of the higher elevation section.

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On the other hand, the second den, where you can capture the thestral, is quite far from Hogwarts itself. This area is more likely to be explored when you get to the game’s later stages. This den is located east of Marunweem Lake and tucked against the safety of the rock well on the edge of the map. 

How to Capture the Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy

how to get thestral in hogwarts legacy
capture the thestral

Now that you know where to catch a thestral in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re wondering how to do this. Wizards and witches can only see a thestral if they see death through their eyes.

They’re not the prettiest animals and are similar to hell horses with sunken skin, bat wings, and protruding bone structures. Because of their relationship with invisibility, sneaking up on a thestral can be difficult. 

Since they can fly, the best way to catch one would be to keep it grounded and immobile long enough for you to get it into your Nab-Sack.

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To capture the thestral, we recommend casting the disillusionment spell as you approach them. This would allow you to stay undetected, so you can approach the herd of thestrals and successfully capture one. 

Now that you have stealth on your side, target one of the thestrals and cast the Accio spell; follow it up with Levioso and the Arresto Momentum spells in quick succession. This would make the thestral immobile so you can place it in your Nab-Sack

While deploying the Nab-Sack and going through the button prompts, you should walk closer to the thestral. This gives you a fighting chance and allows you to keep the animal within range in case the spells run out before you can successfully capture the thestral in your Nab-Sack.

If it all goes well, you’d have a thestral you can add to your vivarium. If you’re looking to breed thestrals, you’ll need a male and a female, so repeat the steps above to get another thestral.

How Can I Ride a Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you catch a thestral, you can make it a flying mount. Even though they look very different from other flying mounts, they fly the exact way.

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However, players should note that they can only ride a thestral when they’ve formed a bond with it. This requires feeding and caring for the best while it’s in our vivarium.

Once you form a bond with the thestral, you can equip the thestral to your gear set up and mount whenever you want. With the thestral as your flying mount, you can soar over Hogwarts Legacy’s majestic views.


To become a beast collector in Hogwarts Legacy, you must learn to capture the thestral. Although they’re quite difficult to capture and easily startled, following the steps above gives you a better chance of success. You can also check out our guide on how to use floo flames in Hogwarts.

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