10 Games Like Night in the Woods

These are some of the Games Like Night in the Woods that you can play in order to enjoy some gamey experience as night in the woods.

Night in the Woods developed and came across to the players in the year 2017. From that time with the ability of comedy, characters, art style, and narrative ways, this game won the love of gamers very easily. From the year, 2017 to till now this game is known as the unique and best video game in the whole gaming world.

To increase the attention of the players the night in the woods has been updated various times and grown its level to the players. All the stories included in the game have the facility of emotion, love, and various famous dialogues.

All these things together made this game the best one. The players who may play this game will be able to say aloud that this is the best adventurous video game ever in the gaming world.

However, various players may want to explore the games. They may want to increase their gaming knowledge by exploring various games so they want to know some games like Night in the woods. There is nothing to be wrong.

From this article, the players will be able to find the options of the games, which are like the night in the woods. So among these all games, they will be able to choose anyone they may want.

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Games Like Night in the Woods
Games Like Night in the Woods

So to know about the game like a night in the woods they have to carry on reading this article.


The players who may want to play a game like the night in the woods may try to play the game Oxenfree.

There are various reasons for which it is called the same as the night in the woods. This game is like a “coming of age story”. All the stories, which are included in it, are supernatural and all are adventurous and mysterious stories.

In this game, the players have to play the role of a character named Alex. You will have teenage friends and all you have to do is reach an island to attend a party. You and your group have to carry some baggage and after itching there, the main adventure will start.


In the year 2018, various new video games have launched but among them, all Celeste is the best video game. This game is all about a woman who is climbing a high mountain. It may seem like an easy game like the other climbing games.

However, it is not easy at all. You have to face various demons, dangerous creatures, monsters and enemies. If you want to win the wounds then you have to use your gaming knowledge and have to beat all of them. You have to overcome all the obstacles to gain a satisfying ending.

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Mutazione includes various interesting mysterious stories. There is a creative story, which appeared in the game that takes place around 100 years. There a meteor will drop on a mutant and a resort and after those 100 years, the story will take place. There will be a small town where the destruction will be made after this meteor.

The players have to play the role of a boy named Kai. This boy will be 15 years old. You will be given the responsibility to take care of his grandfather. After playing a great job you will be able to get a satisfying result.


The game Undertale was developed by Toby Fox. After launching the game, it takes the heart of the gamers very easily through his heartfelt writing. As per the writing, this game has started to be called by the name of “Cult video game” by various publications. Therefore, if you want to try something new then you should try this game at once.

If found

If you play this game If found just for one time then there is no doubt that you will fall in love with its music, art style, LGTQLA2S representation and emotional stories which will touch your heart directly. This game will be found to interact with a visual novel. So the players will be able to explore their gaming knowledge through this game.

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Unforeseen incident

This game’s unforeseen incident is also a game, which has to get love from gamers in the year 2018. The players have to control a handyman named Harper to investigate various killing mysteries in the game.

Timbleweed Park

This is another game, that the players may try. The tumbleweed part was developed in 2017. As per a review of Kotalu, this game combines “the creepiness of Twin Peaks with the humour of Monkey Island in one stylish successful package”.


In this game, the players have to solve various murder mysterious stories. You have to play the role of a detective. There you will face puzzles by solving which you have to solve the murder cases.

Jenny leclue

This game also has similarities to the night in the wood but some players, they did not like this game. They said that this game has no satisfying end as they wanted. So to check this statement you may try this at once.

Fire watch

The players have to play the role of an older man and have to face various obstacles in “Shoshone National Forest”.

These are all the games like the night in the woods, which you may try to explore your gaming experience.

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