Genshin Impact: All Kid Kujirai Temari Locations

This article covers all the Kid Kujirai Locations in complete information and screenshots.Many of the chests that Genshin Impact players find in the Inazuma region are obtained through exploration, although there are a few optional global missions that will grant you access to a number of high-value chests.

The “Temaria Game” quest from Kid Kujirai is one of the best global missions for those wishing to fast increase their Primogem count. In the Temari game, a traveller has a set amount of time to find all of the hidden Temari goods. Visitors from other planets take on the role of the Thieves and have a comparable amount of time to locate Temari.

Kid Kujirai
All Kid Kujirai Temari Locations

How To Complete the Temaria Game Quest?

The quest “Temari Game” will begin in Byakko Plain, search the boy named Ki Kujirai, since he will provide you with Temari Games mechanics. If you again find a kid named Ki Kujirai in the Over world, speak with him in order to continue playing Temari.

Once you unlock Temaria play through by finding Kid Kujirai in Konda Village, you can keep finding Kid Kujirai at a few more locations throughout Genshin Impact.

During a Temaria game, Kid Kujirai will require you to locate the Temari Ball in a certain amount of time. Complete a Temari challenge in the given place, and a kid named Ki Kujirai will present you with the Treasure Chest.

At every location with Kid Kujirai, players can win the Temari challenge three times to get the Precious Chest.Through quests, players of Genshin Impact unlock all of the Temari of the Inazuma Regions Challenged by the Kid Kujirai.

After the initial quest is completed, players can now locate Kid Kujirai across the entirety of Inazuma, and challenge Kid Kujirai in a Temari match.

To unlock a weird Inazuma guy, one must perform the Temari Game quest located right outside of Inazuma city’s entry gate.Players can now locate Kid Kujirai across Inazuma and challenge him to a game of Temari after finishing the introductory quest. Players can challenge Kid Kujirai to collect all of the available chests in 6 different places.

Below are the locations to find the Temari challenge spots:-

Location 1 – Kid Kujirai

West of the Araumi waypoint on Narukami Island is where the first Temari challenge spot may be discovered. Jump over the cliff to the west from the waypoint, then glide to Kid Kujirai’s location on the beach.

Location 2 – Kid Kujirai

East of Inazuma City is where the second Temari challenge is situated. Players must glide down to the island east of Inazuma City from the waypoint there.

Location 3 – Kid Kujirai

The third challenge is located in Kannazuka’s Tatarasuna region, to the south. Teleport to the southern Tatarasuna waypoint, leap off the cliff there, and then glide down to Kid Kujirai’s location to access the challenge.

Location 4 – Kid Kujirai

North of the Tatarasuna region is where you can find the fourth Temari challenge. Teleport to the northern Tatarasuna waypoint, then glide down and west towards the beach to locate the challenge.

Location 5 – Kid Kujirai

The Serpent’s Head area of Yashiori Island is where you may find the fifth Temari challenge. You just have to slide toward the Serpent’s Head landmark after teleporting to the waypoint which is east of Maguu Kenki. Players can discover Kid Kujirai in the mouth of the Serpent’s Head.

Location 6 – Kid Kujirai

The Jakotsu Mine sector of Yashiori Island is home to the sixth and last Temari challenge location. The last location can be a little tricky to find because it is underground.

Teleport back to the waypoint east of the Maguu Kenki boss location to get there. Slalom south-westward from the waypoint. Players will ultimately spot a hole in the ground as they glide. Players will discover Kid Kujirai’s ultimate resting place inside the hole, which is a sizable underground cavern.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where do you find Temari Genshin?

From Kid Kujirai’s location, descend the cliff and glide in the direction of a tiny cave-like entrance where Temari 2 will be. A Shrine of Depths will serve as the foundation for Temari 3.

How many Kid Kujirai locations are there?

You can find him in these eight specific locations after conversing with him to start his side quest. Kid Kujirai may be discovered in the western portion of Araumi on top of a cliff near to a beach after his initial spawn in Konda Village.

How many times may Temari be played?

Players can obtain a Precious Chest by winning three games of Temari at each Kid Kujirai site.

How do you get Temari for life?

Temari for Life is a distinction under the Wonders of the World heading. The user must invite another player to a Co-Op Temari game they are hosting in order to complete this achievement.

Can u play Temari in co-op?

The traveller must first finish the Temaria Game and then successfully complete three of Kid Kujirai’s Temari tasks at a specific place in order to unlock Temari in Co-Op Mode there. After that, the Traveller can engage with the Temari there to play unique Temari games.

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