Pledge Service To Kenneth or Not in Elden Ring

Pledge Service To Kenneth: If you are riding across the Limgrave’s field in the ELDEN RING then you can easily come across a noble man whose name is Kenneth Haight who may ask you for help to you in retaking the field.

You may know that a stormvril knight commander has control in the Elden ring and it is up to you whether you want to clear it or not. If you work smarter then Kenneth may ask you being impressed that you want to stay and want to be a worker in his service or not.

\And it is a very serious and necessary question to the players what should do and sometimes they may take wrong decisions also. So to make a fair and positive decision you should know about Kenneth.

Fort Haight: Overview

If you know Kenneth then you may know also about his fort, which is situated on the south side beyond the Mistwood, which is not so far away. On the east side, the Mistwood is situated within a house area surrounded by the forest across the south side of the Kenneth position.

There is an ocean on the nearest hill whose southern side is Mount Torrent through of the wood. There is also the main road. By which you may go straight through the Mistwood. You may also follow the map suggested by Elden Ring.

After all the struggles when you reach the Mistwood then you will find that all soldiers are here. The soldiers keep on their eye on the whole Mistwood.

They did their jobs on the order of Kenneth. The soldiers are in the fort on the backside of the Mistwood at the upper side of the Mistwood and as well the lower side of the Mistwood also.

Just be aware that the soldiers are in a heavy number on the outside of the Mistwood. So be careful to enter Kenneth’s world, the fort, or the Mistwood.

After all attempts and by killing the soldiers when you get entry into the Mistwood there you will find a great number of enemies waiting for you to welcome with fireballs. You will find that they will shoot you the fireballs or the firebombs.

pledge service to kenneth

You have to vare careful otherwise they may leave you. There will be some rats also to surprise you. So just checked out all your surroundings. At the top of the fort of the Mistwood, you will find there will be a head soldier. Who will try his best to kick out you from the fort.

You have very careful at this point. The soldier is in the position of the ‘STORMVEIL KNIGHT COMMANDER’. Now it will be a great challenge to you prove yourself as the best.

So you have to give a tough fight to the soldier and have to win. After winning the fight you will be able to claim the rewards. To claim the rewards you have to enter Kenneth’s Haight.

Should You Pledge Your Service to Kenneth or not?

After winning from the head soldier on the top of the fort, you have to enter the Kenneth’s Haight to claim rewards. After entering, the Haight Kenneth will be impressed by your work and he will give you a dagger named ERDSTEEL DAGGER as a reward.

You will be very helpful with the dagger because it will help you when you have the lowest number or factor of intelligence. If you did not stop to talk to Kenneth then Kenneth may ask you about your wish.

That you want to be his knight and want to serve your service or not, So now the question chrome that you should ask him or pledge him your service or not. Then there are two options left. This is not to pledge your service or to pledge your service.

So choosing the first option means not pleading to Kenneth for your service then there nothing happens. You may go your own way in the Elden Ring. Kenneth will say nothing or do nothing to you.

But if you choose the 2nd option which means to pledge your service then Kenneth will invite you to go with him to the fort in a ceremony. Now it is up to you what would you choose.

Now you will get an option to kill Kenneth Haight. At this point, he will drop a GOLDEN SEED. you need these 2 seeds to heal your flask at the grace side in Elden Ring.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Pledge Service To Kenneth Haight In Elden Ring or Not with complete information.

Should I pledge service to Kenneth Haight?

Kenneth’s service should not be pledged. Apart from the Erdsteel Dagger, he can’t make you a knight or grant you any other special gifts. If you do not participate in his service, there will be no negative consequences.

How do I rescue Kenneth Haight Elden ring?

You can rescue Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring by visiting to the area shown on the map, Kenneth Haight will be standing on top of a broken bridge. When you get close enough, you’ll hear him calling out to you. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you to go to Fort Haight and kill the commander who has taken possession of the fort.

How do you get knighted by Kenneth Haight?

You should return to Kenneth at the place where you first encountered him after defeating the commander, collecting your items, and clearing out the fort. He will express his gratitude by handing you the Erdsteel Dagger, a formidable dexterity weapon. He will also invite you to become a knight in his service.

What happens if you pledge to Kenneth?

Return to Kenneth, and he’ll give you the Erdsteel Dagger as a token of his gratitude. He’ll also want you to swear allegiance to him. If you reject, you can talk to him again to alter your mind; if you accept his invitation to continue his quest, he’ll instruct you to meet him at Fort Haight, where he’ll knight you.

Where does Kenneth Haight go?

Kenneth Haight can be found in eastern Limgrave, north of the Mistwood.

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