Dragon Type Pokemon Weakness Explained

Dragon-type Pokemon are the strongest creatures in the Pokemon game because this type has legendaries and the strongest evolution tree compared to other Pokemon types.

Most top tier trainers prefer to have Dragon-type Pokemon and if you going to counter any Dragon type in battle then you must know its weakness and resistances that helps you to know how you can defeat it in a gym battle.

Dragon Type Weakness

Dragon Type Weaknesses

The dragon type Pokemon are weakest against the Fairy, Steel and Ice type Pokemon moves.

So if you doing to fight with Dragon-type Pokemon then you need to take a team that has the following Pokemon and make sure all the Pokemon must have the matching moves.

More importantly, the Dragon-type Pokemon is also weak against another dragon type so if you have dragon type in your inventory then you can also take the head-to-head fight with other dragon types in gym battles.

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But having Fairy, Steel and Ice-type on your side gives you an advantage over the Dragon-type moves. Especially the Fairy-type Pokemon was introduced to counter the dragon-type Pokemon. The Fairy-type moves such as Aromatic Mist, Charm, and Dazzling Gleam are effective on dragon-type Pokemon.

If you going to fight Dragon-type Pokemon like Alolan Ninetales, Xerneas, and Glaceon then you must counter them with Fairy, Ice or Steel-type Pokemons. The Dragon type is also resistant to certain type Pokemon moves like Fire, Grass, Water and Electric. So you can also use these Pokemon in your team.

This is the end of the Dragon-type Pokemon weakness for more helpful content do read our Pokemon Guide.

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