All Kid Kujirai Temari Locations Guide

Genshin Impact is one of the best role-playing games and in order to progress or level up in the game player needs complete the quests to get rewards called treasure chest. However, there are lots of ways to get the chest in Inazuma by playing with an NPC character named Kid Kujirai.

When you interact with the Kid Kujirai it will ask you to play the game called Temari with you in Inazuma in which you need to find a certain number of the Temari items with a time limit and if you are able to get the three Temari items you can get the chest.

Here we cover all the locations where you can find the Kid Kujirai in the Inazuma in the Genshin Impact without having a hassle. Without wasting your time let focus on the locations.

Kid Kujirai
All Kid Kujirai Temari Locations

Where to find Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact

Below are the locations to find the Temari challenge spots.

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First Location of Kid Kujirai (Southwest Araumi)

West of the Araumi waypoint on Narukami Island is where the first Temari challenge spot may be discovered. Jump over the cliff to the west from the waypoint, then glide to Kid Kujirai’s location on the beach.

Second Location of Kid Kujirai (East of Inazuma City)

East of Inazuma City is where the second Temari challenge is situated. Players must glide down to the island east of Inazuma City from the waypoint there.

Third Location of Kid Kujirai (Northwest Tatarasuna)

The third challenge is located in Kannazuka’s Tatarasuna region, to the south. Teleport to the southern Tatarasuna waypoint, leap off the cliff there, and then glide down to Kid Kujirai’s location to access the challenge.

Fourth Location of Kid Kujirai (Southeast Tatarasuna)

North of the Tatarasuna region is where you can find the fourth Temari challenge. Teleport to the northern Tatarasuna waypoint, then glide down and west towards the beach to locate the challenge.

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Fifth Location of Kid Kujirai (Serpent’s Head)

The Serpent’s Head area of Yashiori Island is where you may find the fifth Temari challenge. You just have to slide toward the Serpent’s Head landmark after teleporting to the waypoint which is east of Maguu Kenki. Players can discover Kid Kujirai in the mouth of the Serpent’s Head.

Sixth Location of Kid Kujirai (Jakotsu Mine)

The Jakotsu Mine sector of Yashiori Island is home to the sixth and last Temari challenge location. The last location can be a little tricky to find because it is underground.

Seventh Location of Kid Kujirai (Sangonomiya Shrine)

In Genshin Impact pact 2.1 two new locations were added by the developers one is this now players can interact with the Kid Kujirai in the center of Watatsumi Island you will find the NPC as standing on the pink color rock.

Eigth Location of Kid Kujirai (Koseki Village)

You can interact with the Kid Kujirai in the Koseki Village area of Seirai Island you will find the NPC standing between the middle of the crates and pillars.

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This is end of the Kid Kujirai location guide for more helpful content do read our Genshin Impact Guides.

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