10+ Games Like Proud Father

In the Proud Father game, you are the one who is in charge of your children. You are the one who sets the example and makes the decisions. You are the one who is responsible for your children and their future.

This game is all about being a good father and making your children proud of you. It is a game that will teach you how to be a better father and how to make your children proud of you. So, if you are looking for good games that are similar to Proud Father.

Then in this article, you will get the list of alternatives. Games like Proud Father are games that feature excellent narrative, iconic characters, and an action-packed gameplay experience that feels like you are playing in a hit movie.

Games Like Proud Father

Therefore, we are going to talk to you about the games where you get to do all of those things, that you can do in the Proud Father.

Dreams of Desire

Dreams of Desire is a game all about, well, dreams! You play as a young woman who is transported into a dream world where she must explore and interact with different people and places in order to find her way back to reality. 

The game is split up into different episodes, each with its own unique storyline and challenges. You’ll have to use your wits and problem-solving skills to make your way through each episode. Along the way you’ll also get to make choices that will affect the outcome of the story. 

If you’re looking for a game with an intriguing story, challenge, and replay value, then Dreams of Desire is definitely worth checking out!

Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust Game is an interactive visual novel that tells the story of two sisters who are struggling to cope with the loss of their father. It is an erotic point-and-click game with RPG elements. The storyline of the game revolves around a guy named Alex who, back in college, used to live with his two sisters: Claire and Sarah.

Despite the fact that he was seven years older than they were, they really enjoyed each other’s company and were very close. Eventually, his parents decided to sell their house, so now Alex has to move out of state for work reasons and he cannot take both sisters with him.

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The goal of the protagonist is to find someone new for his sisters so that they will continue living happily together after he leaves town.

Dreaming of Dana

The story of Dreaming of Dana is about a young woman named Dana who is trying to find her way in the world. She’s had a tough life and she’s looking for a new start. She’s been dreaming of a place called Dana, which she believes is a place where she can find peace and happiness.

Dana sets out on a journey to find Dana, and along the way she meets a cast of interesting characters and faces challenges she never could have imagined.

Along the way she’ll learn about herself, and what it means to be happy. I highly recommend Dreaming of Dana to anyone looking for an adventure and a heart-warming story. It’s a great game for all ages, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia is an exploration and adventure game for the PC. It was developed and published by Libreria Entertainment. The game is set on a mysterious island, where you play as Nadia, a young girl who is searching for her lost father.

As you explore the island, you will solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and find treasures. The story of Treasure of Nadia is intriguing and will keep you engaged throughout the game.

The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, and the graphics are beautiful. If you’re looking for an enjoyable, adventure game, then I recommend you check out Treasure of Nadia.

Waifu Academy

The Waifu Academy is a dating sim game where you attend a school for anime girls. The girls are all based on real-life Japanese voice actresses, and each one has her own unique personality. The goal of the game is to win the girls’ hearts and become their boyfriends.

The game is divided into two parts: the dating sim part, and the visual novel part. In the dating sim part, you’ll have to interact with the girls in order to win their hearts. In the visual novel part, you’ll be able to choose your own dialogue and make choices that affect the outcome of the story.

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Man of the House

In this game, you will take on the role of the head of the household, and your goal is to keep your family happy and safe. You will need to complete various tasks around the house, and you will also be responsible for the well-being of your family members.

This is a great game for those who want to experience what it is like to be a responsible adult. The Man of the House Game is set in an American household in the 1970s.

The player is a stay-at-home dad who takes on all roles typically associated with domestic life, from cooking and cleaning to teaching and disciplining children, as well as having to cope with the emotional strains that go along with a stay-at-home role.

Maggot Baits

Maggot Baits game is all about managing a group of maggots as they compete in a series of gruelling events. From racing to eating, these maggots will have to put their all into winning each event.

As the manager, it’s up to you to make sure they’re well-prepared and ready to take on whatever comes their way. You can get started with the Maggot Baits game today and see if your maggots have what it takes to become champions!


Euphoria is set in a dystopian world where the government controls everything. The citizens are kept in line through a strict set of rules and regulations, and anyone who breaks the rules is severely punished.

Despite the harsh conditions, the citizens of Euphoria have found ways to entertain themselves. One of the most popular pastimes is the game known as Euphoria.  Euphoria is a game that can be played by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

The goal of the game is simply to survive in a world that is filled with dangers and pitfalls. Players will need to use all of their cunning and strategy to stay alive, as well as help their fellow citizens survive. The game is truly a test of wits and strength, and only the strongest will survive.

President Yukino

President Yukino is a story about a young woman who finds herself thrust into the role of president of her country. It’s up to her to navigate the political landscape and make the decisions that will best serve her people.

The game is heavily focused on the story, with choices that will affect the outcome of the game. Gameplay-wise, it’s a pretty straightforward visual novel, with most of the player’s time is spent reading through the text.

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While the story and choices are the main draws of President Yukino, the game also features some beautiful artwork and a soundtrack that helps set the mood.

Snow Daze

In this game, you take on the role of a character who is stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again. While this may sound repetitive, the game actually features a lot of different gameplay elements that keep things fresh.

The game takes place in a small town that is blanketed in snow. As the protagonist, you must find a way to break the time loop and escape the town.

To do this, you’ll need to explore the town, interact with the various characters, and solve puzzles. Overall, Snow Daze is a fun and unique game that is sure to keep you entertained. If you’re looking for something different, be sure to check it out.

Summertime Saga

In this game, you’ll follow the story of a high school student as he navigates his way through the ups and downs of teenage life. You’ll start off by choosing your character’s name, gender, and appearance.

From there, you’ll embark on a variety of adventures. You’ll go to school, make new friends, and maybe even find love. One of the great things about Summertime Saga is that it’s packed with storyline.

As you play, you’ll uncover new details about the game’s characters and the world they live in. There’s also plenty of humour to enjoy along the way. So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging game to play, be sure to check out Summertime Saga.

Romance Club

Romance Club is a game all about, romance! It’s a visual novel-type game with multiple-choice options that affect the outcome of the story. You play as a young woman who is moving to a new city and starting a new job.

You meet a variety of different people along the way and it’s up to you to decide with who you want to pursue a relationship. The game is full of interesting plot twists and turns, and it’s up to you to make the choices that will determine your fate.

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