15 Mansion Seeds for Minecraft (2024)

Here we have listed some of the best Mansion seeds for Minecraft for our readers.

Minecraft is home to millions of different seeds, but those featured in this article are ideal for players looking to explore and conquer a forest mansion. This post shows off the best Minecraft seeds out there for players looking to explore a few wooden abodes.

In this Minecraft seeds list, players can easily find a village and a mansion, which is pretty much at the spawn point of Minecraft.

The opportunities are almost infinite in this Minecraft seed, and the trip to a little island away from the game’s spawn point is worth the effort. The mansions in Minecraft can either be a death trap or your ideal spawn place, depending on your ability and resources.

mansion seeds for minecraft
mansion seeds for minecraft

Spawn Under – Woodland Mansion

This seed is a perfect one for those players looking to have their own mansion and to be able to take advantage of all that Minecraft has to offer. You begin this seed directly atop the mansion, but that is not the only thing that makes it awesome.

Some players might find it annoying, but the payoff is a mansion that is ready for looting if you dig straight up through 17 blocks of cobblestone. You can create tools for yourself using the cobblestone and wood from the mansion’s building.

  • Seed Code: 10931311583393626
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Plains
  • Pullout Coordinates: X: 33, Y: 68, Z: 59
  • Closest Village Coordinates: X: 129, Y: 70, Z: 162
  • Entry Coordinates: X: 26, Y: 89, Z: 57

2 Woodland Mansions Around a Village

Woodland Mansions are notoriously hard to find in Minecraft, so this seed does the heavy lifting, having you spawn just one hundred blocks from it. This seed works with 1.11s Exploration update, and it will spawn you near one of the Woodland Mansions.

This Mansion Seed is yet another of Minecraft’s Mansion-Integrated-Village maps. If even this is not enough to warrant this mansion seed being one of the best Minecraft mansion seeds, the other is located directly between a ruin portal and the Witch’s Hut.

  • Seed Code: -8993723640229201049
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Plains, and Swamp
  • Mansion Coordinates: X: 143, Y: 63, Z: 223
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 57, Y: 65, Z: 67
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 161, Y: 64, Z: 372
  • Village Coordinates: X: -195, Y: 63, Z: 242
  • Mansion Coordinates: X: -338, Y: 67, Z: 225

Woodland Mansion Near Pillager Outpost

This seed has a little bit of everything right at your fingertips, spawning you close to a few villages, Ruin Portals, and of course, Woodland Mansion. The Woodland Mansions in this Minecraft seed spawn directly atop the gully, next to a nearby village.

This Minecraft seed for Woodland Mansion also spawns a Witch’s Cottage, Pillager Outpost, and glitched Portal directly inside the Mansion. Another one that will spawn right onto the mansion rooftop closest to players, this Minecraft world offers very little in terms of starting equipment or resources for players to start questing.

  • Seed Code: 887486024745579716
  • Biomes: Plains and Dark Forest
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 92, Y: 79, Z: 96
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 4, Y: 72, Z: 93
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 50, Y: 72, Z: 385 
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Village – Woodland Mansion

Village in Woodland Mansion Seed is a Minecraft seed that will spawn players in a village where the village is merged into a woodland mansion.

The mobs on the inside of the mansion still attack villagers so it’s best to avoid them and explore other parts of the map before taking on this challenge.

Village in Woodland Mansion Seed features some interesting points of interest. There is an abandoned mineshaft, an abandoned house, and some sugar cane farms with sugar cane found near them.A few of the houses are built directly inside the mansion, while others share walls with it.

  • Seed Code: -742316170606032774
  • Biomes: Taiga, Dark Forest, and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 186, Y: 71, Z: -275
  • Mansion Entrance Coordinates: X: 205, Y: 64, Z: -351

Underground – Woodland Mansion

The Underground Woodland Mansion seed is a very interesting and unique Minecraft seed, because it spawns the player at an underground woodland mansion. The underground woodland mansion has 4 rooms downstairs and 5 rooms upstairs.

The first room to the right of the front door contains an enchanting table. There are two chests behind an iron door in the back room to the right of the front porch (one with diamonds).

The mansion has Diamond blocks inside of the walls, making this a good seed for whatever race you are trying to run. The mansion is unique from all of the seeds available in the Minecraft Library.

  • Seed Code: -4967193972677765742
  • Biomes: Plains, Desert and Dark Forest
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: -71071, Y: 70, Z: -62091
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: -70970, Y: 71, Z: -61937

Jungle Temple – Top of Woodland Mansion

I would recommend that you do not use this best Minecraft Mansion seed in Survival Game Mode since the Mansions location in the woods is quite a way away from your spawn point.

Thankfully, this mansion seed gathers together all of the resources close to your spawn which allows you to prepare yourself for this fairy tale adventure. 

An excellent seed for Minecraft, this one is an island with a jungle temple on top of a woodland mansion. The first thing you notice when exploring the island is the jungle temple sitting on top of a woodland mansion.

  • Seed Code: 1067071636714001342
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Ruined Portal Map Coordinates: X: 151, Y: 69, Z: 177
  • Jungle Temple Map Coordinates: X: 85, Y: 84, Z: 196
  • Entrance of Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 14, Y: 64, Z: 209

Large Villages – Woodland Mansion

This seed brings us all the resources near our spawn, we get two large plains villages, near our spawn point. This is a quite challenging seed and you need to be prepared for potential PvP. T

he good thing about it though is that a lot of people have tested and verified this to be a very good starting point for anyone who wants to explore some of the more challenging aspects of Minecraft without having to spend too much time on building or gathering what they need.

This is a pretty awesome seed because once we run out of resources in one place all we have to do is move over a few hundred blocks and find more villages with even more resources that we can gather.

  • Seed Code: 1390448415
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 64, Z: 168
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 66, Z: 264
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Sea Mansion

This small island provides you with access to lots of land to explore and many ocean resources. Sea Mansion Seed in Minecraft is a seed that spawns you on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

There is a mansion next to the ocean on an island just a little way away from where you spawn. You can find many treasures in this place, and it provides access to lots of other lands for exploring and obtaining treasures.

  • Seed Code: -1844207646
  • Biomes: Ocean
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: -720, Y: 66, Z: 707

Village Mansion

Village Mansion Seed is a Minecraft seed where you spawn in the middle of a village. There are a bunch of different features in this village, including an abandoned house that can be turned into a great home.

Villages like these will never spawn randomly so this is definitely worth checking out if you love exploring and building.

Along with farmers, the community also includes a library, a weaponsmith, an armourer, and even a cartographer.You can even attempt bringing an iron golem inside the mansion to assist you in combat the menacing hordes.

  • Seed Code: -1482616611
  • Biomes: Taiga, Swamp, and Plains
  • Village Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 1829, Y: 72, Z: -1960
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 1656, Y: 72, Z: -2024

Ruined Portal – Woodland Mansion

Ruined Portal in Woodland Mansion is a seed that generates a Minecraft world which has a portal, but it’s surrounded by an ocean of lava. The portal leads to a Nether portal. The player spawns at the top of an overhang with a semi-circular opening leading down to the ground. A tree stands tall over this area, providing some limited shade.

At the bottom of this area are various chests containing items from underground dungeons such as red stone blocks, melons, and cauldrons filled with water near or beneath lava pools. In survival mode, it is not advisable to enter the mansion straightaway to witness this glitched spot.

  • Seed Code: 206378771
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Plains, and Swamp
  • Ruined Portal Inside Mansion Coordinates: X: 247, Y: 77, Z: 376
  • Nearby Village Coordinates: X: 504, Y: 72, Z: 568
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 680, Y: 77, Z: -168
  • Pillager Outpost Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 68, Z: -744

Tall Woodland Mansion

Woodland mansions should always spawn in woodland areas, this seed has the highest-levelled Woodland mansions you can find. Tall Woodland Mansion Seed in Minecraft is a seed and will give you a mansion that is tall and wooded.

The mansion will be near a mountain and it will have three floors. The mountain itself can lead to other heights with the terrain being mostly flat. The mansion, which is close to our spawn place and creates a wonderful landscape, is nearby. Other seeds with towering mansions can be found, but most of them are either for Java or older iterations of the game.

  • Seed Code: 2033394339
  • Biomes: Dark Forest, Plains, Forest, and Swamp
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 280, Y: 78, Z: 40
  • Woodland Mansion Entrance Coordinates: X: 527, Y: 91, Z: 81
  • Woodland Mansion Rooftop Coordinates: X: 564, Y: 122, Z: 83

Mushroom Mansion

Mushroom Mansion Seed is a seed for Minecraft PC. It is a fairly easy one to find and it’s very good for beginners. The cave is located within a stone’s throw from the surface, and it has a single chest inside with some reasonable loot.

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The best thing about this seed is the forest temple, which has an iron golem, an enchanting table and gold blocks on the ground, as well as plenty of wood and other items besides. The safest Minecraft biome is thought to be the mushroom fields.

These fields are uncommon, but if you discover one, you may quickly construct a base and spend the night there without any problems. Near spawn, you can find witch hunts, taiga villages, and plains villages to help you collect supplies for this voyage.

  • Seed Code: -1258993757
  • Biomes: Forest, Plains, Mountains, and Swamp
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 776, Y: 78, Z: 280
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 536, Y: 68, Z: -328
  • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 1336, Y: 69, Z: 88
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: -1688, Y: 77, Z: 392

Pentuple Witch Spawn

The seed spawns players on the edge of a massive swamp biome. The spawn point is located on the edge of a large swamp biome, and a vast beach can be found directly east of the spawn point.

With this seed, it’s easy to find vast expanses of swampland because only a few trees are scattered among most of the landscape.

This seed spawns players in front of an abandoned mineshaft that has some coal and iron ore deposits. There is also an abundance of tree and cobblestone nodes close by that make this seed perfect for survival mode or creative builders alike.

  • Seed Code: 4607722654642107100
  • Woodland Mansion: -1080, 168
  • Village: 176, 112
  • Pillager Outpost: 64, 304

Mangrove Spawn

Mangrove Spawn Mansion Seed is one of the most popular seeds on the Minecraft Forum. It is also very close to a village and makes for a great survival seed.

The world generator on this seed generates players right on the edge of a moderately-sized mangrove swamp biome.

Players will spawn in an ice plains biome, with a small village just down the hill from them. Some of the best features in this world are that there are plenty of trees for wood, but still plenty of place for farming too.

  • Seed: 1692588134843274606
  • Woodland Mansion: -680, 1688
  • Village: 240, 224
  • Village: 384, -176
  • Pillager Outpost: 304, -688

Survival Island Spawn

In this Seed, players spawn on a large island, sectioned into three parts by two small rivers. The island is very well-suited for building your own mansion and surviving on it like in the old days. Players start at an overworld spawn point on a large island, with the water all around them.

On the other side of the river is some mesa terrain that extends to the east and west. There are plenty of trees to gather materials from and there’s also a possible place for crops in between the rivers.

There are plenty of hills in this area, with some plains interspersed between them, making it great for building a mansion as well as farming food on both sides of the river.

  • Seed: -6132614154306023529
  • Woodland Mansion: 504, -1000
  • Village: -416, -320

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